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Was Your Doctor Negligent?

Medical negligence is broadly defined in Florida, and many different types of healthcare providers—including doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, administrators, and others who care for patients on a daily basis—may commit it. 937 more words

Medical Malpractice

Jonathan A. Cantor, Esq.

Title: Attorney

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Location: West Hartford, Connecticut, United States

Jonathan A. Cantor, Esq., Attorney at the Law Offices of Gerald S.

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Good Thing I'm No Doctor

I’m glad I’m not a doctor. I just know I’d do something stupid like perform an autopsy on a living person. My report would read: Cause of Death: Autopsy.


A physician shortage is a complex concept with many moving variables

Among healthcare industry professionals, a national physician shortage is frequently debated. The rising costs of education and medical malpractice premiums are frequent scapegoats. The Illinois physician community is one where young doctors are asked whether they will remain and practice or seek a in a nearby state, something easier to do with the multi-state licensure compact. 546 more words

What Constitutes Hospital Malpractice?

Hospital malpractice statistics are on the rise throughout the United States, including in Florida. The majority of hospital negligence cases involve some kind of mistreatment or serious neglect of a patient. 1,000 more words

Medical Malpractice

Healthcare update on New Medical Liability Regulations

Why do people consult doctors? They seek doctors assistance with the view of obtaining expert advice on matters that are beyond their proficiency or expertise. While doing so, they rely on these professionals to ensure that their concerns receive a high standard of efficiency. 372 more words