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Unchained Social Media.

I’ve removed my Social media accounts.

I feel somewhat lighter. Focused. A sense of relief in my mind and my flicking thumbs!

Twitter was always an easy one for me to close down. 536 more words

A walk with triumph and tragedy: My life as a Liverpool fan

Some people spend a lifetime looking for happiness; I spent 30 years waiting for a chance to wear this T-shirt.

Thirty years is a long time to wait for something to smile about. 1,638 more words

ALL FORMS OF HATE ARE EVIL: Reddit Forced to Amend New Terms of Service After Carving Out Hate Speech Exemption Against Whites

Social media giant Reddit has been forced to amend their new terms of service after they were called out for their anti-white bias.

Quillette writer Colin Wright noted on Sunday that Reddit’s new terms of service seemed to create an exemption that would allow for white people to be readily discriminated against on the platform. 101 more words

Progressive Agenda

Why There is Still So Much COVID-19 Confusion

Early on, it was easy to understand why there was so much confusion about COVID-19, after all, it took some time before we even got a real name for the new or novel virus that is causing this pandemic. 939 more words

Pediatric News

CNN Censors, MSNBC Barely Carries Trump Speech at Mount Rushmore

On Friday night, CNN and MSNBC put on display their hatred for America by either completely ignoring or barely covering President Donald Trump’s 42-minute speech at Mount Rushmore that offered a full-throated defense of the four Presidents engraved in the South Dakota mountainside, who have come under attack by a liberal media hellbent on poisoning Americans into trashing those who came before us. 335 more words


Losing a Pity Contest: The Shamelessness of Glamorized Tragedy

Given the declining crime rate, there is no question that “America’s Crime Wave” is a racist dog whistle

Whenever I talk about my past, I don’t feel sorry for myself and I try to not sell myself as a sob story. 967 more words