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Fake News, Real Money

We have all heard the President say that the news is fake, and we have seen this assertion take root and spread like a kind of conceptual weed. 1,831 more words


Five Elements theory Stances Seminar at Magnus Karate

I had the honor to conduct a seminar at Magnus Karate in West Chester, PA last night covering 5 Elements Theory in relation to Stance Training. 77 more words

Kung Fu

On the music of Valentin Silvestrov (Валентин Васильович Сильвестров)

I have a rule with this blog. I shall never cooment on the music within a musical post which links to a piece. I have taken the rare opportunity to cooment about music. 60 more words


Finding my place in queer cultural history through the ‘post-Cold-War’ period

This post originally appeared at History Matters on 14 August 2017.

I’ve been researching the 1990s since the beginning of my academic career, when I wrote my PhD on popular music and national identity in Croatia after the break-up of Yugoslavia. 1,187 more words


Who owns what? Kina Grannis and a fan funded music label

According to John Hartley’s article “Economy + Culture + Technology = Newness,” talent is the product of culture. Through interactions within and among groups, innovation emerges. 451 more words

Media Industries

Facebook's Instagram Burying Snapchat

Imitation may not be the sincerest form of flattery, but that’s never been the point of mimicry anyway. A case study may be Snap Inc. (NYSE: SNAP), maker of the mobile app Snapchat, that went public in early March at a price of $17 a share. 494 more words