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First blog post

I pretty much explained myself in my “about” page, so I wont waffle on too much about that here. I guess I wanted to have a first post up to get this show on the road! 172 more words


I Miss Spam: Speak, Memory

Nostalgia can strike at any time once the thrill of the hunt, the daily pursuit for shelter, food and daily connections are taken care of. The human mind — our greatest treasure and vilest curse — keeps striving to exercise its voluminous capacity for imagination and renewal. 1,081 more words

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Un tango à Paris and The Goat: Constructing a Reality


Mass Media constructs realities based on specific sets of codes and conventions determined by the nature of each Medium. The constructed reality of cinema derives from photography. 219 more words

Media Literacy

Here's What Held Us

Back to the basics, please.

By Elliot Owen
Ui Culture

Pokemon Go. DNA sequencing. Genetically-engineered mosquitoes. Instagram Stories. Artificial Intelligence. Virtual reality. 3D printing. Facebook Live. 1,044 more words


How'd We Get Here?

The millennial memory — mapped.

By Elliot Owen
Ui Culture

People love throwing shade at the Millennial generation. We’ve been called everything from entitled, selfish, and narcissistic, to the “most hated generation” to ever walk the Earth. 1,290 more words


In the Bat Cave: A Rio de Janeiro Memory

Watching the Olympics, I’ve been struck by how many planeloads and shiploads of stuff have been sent to Rio de Janeiro. The teams, sponsors, media, tour operators and security forces have shipped mountains of food, shoes, canoes, kayaks, rowing shells, barbells, vaulting poles, horses (!), cameras, dollies, cranes and uncountable other gear. 1,095 more words

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Work Experience At Ericsson Television

Having completed his second year on BSc (Hons) Audio Engineering, Alex Snell has taken a year out to work for Ericsson Television in Hedge End. Alex found the placement through the Media Technology programme’s industry network and Solent University’s SMPTE chapter. 354 more words