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Medicine: Keep Up!

I love how fast this field moves, and grows. It is refreshing, and it keeps me on my toes, and it demands: if you’re not ready for change, you’re not ready for MEDICINE! 302 more words

Medical School

Learning to ask for help...is hard to do

So, my school is always talking to us about ‘wellness,’ and that because of how stressful and high impact med school is, we have to try and maintain our ‘wellness.’  And I kind of thought that was a bit…maybe fatalistic, shall we say.   916 more words

Medical School

Who Gets to Be a Doctor (and what that means for medicine)

I am just about coming to the end of the murky, potholed road that is the medical school application process, and as I limp through these final few steps I think it’s appropriate to look back and think about what kind of process this is, and what it says about medicine as a profession. 1,372 more words

Social Justice



Doctors and medical students are human too, you know. In less than 2 or 3 years, will I be as disposable as this doctor apparently was?

Think about it.

Medical School

Poster design

so part of my rural placement is undertaking a community health project. Because of the large number of backpackers working on farms around where I am I chose to explore their barriers to healthcare. 104 more words


Which one got into medical school?

Which guy got into medical school? Or better yet, which guy do think should get into medical school, “Vijay” on the left or “JoJo” on the right? 87 more words