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Fragile (フラジャイル)

The drama centres around pathologist Kiichi Keishiiro (Nagase Tomoya), an eccentric pathologist who is rude and seemingly self-centred but renowned for his 100% accurate diagnoses. 1,688 more words


Chronicle of Besnit 004

This was a very drawn out RP taking over a week to get to the point that Cara had the sock puppets.  She put them on because the casts got boring.  18 more words

Early Impressions: Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim

So, I finally sat down today to watch the first episode of the follow up drama to Scarlet Heart: Ryeo because the Kdrama world goes on, and so do I. 862 more words

Drama Reactions & Reviews

The waiting game

When I was first diagnosed with cancer, I wanted to DO something. I expected things to happen in a fast-paced action sequence, like the movies. Instead, I discovered, this “battle” is more of a slog. 476 more words

Medical Drama

KBS Drops Teasers for Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim

Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim is the new SBS medical drama premiering next week to replace the Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo on its timeslot.

Han Seok Kyu… 54 more words


Pure Genius: Not Really

James Bell (Augustus Prew) is a Mark Zuckerberg analogue obsessed with fixing everything that’s wrong with medical science. Why do we have to wait so long for new cures to make their way to the masses, he asks, and why are we so afraid to try experimental new treatments on hitherto untreatable diseases? 133 more words


Lethal Harvest

Lethal Harvest by William Cutrer, M.D. could not be more real and modern if it was written by anyone else. This ethical, medical drama tackles a subject that some just want to ignore and make disappear. 287 more words