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Big Pharma and Pig Farming; Swindling Swineherds of a Porcine Populace

Some have argued that the prison-industrial complex combines the worst aspects of coercive government and exploitative private industry. Others would give this distinction instead to the military-industrial complex. 1,469 more words


Morgellons Disease ~ a real-life X-file

She walked into the clinic one day, with two folders tucked under her arm.

She pulled one out.  “This is my official medical file.”

Official…? 1,871 more words


Little Charlie and the medical establishment

Our hearts break when we see poor little Charlie Gard lying in a hospital bed in London on a ventilator because he can’t breathe for himself, and hear the desperation of his parents as they fight for the right to do what they think is best for him. 627 more words


Autism research progress ~ hopeless without anecdotes?

Autism research is stalemated in a sorry state.  The establishment of researchers, mental health professionals, neurology specialists, puzzle piece groups, most parents of autistic children, and so on, seem to be stymied in a zero-sum game.  1,254 more words


Once autistic / an Aspie, always autistic / an Aspie

A while back, I wrote a fire hose of posts about Asperger’s/Autism Spectrum diagnosis.  In those posts, I took people desiring natural sedation on a rather unscenic journey through the nuts and bolts of the official diagnostic criteria, and I think I even explained how they pertained to me (for those of you in need of a guilt-free crutch to help you fall asleep tonight, here’s a… 2,406 more words