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The Books Are Burning

Stefan, you saved me from nihilism. A tribute to Stefan Molyneux from Germany’s Naomi Seibt.

Who’s she? Sort of like the conservative movement’s Greta Thunberg, except Naomi Seibt is actually intelligent and thoughtful. 13 more words

Media's Funhouse Mirror

It's Everywhere

Propaganda on behalf of Black Lives Matter appears across the board on almost every television station, not just the Leftist news shows like CNN and MSNBC. 69 more words

Media's Funhouse Mirror

Censorship Spurs A Backlash

Fear not. The hardcore wave of Leftist censorship across social media is already causing a backlash.

These censors are not going to silence rightwing populism. All that’s happening is many new people are discovering what we have to report. 35 more words

Media's Funhouse Mirror

YouTube Lowers Ban Hammer

More accounts are getting banned from YouTube. This process began a year or so ago, and has been accelerating as we get closer to the election. 125 more words

Media's Funhouse Mirror

Mass Censorship Hits Internet

Twitch said that Trump’s 2016 speech and recent Tulsa rally violated their rules. So they have suspended Trump’s campaign account as a wave of mass censorship sweeps across the Internet, banning pro-Trump voices. 235 more words

Media's Funhouse Mirror

Bubba Ends NASCAR's Career

In late June 2020, NASCAR actor — oops I mean “driver” Bubba Wallace — blew up the media with the claim that he found a “noose” in his garage bay at Talladega Superspeedway. 49 more words

Media's Funhouse Mirror

Not Funny!

CNN is up in arms over the Carpe Donktum memes showing toddlers chasing after each other. The memes are the subject of a threatened lawsuit. Liberals just keep turning more dictatorial by the day. 12 more words

Media's Funhouse Mirror