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Donald Trump's Health Care Reform Proposals: Anticipated Effects on Insurance Coverage, Out-of-Pocket Costs, and the Federal Deficit


Issue: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has proposed to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and replace it with a proposal titled “Healthcare Reform to Make America Great Again.” Proposed reforms include allowing individuals to deduct the full amount of premiums for individual health plans from their federal tax returns, providing block grants to finance state Medicaid programs, and allowing insurers to sell insurance across state lines. 100 more words

What Can I Do to Ensure My North Dakota Medicaid Eligibility?

Estate planning encompasses much more than simply deciding who will receive your estate assets when you are gone. One additional component of many estate plans, for example, is Medicaid planning. 35 more words

The Health Care Reform Proposals of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump


As president, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump would take the nation down distinctly different paths on health care. In this post, we summarize the health reform proposals of each candidate, and—drawing on new… 273 more words

Why the U.S. Needs Medicaid


While most news stories about Medicaid focus on states’ decisions on whether to expand eligibility, the collective impact of the program on beneficiaries, health providers and systems, and state economies is rarely discussed. 230 more words

Excellent Katha Pollitt Column

If you can buy or borrow a print copy of The Nation’s Sept. 26/Oct. 3, 2016 issue, I recommend the column titled Fatal Births by Katha Pollitt. 100 more words

Tobacco Tax Ballot Measure Would Fund Health Care For California’s Poor — But How?

At first blush, the tobacco tax measure on California’s November ballot looks pretty straightforward.

Proposition 56 would raise the price of a pack of cigarettes by $2 and tax e-cigarettes for the first time. 994 more words