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I was attacked in a dark parking lot. Is the owner responsible for my injuries and damages?

You’re attacked in a dark parking lot. The owner may very well be responsible for the injuries. Why? Because the parking lot was dark, and you’re attacked by a criminal. 84 more words


Learning About Being Old

There is a great deal of advice out there about the aging process, but I find that I keep making mistakes anyway.

To help avoid those mistakes, I’ve come up with a new (for me anyway) 3-step set of guiding principles I find necessary to repeat any time I am upright and attempting to move from one place to another; i.e., walk. 703 more words


Hormonal Distress

Can someone explain to me why menstruation is not considered a chronic medical condition? Seriously. It’s long lasting, monthly for about 40 years, give or take, of your life. 375 more words

Chronic Illness

Jesus Backs Universal Health Care

Every single time Jesus healed a person, he did it for nothing.

No one had to pay him anything.
No one had to show him their insurance cards. 254 more words

Speaking Truth With Love