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Ultrasound Waves as Optional Treatment for Patients with Pressure Ulcers

Besides the US, the United Kingdom has some of the largest number of patients who suffer from bed sores, with more than 200,000 cases every year. 255 more words

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How is your body signaling to you?

Amazing characteristics of the Body’s Signaling System 
One of the most ingenious characteristics of the body’s sophisticated signaling system is its specificity. If you have a poison ivy rash on your arm, the relentless itchiness results from the release of histamine, the signal molecule that activates an inflammatory response to the ivy’s allergen. 201 more words

How 3D Printing Revolutionizes Medical Industry

Have you ever thought of the era, where printing of the human organs, cells, tissues etc. would be possible? If not, prepare yourself for the most amazing and unbelievable invention, 3D printers. 653 more words

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Medical industry criminal oppression of alternative and traditional healing

In some countries, the medical industry has pressured the government to pass laws that make it illegal for anyone to offer medical advice unless they are a licensed medical doctor. 140 more words

Taking Care of Pressure Ulcers

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital King’s Lynn Foundation Trust introduced a new program year that focuses on reducing bed sores among its patients. “Ready to Roll” was introduced by nursers Jane Parker and Michelle Porter, and has since been applied to 16 wards within the hospital. 269 more words

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What is White Coat Syndrome?

“White Coat Syndrome” describes a phenomenon where a patient’s blood pressure goes up in the examination room when in the company of a doctor in a white coat. 315 more words


Birth-A Natural, Peaceful Approach

In my latest installment, I would like to do something a little different and tell everyone a story while providing a bit of insight as well. 844 more words