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It's Only Just Begun!


I left off by saying that I received my documents from the Crew Manning Advisor(CMA). She is pretty cool. Basically, I just had to get a Criminal Background Check from my local police department, a medical, and a C1/D Visa. 959 more words

Nobody puts Natasha in a corner.

¨No¨ is not a word I like to hear often, unless it is used in the following contexts:

  • ¨Can I jump off this cliff?¨
  • ¨I spread poop on the walls, am I now an artist?¨
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Aeromedical Deliberations in the Germanwings Tragedy

The Germanwings tragedy this week brought to the forefront the mental health assessment for commercial airmen.  There are reports that the copilot had another serious health issue with his vision.   1,241 more words


Forays into French Bureaucracy: La Direccte

Once you’ve found your French host family and have negotiated and drawn up the terms of your contract, the next step is to get it officially signed, stamped, and validated by  725 more words



The delightful Aussie colloquialism ‘sickie’ can describe both the person who is sick, and the time taken off work to allow said sickness to flourish to its full potential. 420 more words


"Things We Found In Some Guy's Ass": Phones, Drills, Saws, and Tools

Visitor tries to enter prison with pliers, tools and hidden cell in the anus

André Silva de Jesus, 35, was attempting to visit the prison with a literal buttload of items, presumably for a friend on the inside.   397 more words

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An important information for foreign residents

Foreign residents have to register their driving licenses from home in the Transportation Authority in Ed. 2000 in Funchal within 60 days. Now here is an additional requirement. 81 more words