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The 2016 Election: Sexism and the Failure of Men on the Left

On Tuesday night, Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton to become our 45th President. Trump won in the Electoral College and Clinton won the popular vote by a… 1,499 more words

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How Survivor Activists Changed the 2016 Presidential Election

Donald Trump is likely to lose the presidential election tomorrow, thanks in no small part to his lack of support from women. Campus and Cosby survivor activists laid the groundwork for his loss by giving the nation a share language for understanding Trump’s predatory behavior. 1,007 more words

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Unwanted Sex

Over the course of their lifetime, girls and women have a lot of unwanted sex.

The term “unwanted sex” is used in many different ways. I’m using it to refer to sexual activities that are seemingly consensual but unwanted. 388 more words

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Panicked About a Trump Win? Relax, and vote.

Many of my progressive friends are panicking about the possibility of Donald Trump winning the White House. This post lays out why Hillary Clinton is heavily favored to win in November.  1,366 more words

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