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A Buzz Over Pot

A U.N. report released this year finds that while marijuana is enjoying a high in both legal and illegal usage, cocaine is coming off the high it enjoyed in prior decades. 444 more words


Oregon Municipalities May Ban Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Should Oregon municipalities be able to outright ban medical marijuana, particularly dispensaries from inside their boarders? This is the argument that has created a firestorm in the state’s legislature. 288 more words

Medical Marijuana

Internet of Things Meets Marijuana

As Marketing Director of a tech company in an emerging market, I am often asked to comment on the role of the “Internet of Things” (#IoT for all you social maniacs) in cannabis. 502 more words


Medical Marijuana’s Journey From Nutraceutical to Pharmaceutical

The current regulatory landscape in the United States has given rise to two distinct groups of medical marijuana companies that aim to commercialize cannabis-based products. The first group is what is commonly referred to as medical marijuana companies, or nutraceutical companies that promote the medical properties of marijuana through dietary supplements. 419 more words


Top 5 Digital Health Trends in Medical Marijuana

The year 2014 went down in history as a breakthrough year for both the cannabis industry and the digital healthcare industry. According to a recent report from Startup Health, some $6.5 billion was invested in digital health in 2014, a 125% increase over the $2.9 billion invested in 2013. 586 more words


The Economics of Cannabis: Europe’s Incentives to Legalize

The recent legalization of marijuana in several regions of the United States has re-charged the debate in Europe about a potentially similar model for the European Union. 608 more words


Medical Marijuana Dispensary Tentatively Approved

Friday’s Zoning Board of Appeals hearing was an interesting lesson in Chicago politics. Despite a well-reasoned, thoughtful, thorough presentation by Bob Kingsley and his attorney, Thomas Moore, the Zoning Board of Appeals gave only tentative approval for the opening of the Green Gate Compassion Center at 6501 North Western Avenue, next door to Warren Park. 2,060 more words