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Physician Bad Behavior

Virtually everyone within the healthcare area knows a “difficult doctor”; one who won’t admit patients to the hospital at the end of a shift, is verbally abusive towards nurses and other staff, or slacks off on paperwork. 223 more words

Medical Narcissism.

Guest Post by Robert O.

Medical narcissism is a term coined by John Banja in his book, Medical Errors and Medical Narcissism. Banja defines “medical narcissism” as the need of health professionals to preserve their self-esteem leading to the compromise of error disclosure to patients. 859 more words


Having surgery soon? Check out ratings of Georgia surgeons on new scorecard

One in four Georgia hospitals that offer knee replacement surgeries to Medicare patients has at least one surgeon with a high complication rate. Need a new hip instead of a knee? 430 more words


Eliminating Medical Errors-Medical Malpractice can happen to you

If you don’t think a medical error or medical negligence can happen to anyone, you are being naive. This medical negligence/medical malpractice issue is receiving much more attention these days as the… 736 more words

Why Choosing the Right Surgeon Matters Even More Than You Think

She had no way of knowing how much was riding on her decision. The doctor she chose, Constantine Toumbis, had one of the highest rates of complications in the country for spinal fusions.

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Culture of Patient Safety Lacking in Some Orthopaedic Environments

Eighteen percent of nearly 400 orthopaedic surgeons responding to an 89-question survey about patient safety said they do not perceive a positive climate for patient safety in their organizations. 192 more words