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Sometimes You Just Need a Lion on Your Side.......

I called the hospital today. Well, more accurately, I called the hospital billing department. The billing department is no longer in the hospital. The hospital is in Pennsylvania, where I live, and where my loved ones go to the hospital when they have a problem, medically. 496 more words


Surprise ER bills

A potentially lifesaving trip to an emergency room could result in exorbitant and unexpected bills even if you have insurance. About two-thirds of emergency room doctors are independent contractors and they might not be covered by your plan. 327 more words

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Holding Your Baby - For a Price?

Picture this: imagine going through with a c-section, and anticipating that first beautiful skin to skin moment with your baby. Your baby is born healthy and perfect, just as you knew they’d be, and the nurses quickly clean them up and immediately place your baby on your chest. 463 more words


Why Would A Hospital Charge You For Holding Your Newborn Baby?

Though there are many kinds of surprises you might find on your bill after a trip to the hospital, some seem too strange to be true. 307 more words

You can't win for losing

So we had a windfall that had to do with my husbands pension. We had to fill out paperwork recently to get a number out of them and to grandfather our kids into the benefits should Garry and I pass away.   879 more words


Myths About Unpaid Medical Bills

Myths About Unpaid Medical Bills
Medical bills account for a lot of debt among people, but understanding how such a debt can influence your credit is important. 22 more words


Top 2 Reasons to be Excited about the New Credit Score Models

Below are the top two reasons why you should be excited about the new credit score models. According to a survey distributed by Kaiser Permanente, one in five working Americans with health insurance reported problems paying their medical bills. 6 more words

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