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AI assistance can Prevent Disability and Death from Misdiagnosis

Imagine the number of lives that could potentially be saved. A mis-diagnosis or wrong diagnosis can lead to death for many unfortunate individuals. These are exigent scenarios where a patient is either inadequately diagnosed to ascertain a pathologic process or disease, at times diagnosed with a false positive or negative for a certain pathology and at times even where standardised test results show enough ambiguity and thus don’t allow for a proper interpretation and a definitive diagnosis. 768 more words

Hundreds more cases in Shropshire baby deaths review

BBC News 25 June 1019

The number of cases uncovered by a maternity review at hospitals in Shropshire has more than doubled.

In 2017, then Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt announced an investigation into avoidable baby deaths at SaTH, which runs Royal Shrewsbury Hospital and Telford’s Princess Royal. 79 more words

Forensic Pathology

The Human and Financial Cost of Preventable Medical Errors

One of my passions is patient safety. I’ve written posts about it on many occasions and my team and I have developed patient safety initiatives for hospitals and health systems for more than a decade. 1,301 more words

Patient Safety

Indian medicine and the twisted Königsberg problem

The national educational draft policy has once again tried to tamper with the sanctity of medicine, by introducing what are euphemistically called “bridge courses” and “lateral entry”. 659 more words


I err, therefore I am

When talking about the human mental capabilities, in The Symbolic Species, Terrence Deacon stated that “biologically, we are just another ape. Mentally, we are new phylum of organism.”  This wondrous and unfathomably complex organ – the brain –  has enabled us to become the most dominant species of the planet. 787 more words


A fiduciary failing

“A fiduciary is “one who owes to another the duties of good faith, trust, confidence and candour”. As a fiduciary relationship, it must rely on principles of autonomy, non-maleficence, beneficence, justice and fidelity at all times.” 428 more words

PFAC MONDAY MEMO: PFACs Essential to Safety and Quality

Not only is engaging patients and families in care decisions, quality improvement initiatives, patient experience processes and all key healthcare decisions the right thing to do from a… 50 more words

Relationship Centered Care