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CBO: Aging population, drugs driving federal healthcare spending


The country’s aging population, which is using more Social Security and requiring more Medicare coverage, is driving most of the spending increases, according to the report. 112 more words

Hospitals more likely to admit children with private insurance


New research shows hospitals are more likely to admit children with private insurance over those with publicly funded plans, particularly during times when there are limited inpatient beds, an indication that reimbursement rates play a role in how hospitals manage pediatric patients in the emergency room. 89 more words

Expanding Medicaid may lower all premiums

This is a very good data insight.

… The Obama administration for years has been pleading with states to expand their Medicaid programs and offer health coverage to low-income people.

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DHS says over 225 grievances filed under new Medicaid system

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) – The Iowa agency overseeing the state’s transition to a privately managed Medicaid program says it recorded over 225 grievances in the first three months of the new system. 92 more words


Eligibility for Medicaid: Helping Patients Know

When it comes to health insurance, many people want to apply for Medicaid because of the low-cost options. You can provide information about how this process works so that you can better serve patients, making them want to come back to your hospital again when needing treatment. 71 more words


Using the Outsourcing Decision Matrix

Every company tends to outsource some of their business activities. Doing so can help to free up resources, which allows them to run their business more efficiently. 11 more words

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