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A memoir Portrayal : From Homeless to Harvard : English - 87 Minutes

A memoir Portrayal : From Homeless to Harvard : English – 87 Minutes (https://youtu.be/pGe3u5rLGQc)

“When you lost everything and when you have nothing more to loose then what you gain is freedom to try” – very powerful message..  103 more words

Sathish Sampath

Film Recommendation:Love Comes Softly - English (88 Minutes)

Film Recommendation: Love Comes Softly – English (88 Minutes) – (https://youtu.be/mtmO3t0ud1M)

“Love isn’t always a Firework at first, Many a times it comes softly” – a powerful message and a brilliant work of art.   131 more words

Sathish Sampath

Film Recommendation:The Substitute Wife (1994 | 92 Minutes) - English

The Substitute Wife (1994) – 92 Minutes – ( https://youtu.be/vMEZMrRr9JM )

Very Bold and unique attempt by the producers of the film.  A Lady who knows she isn’t going to be alive for long decides to choose a lady companion for her husband and in lieu get a mother material for her kids (mother material is not showcased that much, its predominantly portrayed as getting a lady for the house) 101 more words

Sathish Sampath

Short Film Recommendation : The Library (Language : Thai) with English Subtitles

The Library (Thai – 2006) ( https://youtu.be/HVI_MyyykAc )

A Perfect Love story told in 30 min.  Every frame is work of art, we can do a screenshot to print and Frame it.   114 more words

Sathish Sampath

Short Film : Ten Minutes (Spanish)

A Film Maker can show both sides of the coin in a single telephone call.  What an extraordinary film.  Just 2 actors talking on phone.  A Typical Call center call and a normal looking enquiry.   50 more words

Sathish Sampath

Dream Girl - Short Film

Dream Girl

Its another short film in the same line of person shy to talk to girls more of a smart geeky series. Not much of a difference in storyline, except that the girl in love is in his dreams. 106 more words

Sathish Sampath

Way out of my league

Way out of my League – English Short film

This is an awesome / hilarious / humour subject.  Excellent screenplay, acting.  AJ is a geek or can be characterised in general as a shy student who is getting the guts up to talk to the girl he likes.   83 more words

Sathish Sampath