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Fighting Cancer

This TED talk really got me excited, particularly now that we have finished our oncology block and starting microbiology. I love these radical approaches that could potentially revolutionise our current thinking and therapeutic approaches. 12 more words


Intern Survival Guide

LifeRounds Intern Survival Guide


Sometimes intern year can hit you like a nor’easter.  We’re here to help with this FREE intern survival manual.   65 more words


Tests in clotting disorders

The following are some tests ordered when assessing/diagnosing some clotting diseases.

Platelet tests:

A normal platelet count would yield ~ 150 – 400 x 10^9 /L platelets. 296 more words


Knowing your anti-coagulants and anti-platelets

I’ve noticed as a student that lots of people get them confused. It’s simple because they both thin the blood right?

Unfortunately, it’s not appropriate to mix up the two terms. 195 more words


3 Conditions to Form Thrombus

Thrombus are the pathological formation of intravascular blood clots that are attached to the vessel wall (If it’s not attached, it could be an embolus!). This can either be in an artery or a vein, each leading to different complications. 225 more words


Head Transplant

I don’t know how I feel about this.  This is either science gone mad or huge progress in surgical advancement.  I’m not a believer in god but I can’t help but wonder if medical science has gotten so advance that we are beginning to play the role of god. 42 more words


Tests and markers in hemolysis

Direct and Indirect Coombs test:

Their use is to detect antibodies that BIND to the surface of red blood cells (RBC).

Basic principle:

     Anti-Human Globulins (AHG) are mixed with the patient’s RBCs. 347 more words