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Has Your Veterinarian Been Accused of Malpractice?

State Library Ed. Note: If you cannot access this story directly from the source, state employees can access this New York Times story HERE via the State Library’s subscription to the US Newstream database. 13 more words

New York Times

Who Can Commit Pittsburgh Medical Malpractice?

he Extensive majority of doctors, nurses, surgeons, and other healthcare providers are kind-hearted medical professionals who focus on the health of their patients. When a healthcare professional has a duty to treat you with a sufficient standard of care and fails to do so, they could be held liable. 40 more words


Victim of Medical Negligence again... Pretty shocked - Thinking if there is a Pattern in being a Victim

After getting injured in a Breast Assessment Centre my periods stopped with the Shock

My life was plunged into turmoil six months ago when I was injured in a Breast Screening Assessment. 2,781 more words

Medical Negligence

Guyana: Private hospitals rake in millions for unnecessary tests

 Jan 22, 2020  News

For a number of years now, there have been rising numbers of complaints of the operations of doctors, private clinics and hospitals. 645 more words


Still sick after Breast Screening Assessment Nightmare - Now have Lumps under my armpits and sweating profusely

Another day phoning helplines for emotional support. And also being told by trauma organisations I could not access their services as I had suffered a medical injury. 810 more words

Medical Negligence

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Declares MCARE’s Seven-Year Statute of Repose Unconstitutional

Author: Amy L. Dilday

In an opinion decided late last year, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania concluded that the seven-year statute of repose in Pennsylvania’s Medical Care Availability and Reduction of Error Act (commonly referred to as the “MCARE Act”) is unconstitutional because it limits access to the courts for certain would-be medical malpractice plaintiffs.  580 more words

Medical Malpractice

Yes, I avoid all doctors

Whether they are Allopathic conventional doctors or Alternative holistic practitioners, I avoid them. They may mean well mostly, but they all have done grave harm to me in one way or another. 282 more words