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How Dangerous is RSV for Children?

Respiratory syncytial virus, more commonly known as RSV, can very easily be confused for a cold. If a child wakes up in the night with a cough, fever, stuffy nose and crankiness, it’s not unusual for a parent to diagnose this as just another cold. 411 more words

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How To Avoid 3 Common Illnesses This Winter

Each year as the weather cools down, the number of illness increases. There are certain illnesses that peak during the winter months, including the flu, ear infections and bronchiolitis. 336 more words

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Identifying Type 2 Diabetes In Children

According to the CDC, more than 208,000 under the age of 20 have been diagnosed with diabetes. Doctors used to be under the impression that children could only get type 1 diabetes—also known as juvenile diabetes. 435 more words

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Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving Side Dishes

On Thanksgiving Day, most people think of overeating. However, if you have a picky child, they could do the opposite. Some of the traditional Thanksgiving dishes like green bean casserole, potato salad and stuffing may not be appetizing to a young child. 368 more words

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What To Do If Your Child Swallows A Foreign Object

While most moms like to think they have eyes in the back of their head, it can be difficult to keep track of your child every second of every day. 361 more words

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How To Keep Your Kids Flu-Free This Season

Everyone enjoys the cooling temps, fall foliage and approaching holidays; however, the ensuing flu season is not nearly as welcome. Kids who are in school or daycare are at a much higher risk of catching the flu than those that stay at home. 337 more words

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Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

Buying your child a costume at a Halloween-specific store any time in October can be chaotic. Not only that, costumes sell out very quickly—especially the popular ones most kids want! 315 more words

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