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Medicaid Myth Buster #2: Source and Quality of Care

By Jon M. Bailey, Guest Writer

A constant complaint about Medicaid is that fewer healthcare providers take patients on public insurance programs, and the resulting quality of care suffers. 241 more words


Five signs that your elderly family member needs assistance

As we age, we can expect to see changes in our mental and physical abilities – however, these changes and the degree to which they affect the lives of our loved ones can be hard to detect. 400 more words

Estate Planning

Primary Care Providers – Are you feeling the pinch?

It was nice while it lasted – due to a provision of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“ACA”), services furnished by certain primary care providers (“PCPs”) were subject to an enhanced payment rate for Calendar Years 2013 and 2014. 457 more words

Affordable Care Act

Consumers Can Shift Health Savings Accounts For Better Options

This week, readers wrote in with questions about health savings accounts and the “Cadillac tax.” Adding grandchildren to a health plan cropped up too.

Q. Last year, my wife and I opened a health savings account. 814 more words

The Health Law

I'm trying...

So today’s headache is brought to you by medicaid. No surprise there, really. Long story short, we have no money, a tiny house, two insane children and the thought of a third baby makes me cry. 659 more words

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The Shocking Truth about Qualifying for Nursing Home Medicaid and Protecting Certain IRAs

The information you are about to read does not constitute a legal opinion and does not constitute legal advice. Legal opinions and legal advice can only be given after a qualified attorney has reviewed your specific facts and circumstances, has analyzed the current law and applicable regulations, and has applied the law to your unique case. 315 more words

Defunding Planned Parenthood is in No One’s Best Interest

Abortion is one of the few hot button issues that never fails to make an appearance during election time. The upcoming 2016 election is no exception, particularly when 15 out of the total 21 candidates are pro-life. 460 more words