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Tips for your Perfect Job: Reflections of a Physician Leader

Recruitment season is upon us and I can’t wait. It’s my favorite time of year. The CVs pile into the database and we sift through the resume’s, searching for candidates that would make a great fit for our organization. 973 more words


Reflections of ICD-10 Change

While trying to come up with the perfect reflection today, I wanted to consider the most difficult change USA providers will need to embrace in the coming months. 449 more words

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The Skeptic Doctor: Reflections of a Physician Leader

“Patient experience. I’d like you to take over the initiative,” he said. I looked to my left and right.

Shit. He’s talking to me.

 For a moment, I had an overwhelming sense of insecurity. 1,126 more words

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Nurse Respect: Confessions of an OB/GYN Physician

Sometimes I’m not the nicest. Sometimes I don’t say “thank you” or “please”. Sometimes I seem gruff or insensitive. Sometimes my tone does not put you at ease. 232 more words

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Prayer and Medicine: Confessions of an OB/GYN Physician

The hand stretched out towards me and I looked at it solemnly.

“Will you pray with us, Doctor,” her mother asked.

I was at a loss for words or an appropriate response. 1,071 more words

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Midwife Mecca: Reflections of a Physician Leader

“I don’t know what to DO with you, so I’m just going to treat you like a resident,” I hear the OB doc say to our newly minted midwife. 746 more words

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Excellence: Reflections of a Physician Leader

What is excellence?

I guess the first question we should ask ourselves is, why excellence?

If mediocrity is the acceptable norm, why strive for excellence? 440 more words

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