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I have struggled with anxiety my entire life. It was not until I began seeing a therapist in my late 20s that I realized that what I experienced as anxiety and panic on a regular basis was not the norm for all people. 555 more words

Trial Lawyers & the Death of Personal Responsibility

It has indeed been a while since I last posted an entry on this blog; here I must apologize for being so “incommunicado” of late. I have been dealing with a couple of health issues, most noticeably an extremely sore left wrist. 1,542 more words

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#NSWHealth a group of lunatic doctors going to fuck off!!

Look it is very simple NSW Mental Health the employee’s are at such a poor standard they need to be struck off. I have handed them on numerous occasion Dr Yolande Lucires medico-legal report on me, which includes a CYP450 test; do you know what a CYP450 test is, it is a medical test that shows the capabilities of your motabolism and what it can and can’t do. 209 more words

2nd 22nd Century

Alternative Healing

I am a woman whose credit is ruined by medical debt. A life-long disaster of returning to doctor after hospital after treatment center after medical bill. 276 more words

Alternative Healing

Cancer lies II

If it is hard for you to understand this one, to break it down, cancer is the body’s immune system caving in. No longer is health an option when DNA damage is so far that the the body becomes self destructive, rather than self healing. 358 more words


Cancer lies - I

It starts as a small fungus. It requires sugar. It creates a satiation and gluttony in the individual. Couple that with lack of exercise, cortisol, bad diet and any other method that starves the body of oxygen or the body’s ability to process oxygen, causing cellular damage unresponsive to oxygen, and then you get a beast that turns on itself. 314 more words


UpliftConnect.com… “Is the Power to Heal ourselves increasing?” ~ Dec. 24, 2015

Well, well…what a wondreful Christmas Present for humanity! I found this article on Kuaileapele’s blog that is mighty exciting for me to hear. I work in the Medical industry (it IS that, you know) as a Lab Manager and it fills my heart with gladness to see that the… 1,010 more words