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Growing Acceptance of Medical Cannabis in United States Impacts Demand for More Research; What Research Already Exists

Acceptance of medical cannabis is growing in the United States. Earlier this month, Cannabis Industry Today covered Positive Change Stirring For Marijuana Legalization outlining the changes from shifting public opinion to politicians backing reform. 839 more words

Cannabis Industry

Topical Cannabis Salve

A topical salve is like a lotion. You rub it on your skin where ever you are experiencing pain. When you apply the salve almost instantly there will be pain relief without any psychoactive effects. 248 more words


Cannabis Can Scare Away Nightmares

This year I decided to take a class online called understanding dreaming through UMFK because I had a few questions that I needed to understand about what was going on with my dreams. 1,435 more words


Must Watch Cannabis Documentary

Again Dr. Sanjay Gupta creates a mind opening; Must Watch Cannabis Documentary called Weed 3.

He talks about how cannabis has helps people with PTSD, Alzheimer’s and pain along with the scientists that are trying to prove that cannabis is a medicine with an FDA approved study. 30 more words


Cannabis History: Why is it Illegal?

As of today there are 24 states with medical cannabis laws. Nine with current pending legislation and 2 states with legal recreational cannabis. Washington DC also legalized recreational cannabis but Congress has been preventing DC from going forward with their voter approved recreational program. 697 more words


420: The Origin story

Today is April twenty or 4/20 and I am sure you hearing the term 420 all over. Most people knows that means something to do with cannabis. 575 more words


Cannabis Makes You Cooler (Temperature)

So I was thinking the past few months that I have read a few times in different places about how cannabis can lower the body temperature of some people usually some joke about how cannabis makes you cool is attached. 405 more words