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Stats on Medical Malpractice

Good data: the truth is liberating.

In malpractice cases, the most common issue isn’t a goof in the operating room. Instead, it’s good old fashioned diagnosis. 380 more words


Kaiser Health News report questions safety of ASCs: 5 things to know


Ambulatory surgery centers are often considered low-cost alternatives to expensive in-hospital care, but a new report from Kaiser Health News and USA Today raises questions about the safety of ASCs and the regulations that govern their practices. 404 more words

A medida que crecen los centros de cirugía, los pacientes están pagando con sus vidas

La cirugía fue bien. Los doctores que la atendían se fueron. Cuatro horas después, Paulina Tam comenzó a jadear por falta de aire.

Una hemorragia interna le estaba bloqueando la tráquea: era de las posibles complicaciones tras la cirugía de columna vertebral a la que había sido sometida. 6,015 more words

Cost And Quality

As Surgery Centers Boom, Patients Are Paying With Their Lives

The surgery went fine. Her doctors left for the day. Four hours later, Paulina Tam started gasping for air.

Internal bleeding was cutting off her windpipe, a well-known complication of the spine surgery she had undergone. 6,140 more words

Cost And Quality

Prescription for secrecy


Is your doctor banned from practicing in other states? State licensing system keeps patients in the dark.

Like traveling medicine hucksters of old, doctors who run into trouble today can hopscotch from state to state, staying ahead of regulators. 434 more words

bad doctors

Last week a technical glitch during the RACP exam jeopardised years of study for junior physician trainees. You really have to have studied for years after and before work, around your family, your personal life and instead of having holidays, to understand how unbelievably crap the situation is, but there was a current of nastiness in the public response to the debacle. 784 more words

Can we deliver high value care with one eye on the clock and the other on the screen?

Given longer consultations are associated with better health outcomes, the Medicare Benefits Schedule should be restructured to incentivise appropriate consultation time in general practice.

It is estimated that doctors are making an incorrect diagnosis… 419 more words