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Review: London Doctors Clinic

As regular readers will know I’ve got something of a conplex past with my doctor regarding the signing of medical certificates for races and despite having gone through a battery of tests (and passed them all as fit and healthy) I still can’t get the forms signed. 439 more words


I just need a Medical Certificate

There’s a general train of thought that getting a medical certificate is a matter of rocking up to a GP and going “I’m sick, just write me a medical certificate mate, that’s all I’m here for”. 350 more words

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Long Awaited Airmen Medical Reform has Arrived

If you’ve been involved with general aviation at all over the past decade or so you’ve surely heard the phrase, “3rd class medical reform.”

Often it was the featured tune of the efforts of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA). 619 more words

For Pilots

Enrile and Enrile v. Judge Manalastas, et al., G.R. No. 166414, 22 October 2014.


The mauling incident involving neighbors end up with filing of criminal case in the MTC for frustrated homicide and less serious physical injuries. Petitioners moved for the reconsideration of the joint resolution, arguing that the complainants had not presented proof of their having been given medical attention lasting 10 days or longer, thereby rendering their charges of less serious physical injuries dismissible; and that the two cases for less serious physical injuries, being necessarily related to the case of frustrated homicide still pending in the Office of the Provincial Prosecutor, should not be governed by the Rules on Summary Procedure. 913 more words

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How to Get The Most Out of Your GP- a Doctor’s Point of View

GPs are seldom asked what they want from their patients – in fact nobody has ever asked me. I’m going to tell you anyway! You can choose to ignore this advice and your GP probably won’t mind at all. 514 more words

Medical Certificate

Online Medical Certificates- a Solution for Busy Patients and Busy Doctors!

I am a GP.  It’s a great job, with a variety of work.  With such a diverse workload comes a busy day; we see lots and lots of people, with a multitude of conditions. 344 more words

Medical Certificate

Surat MC

Pernah tak korang demam, pergi klinik dapat MC? Bil dapat MC bukN balik rehat di rumah tapi pergi meronda pulak. Mentang-mentang dapat cuti sah.