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Well, iTunes has managed to confuse me again. I bought a song recently for $.69. Good price, but the same song was also listed for $1.29. 35 more words


Here's a brief list of some amazingly incredible Black women in history.

Josephine Baker


Singer, Dancer & Activist.

Freda ‘Josephine Baker’ McDonald was a syndicated singer and dancer in France in the 1920’s. She was one of the highest paid performers in France and devoted her life to fighting racism and segregation. 387 more words


Native American protest vs Fossil fuel industry...who do you think wins with both government and media?

Here at FPP we don’t believe that the business community isn’t entitled to exist.  We’re don’t believe it’s not entitled to have an opinion.

What we DO believe is that both the government and media are there to act as a go between when there is a dispute.   179 more words

US Politics

Hollywood's flawed definition of representation and diversity.

Since the inception of film and television, Black actresses have been portrayed as being obnoxiously loud, housekeepers, servants, angry, sexual objects, slaves etc. Black actresses first made their appearance on television being the respectful and very obedient house keeper which is problematic due to our disastrous history being slaves and indentured servants. 331 more words


Mordecai's Story

Mordecai is a Holocaust survivor. His story, like most other survivors’ stories, is dramatic and helps us understand just how brutal times were for the Jewish people in the Holocaust. 76 more words


Haters gonna hate... Just don't start hating yourself. 

Doesn’t matter what you do your always going to encounter some haters. People who like to troll or are super jealous of your achievements. People who cannot be happy for you and sometimes it’s hard to ignore them… But you must. 233 more words