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Judge Bars NJ Teen from Taking Medical Marijuana in School

16-year-old A Maple Shade teen Genny Barbour has been at the center of a legal battle surrounding medical marijuana in the Garden State. She has a severe seizure disorder which her parents Roger and Laura say has been helped tremendously by cannabis therapy. 351 more words

Medical Marijuana

North Carolina Could Be the First State in the Southeast to Legalize Marijuana

House Bill 78 could bring legal medical marijuana to the state of North Carolina. This bill received its initial approval by the House of Representatives. 172 more words


CBD-Only, Won’t Help Me

When it comes to marijuana legalization in the United States of America, many individuals believe that CBD-only laws are a step in the right direction for… 578 more words


Baltimore Weighs Zoning Laws for Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana is just starting to take root in Maryland, and entrepreneurs are moving to take the initiative. The Baltimore County Council is now debating the zoning laws surrounding medical marijuana within city limits. 304 more words

Medical Marijuana

The Priest Family and Marijuana Writers

Our Loss and Our Passion

This is the start of a story about the Priest family, the owners, and founders of Marijuana Writers. I’d like to tell you about… 1,024 more words

Medical Marijuana Suppositories are Kicking Diseases Butts

Medical Marijuana science is pushing new realms and opening new doors. Recently the development of a cannabis suppository has been making news. The cannabis suppository might sound strange or even scary to some. 242 more words


Controlling and Killing Cancer with Cannabis

Groups, organizations, and government medical research companies are all saying the same thing about cannabis and cancer. Cannabis helps to destroy cancer and that… 781 more words