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Health: Being Proactive Can Save Your Life

If you needed to have repairs or upgrades done in your home chances are you shop around. You call two or three different people and compare the service they offer with the price and choose what works best for you. 647 more words

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Secret data on hospital inspections may soon become public

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services wants to require that private health care accreditors publicly detail problems they find during inspections of hospitals and other medical facilities, as well as the steps being taken to fix them. 218 more words


Marketing Patient Safety. Do It!

Here’s a short two-minute video where I speak to the importance of marketing patient safety within the healthcare organization. A dedicated marketing effort, both internal and external, would undoubtedly save lives and lower the costs of healthcare. 54 more words


Why does your doctor hate crowdsourcing?

One of the signs of the growing popularity of crowdsourcing is its steady expansion into gated professional communities dominated by experts. Take, for example, medical diagnostics, an area that has for centuries been a fiefdom of medical professionals. 654 more words


Protect Your Family Against Accidental Poisoning or Unsafe Use of Opiod and Other Prescription Medicines

The Washington Post reported this week that Poison Control Centers receive 32 calls a day about children exposed to opiates. While the number of exposures has decreased in the past 6 years, there is still need to protect unaware families of the possible risk to children and family members taking prescription pain medications and other drugs inappropriately, leading to poisoning and possible death. 229 more words

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Medical Errors in Surgical Operations

Dr. Saeid Shamsian, a skilled urological surgeon, has years of experience providing urology services to patients. A donor to the Jewish community, Saeid Shamsian, MD, also has experience as a professor at Columbia Presbyterian and several other hospitals. 150 more words

Saeid Shamsian

Medical Errors: STILL the Third Leading Cause of Death

History tells us it can take decades before a medical truth becomes accepted as fact, and recent headlines are a perfect example of this.

Sixteen years ago, I read an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) that stunned me. 2,561 more words