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Rampaging goats and $10 million mansions: your guide to the weird world of Obamacare rhetoric


The Obamacare repeal effort is just getting underway and already the political wordplay is dizzying. On the GOP side, the rhetoric has gone from “repeal and replace” to “insurance for everybody” to “repair and rebuild.” Meanwhile, Democrats continually warn that the Republicans are trying to “rip apart our health care system.” 180 more words

Vital Information about Medicaid and Long-Term Care

Please read this crucial explanation of the importance of Medicaid to long-term care residents and their families from the Long Term Community Coalition:  ltccc-medicaid-middle-class

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Trump Executive Order On ACA: What It Won’t Do, What It Might Do, And When

Trump Executive Order On ACA: What It Won’t Do, What It Might Do, And When

On the foreign policy side, where the President’s authority is very broad, executive orders can address the minutiae of relationships with particular countries.

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In case you missed it … here is the audio to my January appearance on the #1 rated FBRN show “The Chatterbox with Ellen Hedger”. 26 more words

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A Time For Transition

Today the keys to our nation were passed from the 44th President of the United States to his successor.  Some of our citizens rejoice, while most of our citizens are experiencing a range of less than positive reactions.  816 more words

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Insight into a Potential GOP Replacement for Obamacare

Everyone knows about it and everyone has an opinion on it; that is, the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as ObamaCare. Donald Trump is set to become president of the United States and with Obama on his way out, the Republican-controlled Congress is moving forward with legislation to repeal and replace Obama’s signature piece of legislation. 991 more words