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Google maps in Uganda: Guide or misguide?

I’m confident when it comes to the biological sciences. I’ve made it through (almost) three years of medical school, after all.

Geography, though, is another story. 469 more words

Medical School: Year 3

Q: How do you "eat the elephant" in Uganda?

A: With another medical student.

(I’ll explain; just keep reading …)

When one of my favorite bands, A Perfect Circle, released a new album during my time in Uganda, I figured I would have to wait until I got home to hear it. 281 more words

Medical School

Among the child believers

This morning it’s raining in Naggalama, Uganda. It’s been raining a lot the last two weeks, both brief, light showers and heavy deluges. Naggalama is my home base during a month-long Ugandan stay in which I’m visiting a number of rural hospitals as part of research into palliative care. 1,148 more words

Medical School

Home again, home again, jiggity-jig

I’m home.

And it’s good to be home, although the re-entry process hasn’t been without its own challenges.

Jet lag is brutal no matter how you slice it. 442 more words

Medical School

Mpigi: My first Ugandan sunset

In Mpigi last week, I had the most incredible views at Sina Village where I was staying — from my own veranda (click here to see those photos), and also from the grounds. 126 more words

Medical School

Buena veranda vista

Yesterday I wrote about my wonderful experience staying at Sina Village in Mpigi, Uganda.

As I mentioned in that post, for an extra $10, I got a private veranda and toilet. 144 more words

Medical School

It takes a village

Last Thursday and Friday, I was Gombe Hospital to present my palliative care curriculum. There weren’t any hotels nearby. So Thursday night, I stayed at a place called Sina Village in Mpigi, 30-45 minutes from the hospital. 706 more words

Medical School