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This Reason, More than Any Other, is Why Americans File for Bankruptcy

It was not too many years ago that the dominant narrative about those who declared bankruptcy was that they ended up in dire financial straits by their own hand, like overextending themselves in the realm of consumer credit; buying big-screen TVs, spending lavishly on vacations they could not truly afford, and then eventually suffering from what is still regarded by many as the personal financial death penalty. 527 more words

Can a brain injury occur if a victim does not lose consciousness?

One of the questions that I get all the time in head injury cases is, “Well can a person 151 more words


Car Crashes and Medical Payments Coverage

Colorado law requires automobile insurance policies to offer Medical Payments coverage with a minimum of $5,000 in benefits for people injured in car crashes. The offering of this coverage is mandatory, and Colorado law at C.R.S.ยง 10-4-635(1)(b) requires rejection of this coverage be in writing and signed by the insured. 274 more words


Are you willing to give your doctor your credit card information to use for subsequent charges?

By Paul Goldfinger, MD, Editor @Blogfinger

Do you find flaws that indicate a deterioration in some aspects of our healthcare system? We often do and yesterday we stumbled on another one. 620 more words

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Pet Insurance - is it necessary?

Dogs are always our close companion in each and every way. when they are sick, their cost of medical and treatment are sometime cause us in dilemma in term of choice of treatment where it is hard and painful decision. 69 more words

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FDA approves 1st DTC consumer genetic test

Now, patients can purchase a genetic risk test to learn about their risks for various diseases. FDA approved 23andMe’s $199 genetic health risk test for sales directly to consumers. 22 more words