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Shipping and Re-Shipping

Last week, BiTech Medical was delivered a package from another company whom they had just purchased a product from. The company was so excited to get the notification that the package would be arriving soon. 253 more words


Attention To Details

A first impression is a lasting impression and yes this goes for businesses especially. It can sometimes be easy to close a deal with a business partner and then forget that the objective of closing that first deal, is to make sure there will be another one following. 188 more words


Taking Your Time Can Go A Long Way.

There is a clear difference between the packaging that took place with the same product. The photo on the left is the product arrived to us damaged might I add, and the picture on the right is how we sent it back. 6 more words


Flaws In The System

With Cybersecurity becoming a common issue across virtually all industries, the medical field is no different. Hospitals are beginning to realize how easily their medical records and equipment could be hacked. 262 more words


When Following The Leader Isn't Always A Good Thing

Stryker is a worldwide company that develops surgical technology. They are a leader in the industry and have been on the Fortune 500 list for thirteen consecutive years. 177 more words


Support Comes In Many Different Shapes

The thought of having to put any family member on a ventilator is a hard one to have. Ventilators were designed to push breathable air through the lungs of an individual who is unable to do so on their own. 137 more words


Dean Kamen Takes Boston

  • Dean Kamen(inventor of the 1st wearable insulin pump for diabetics) addresses the BIOMEDevice Conference in Boston
  • Urges medical technology companies to search for inspiration outside of the industry…
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