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Cannabis History: Why is it Illegal?

As of today there are 24 states with medical cannabis laws. Nine with current pending legislation and 2 states with legal recreational cannabis. Washington DC also legalized recreational cannabis but Congress has been preventing DC from going forward with their voter approved recreational program. 697 more words


420: The Origin story

Today is April twenty or 4/20 and I am sure you hearing the term 420 all over. Most people knows that means something to do with cannabis. 575 more words


Cannabis Makes You Cooler (Temperature)

So I was thinking the past few months that I have read a few times in different places about how cannabis can lower the body temperature of some people usually some joke about how cannabis makes you cool is attached. 405 more words


The Endocannabinods System

So you maybe asking your self: What is the Endocannabinod System and why should I care. First to show how what it is I am going to break the word down for you and it will start to make more sense. 451 more words


Cannabis soup for the Cannabis soul

I have started a new project. I am making an inspirational book similar to the Chicken Soup of the Soul series. What I am looking for is positive stories about how cannabis has made your life better. 157 more words





SAN DIEGO: Brandon Smith is a legitimate medical cannabis patient who was part of an informal collective. He was criminally charged by the County of San Diego District Attorney’s Office for providing four grams of cannabis to another member of the collective. 395 more words

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Allergys Getting You Down? My Cannabis Solution

It is getting to be that time of year. Yes, I am talking about allergy season. This is the time of year for sore throats and stuffy noses.  143 more words