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Teams are Better

Flying is a team sport, especially in the Air Force. I was part of a two-person team within my jet. Both of us were responsible for carrying out the mission safely, effectively and within the rules and best practices set forth by leadership. 960 more words


Get a Better Night's Sleep

If you experience sleep problems, you are not alone. Millions of Americans struggle with getting enough or restful sleep. Lack of sleep can have a negative effect on your ability to maintain healthy habits and on your relationships at home and at work. 72 more words


Tarantino Vaccine

art malpracticed
will never kill you as fast as a well-staffed homeland hospital



Gunny Knock-it-Off!

I was upside down, held firmly in my seat by high G forces as I sliced through the back half of a loop in my jet. 1,475 more words


To Err Is Common

Like most doctors who completed a Residency training program (in my case 3 years in General Internal Medicine), I have signed a significant number of death certificates over the years. 478 more words

Antihypertensive Medication

Professional Medical Interpreters are Life Saving

Communication is essential, particularly during emergency medical situations, but imagine if you didn’t speak the language. More than 25 million Americans don’t speak English. A patient who can’t describe symptoms or comprehend the doctor’s instructions can become the victim of a medical mistake. 291 more words

Electronic Medical Death

Implementation of the Electronic Medical Record in a hospital or office setting carries inherent risk.  Like all medical technology, there is danger as well as benefit to the patient.   72 more words