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Making the oil of vitriol and why I've been using the wrong distillation equipment

Sorry for taking so long between posts; my main computer stopped working and it took a while to work out what to replace it with, which then of course meant work to get it working the way I wanted it to. 2,306 more words


The Doctors I Won’t Forget

Sarah, of Seriously, Sarah?, wrote about the doctor she won’t forget and how that one person effects how she navigates being a professional patient. Her words hit so close to home that I shared her post on my Facebook page with some of my own thoughts. 918 more words


Medieval treatments for sore joints

My latest, temporary work, apart from leaving me little time or energy to research or write, has also given me some sore finger joints.

So I thought I’d look up historical treatments for them. 311 more words

Medical Matters

Information and general thoughts on cruising

Facilities & Entertainment

The cruise company try hard to provide all kinds of entertainment and activities during our ‘at sea’ times and these vary greatly from dancing lessons, quizzes, sporty activities, arts and crafts, and bingo (oh good gracious!). 2,049 more words


Is There Any Way Out of Incurable?

My latest blog has been posted on a new website called The News Hub. The article is a response to the news that Robin Williams had Parkinson’s Disease and questions surrounding that. 116 more words


Thoughts on the low FODMAP diet

I haven’t quite abandoned the low FODMAP diet but I know it hasn’t worked for me. Briefly, for those unfamiliar with FODMAPs, they are types of carbohydrate that aren’t digested well, if at all, by the body but are feasted on by bacteria. 1,368 more words


Why do my symptoms get worse when I've got a cold?

The causes of my IBS and excessive wind remain a mystery. After almost two months on the low FODMAP diet I’ve yet to detect any pattern: the problem seems to be as unpredictable as ever. 467 more words