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Jefferson Healthcare hospital institutes sliding fee scale - PDN

Over the last number of years, a variety of people have petitioned JHC to look into their practices of charity care along with their collections policies that have resulted in people being sent to court and into bankruptcy over relatively small amounts (some have been larger amounts, to be sure). 489 more words

Jefferson County

In US, Illness is Financial Anxiety

In August 2016, I moved from Texas to the northwest of England. Last summer, I while walking in the local park I slipped on a stepping stone and sprained my ankle. 418 more words


The Unknown Plans of the Duck

Aflac is known for its many groundbreaking coverage plans, which include cancer coverage, short term disability, and accident coverage, with one-day pay, just to name a few. 238 more words


The cruel facts of the Affordable Care Act

When President Obama introduced the Affordable Care Act, or the ACA, it was thought to be the saving grace to healthcare. We have since seen this is not the case. 235 more words


The Cost of Cancer

Given my own medical history—surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation, lions, tigers and bears—I am beyond biased when it comes to talk about healthcare and its costs. My bias is so strong that I am pretty sure I’m physically incapable of listening to Speaker Paul Ryan… 1,324 more words

Breast Cancer

Time to Wake up...

This blog began eight years ago, and like many good ideas, it soon dwindled away into the combustible ether of our modern over-informed reality. Raising kids, writing for pay, and chasing the shreds of my sanity around in circles over took my good intentions and left this blog to wither on the proverbial grapevine. 1,364 more words


Why pay extra for Cancer insurance if you don't have Cancer, right?

This is how Minnesota republicans are changing healthcare: coverage for mental health, cancer, hearing loss, and long list of other conditions will now be an optional extra in Minnesota. 884 more words