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BBAGIT...Child they talking bout WILLOW done came out on IG

Babyyyyyyy I don’t know what it is that has people sooooo infatuated with the closet and who comes out of it.  But MTO is reporting that allegedly the 15 year olf daughter of Will and Jada Smith, Willow came sliding out the closet via her social media.   29 more words


Kylie so "effing" preggers or just faking for the CHAT?? MUST be 18 years older to read this

Did you see what Kylie done posted on her snapchat?  We don’t know if it’s true or nah.  Her boyfriend is Tyga and has a son already with socialite Blac Chyna.   43 more words

#TheFam Exclusive

Out with the Galore, in with the WHO??

Either he has the golden magic stick, or he has a contract with these women and they all have expiration dates and they are cool with the amenities that come along with it.   106 more words

Rick Ross

Cait got her a BLACK BAE...peek in NOW

CHILD….say it ain’t so….Some sisters can’t eem find a good brother.  But word on the SKRIZEETS is that The Guy Formerly Known as Bruce, now Caitlyn Jenner, has snagged she a new HE.   32 more words

#TheFam Exclusive

Playboy Files Lawsuit Against MediaTakeOut For Posting Azealia Banks' Nude Photos

Urban website MediaTakeOut.com has been hit with a lawsuit from Playboy for re-publishing Azealia Banks’ nude photos from their April 2015 issue without permission, Billboard… 126 more words


The Good, The Bad and the Really Terrible

When it comes to blogs, they’re either really good or really terrible. Here are a few of my favorite blogs, along with some of my not so favorite ones: 518 more words

OMG!!! Kim K sextape leaks again?

Mediatakeout.com published a post on the 12 of july, claiming a 21 minutes sextape of Kim K was sent to them not stating who sent it . 67 more words