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New game changing technologies in the medical industry

Technologies which were created with other industries in mind have also impacted the way medical devices are being designed and built. Twenty-first century technology is drastically changing how we manage our health as well as how healthcare is provided and managed. 749 more words

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Diana T - New form of birth control with cyborg technology

We’ve talked a lot about technologies in a technological determinism point of view, a cause and effect manner, by discussing the impacts of various products or services on society, such as social media on self-esteem. 200 more words

Taylor Swift Donates money to filthy rich cancer industry

Taylor Swift donated 50,000 to one of her dancers, to help with cancer treatment for her 13 month old baby.

this money will be spent on medical treatment, to keep the baby alive as long as possible. 54 more words


What do you think of when you talk about the Labor Day holiday?  Most people think; the end of summer, or fireworks at the local park.  483 more words

Air- and Water-Cooled Type Chiller Series

Auto-chillers are indispensable machinery applicable to the medical industry, semiconductor industry, food industry, etc.

The Air-Cooled type chiller manufactured by Hyundai ENG offers both all-in-one type and separate type in terms of its usage. 184 more words

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The Required Components of Transitional Care Management

Transitional Care Management (TCM) became covered under Medicare in recent years in an effort to prevent hospital readmission. This coverage essentially created a working incentive for healthcare providers to supply structured transitional care after a patient is discharged from an Acute Care Hospital or Skilled Nursing Facility. 483 more words

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A great new model of health care

MEDICAL CARE is going through traumatic changes in this country. You might not be aware, but primary care family physicians are disappearing rapidly – either by being gobbled up into large care groups, or going out of business. 661 more words

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