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A Young Doctor's Notebook and Other Stories

Starring Daniel Radcliffe and Jon Hamm as versions of the same doctor, removed only by time, this series is surprisingly dark and good. Instead of focusing on the doctor as a dependable miracle-worker in a big hospital/practice, the show examines what working in a small, backwoods practice is like when you are a selfish, flawed young graduate. 235 more words


The lies we tell ourselves

I used to think I knew what strength was. I even used to naively and perhaps arrogantly believe I was strong. I saw the road ahead of me so clearly, how my life would go, what would be next, and what I wanted to do. 601 more words

Medical Drama



Year – (2015)

Creator – Matt Nix

Seasons – 1

Story – A cynical ER doctor rescues a boy from a drive by shooting and begins to have a new perspective of life. 97 more words


Hart of Dixie: A Review

I love to watch American series. I spend most of my time watching one from another, and another, then another, and so on. A week ago, I watched a series and finished its two seasons with 13 episodes each. 572 more words

Kevin McKidd Directing Season 12 Premiere

It’s official that Season 12 will consist of 25 episodes and Kevin McKidd is going to direct 4 of them. He will direct the Season Premiere of Season 12. 89 more words

Grey's Anatomy

Jessica Capshaw's Contract Extended

Great news everyone!

Jessica Capshaw, aka the one and only Dr. Arizona Robbins, just extended her Grey’s Anatomy contract for three more years. Thus, if the show continuous Jessica will portray Arizona until May 2018. 96 more words

Grey's Anatomy

Night of the Living Butter Knife

My family loves cookies.

My mom’s cookie recipes are legendary. Whenever I would take cookies on debate trips in high school most of the team would descend on the tupperware container like a pack of rabid wolves, cleaning me completely out before I could get one. 442 more words