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Suzanne Coleman, MD

That’s what everyone seems to be saying about “Grey’s Anatomy” after they (spoiler alert!!) killed off Derek last night (played by Patrick Dempsey). 770 more words

POP News

It's Always A Beautiful Day To Save Lives

(Spoiler Alert)

Oh, Derek.

I have never been ashamed of getting extremely attached to fictional characters. Most of my fictional friends, mentors, companions, crushes (although Mr. 569 more words


I am still having my holidays so I spent most of my time at home. What do you do when boredom strikes?

Watch American television shows of course! 469 more words

2 Broke Girls

Grey's Anatomy Recap - The Moment

Meredith is happy. Derek is happy. Meaning someone’s gonna die soon or some deep dark secret is going to be uprooted or a crash or natural disaster is on its way. 1,071 more words


It's Not Okay, It's Brilliant

Indeed it is. It’s Okay, That’s Love is not the typical korean drama, not my usual cup of tea either. When I first read the synopsis, I thought this will just be another shallow comedy–a love story between a mental patient and a psychiatrist. 1,156 more words

Brain: You just occupied my wandering brain!

How do I start writing about this fantastic drama? I couldn’t think of the exact word to describe this one. Anyway, to start with, we just finished our project at work so I’m a glorious bum for an entire week.:) After an exhausting project, I managed to have my free time to enjoy my favorite hobby and that’s watching Korean dramas. 1,092 more words

"You were off your meds..." - correct.

I was just thinking a bit further about this drama. What said Doctor Lastname, MD, said to me on last Friday on my appointment. 308 more words