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Happy Thanksgiving

By Eric Duprat.

This is a good time to pause and reflect on what we have done and what we are about to do, and to be thankful for all of it. 554 more words

Healthcare Costs

Lise McMillan and her family's tradgedy

Jerry’s wife Lisa and boys Eric and James were in a head on motor vehicle crash. His wife Lise has been home one week today Tuesday, November 17, 2015 exactly 3 weeks to the day that her and her twin sons Eric and James almost died in a horrific head-on MVC. 244 more words

Medical Bills on the Rise

I cannot believe my eyes right now. UGH. Okay, so you guys know how I got a kidney infection like a month or so ago and went to the ER? 234 more words

Personal Life

Who Pays the Doctor?

Medicare costs rising! Obamacare not working! The headlines keep us in a constant state of worry about medical expenses. But at least there is some help out there for most of us.What was it like before all these insurance programs existed — not only for the patients but for the doctors as well? 263 more words

Old Time Doctors

Healthcare insider | 10 easy tips to save money and take control of your medical bills today

By Alice Cleret.

If you are anything like us, managing your medical bills comes down to hoping for the best and expecting the worst. And being fatalistic about healthcare costs is so anchored in our ways that we often overlook some simple steps that will get us on top of our healthcare budget. 921 more words


Drowning In Paperwork...

…at least that’s how it felt today.  I’ve seriously neglected opening mail because it’s just constant statements and bills and statements and bills, with some more stuff thrown in from the county and the state and the federal government. 227 more words

The narrowing network syndrome

By Julien Nguyen.

In October 2015, BlueShield of California announced that Stanford Hospital was no longer in-network for people insured through the exchange. In November 2015, BlueShield in Texas announced that UT Southwestern in Dallas is now out-of-network. 436 more words

Medical Bills