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Zika- another mosquito borne disease

What is the most deadly animal on the planet? No, not snakes or sharks it is the tiny mosquito. According to the World Health Organization, mosquito bites result in the deaths of more than… 578 more words

Today Is Blue Monday. Why stress and resilience are important topics at medical school interviews.

Yesterday was ‘Blue Monday’ supposedly the most depressing day in the year – originally thought to be the 3rd Monday in January. It was probably first suggested by Cliff Arnail. 703 more words

Not fair, not safe - 6 reasons junior doctors are preparing to strike by Nick Carpenter

The junior doctors’ strikes will continue. Unfortunately the government seems more entrenched and there seems to be a lot of misinformation. I heard a Conservative  representative state on the BBC today that the strike was politically motivated and completely unnecessary, that changes to juniors contracts mean that they will work less hours and earn more and patients will have better cover, better care  – a seven day NHS and will also be cost neutral! 1,243 more words

Talks break down. Junior doctor strike back on!

I received this by email an hour ago.

Dear Dr Kooner,

As you know, the BMA re-entered talks with NHS Employers and the Department of Health in December around the junior doctors’ contract dispute. 677 more words

The Interviews Have started. - Exteter, Kings, UEA

Exeter Medical School

Exeter was voted University of the Year in 2012. It is a prestigious Russell Group University.
Offers for interviews were sent out in letter form and were arriving on the weekend starting 16th November. 1,935 more words

Junior doctor strike called off for now.

The first day of the strike was due to begin yesterday which would have left many hospitals in England offering only the very limited range of services usually seen on Christmas Day. 520 more words

The interviews have started - Glasgow and Newcastle {let me know if you have been called up for other interviews}


The interview is structured and involves a selection panel (including School of Medicine staff, consultants and honorary members of the University) who complete a scoring sheet during the process. 757 more words