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Scientists in Demand as Marijuana Industry Grows Rapidly

Marijuana legalization means jobs for scientists to analyze products for purity and safety

Chemistry World

The US’s rapidly growing cannabis industry—medical and recreational—desperately needs chemists. That was the conclusion of a session at the  166 more words


5 Astounding Health Benefits of Medical Marijuana

If you want to buy medical marijuana online, you are probably familiar with the most common health benefits that are associated with it. There are less known ones as well however, some of which you may not even heard of. 315 more words


Breweries’ form of support for D.C. voting rights: A pot-flavored beer

First, a disclaimer: There is no marijuana in the beer. That’s what they said. Cannabis and hops are just a lot alike. It only smells like pot. 692 more words


Michigan Rep. Jeff Erwin (D) "The Best Way to Control Youth Access to Pot is to Legalize It"

Michigan Rep. Jeff Erwin (D) says he plans to introduce a bill that would make Michigan the fifth state to legalize recreational marijuana.

CBSDetroit - Democrat state… 244 more words


Life Insurance Actuaries Are Coming Around on Cannabis

Mother Jones – With the legalization movement racking up victory after victory, the writer, Hank George, seeks to correct a misunderstanding among his actuarial colleagues—that marijuana “conferred the same relative mortality risk as cigarette smoking.” To the contrary, he writes, “recreational marijuana users enjoy better physical fitness and get more exercise than nonusers” and “have even been shown to have higher IQs.” He concludes: “The tide is turning—life underwriters would be wise to be at the front end of this curve, and not stubbornly digging in their heels to the detriment of their products.” 48 more words


Nevada lawmaker wants medical marijuana for pets

A Nevada lawmaker proposed a bill in the state legislature on Tuesday that would grant ailing pets access to medical marijuana.

The measure, put forward by Democrat Tick Segerblom, would let owners obtain the drug for their animals if a veterinarian confirmed it ” may mitigate the symptoms or effects” of a chronic or debilitating medical condition. 128 more words