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Advancements in Robotic Automation for the Medical Industry

The founder of Need a Tutor? tutoring service, Jacob Newberger has tutored over 40 high school and university students for a total of more than 500 hours. 173 more words


Pressure Ulcers Stats Effecting Readmission Rates to Hospitals

A recent study conducted  by HSR: Health Services Research journal exposed the necessary measurements that define the relationship factors between healthcare communities and hospital admissions of patients with pressure ulcers. 305 more words

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Chronically Medicated

I am not a doctor, a chemist, a medical researcher, or a pharmaceutical representative. I am just a person who takes twelve prescription medications every single day. 1,099 more words

Autonomic Dysfunction

Garbage In, Garbage Out

Today’s Entertainment Industry has portrayed every known avenue of employment out there.  One of it’s Biggest drama presentations is the Medical Industry followed by Law Enforcement, Law Firms, then Education Facilities.  664 more words

Snake Oil Abounds!

I get a lot of spam, whether it’s in my email box, or by snail mail in my real mailbox. Years ago I subscribed to… 684 more words

The Emotional Impact of Pressure Ulcers

Pressure Ulcers can impact an individual’s life in many different ways.  Apart from experiencing a great amount of pain, the quality of life (QoL) for an individual with a pressure ulcer (PU) can be depleted immensely depending on how their QoL is defined, which will vary from person to person.   502 more words

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Medics Money Malice

The Human race has only ever considered two communities heroic, ironically, the warriors and the medics. The warriors are the embodiment of heroism; mind you, only the ones fighting for the righteous cause. 622 more words

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