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Shocking NHS op blunders that should NEVER happen revealed by Daily Mirror

A patient died after being given the wrong type of blood and another had a testicle removed unnecessarily – just two of the shocking NHS blunders uncovered by the Daily Mirror. 249 more words


In Hospitals, Board Rooms Are as Important as Operating Rooms - NYTimes.com

In my experience, having worked with the hospital industry at multiple levels over my 30-year career, this is unfortunately true. Hospital administration and governance are not in the hands of people who can visualize anything much other than their next promotion or cocktail party, respectively. 138 more words

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Medical culture: can silence kill?

I remember sitting in the Intensive Care Unit (ISU) attending a patient after cardio surgery. The usually quiet atmosphere of ISU was interrupted by electrifying fuss: the physician on duty was peeping into the corridor, the assistant was nervously sorting patients’ charts. 1,369 more words

Medical Errors

How Long Can The Brain Go Without Oxygen Before SERIOUS Damage Occurs? ie, DEATH

“After five to ten minutes of not breathing, you are likely to develop serious and possibly irreversible brain damage. The one exception is when a younger person stops breathing and also becomes very cold at the same time. 91 more words