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COVID19, Cancellations and Compulsory Essay // Weeks #070, 071 and 072


On this exact date last month, I was taking my first steps into the clinical phase of my medical school journey (you can read all about it… 431 more words

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5 Tips for Applying to Medical School with Low GPA and Average MCAT

In my first post (if you didn’t read that because it’s too long no worries, I’ll summarize the important parts), I mentioned that I got into medical school with a relatively low GPA and an average MCAT score (505 on the new MCAT). 985 more words



I had always been in and around operation theaters (OT) since the beginning of medical school. I had never been afraid to be in one. I used to sneak into theaters in the midst of second or third year because there was absolutely nowhere in the world that would give me the peace and solitude that an OT did. 745 more words

i'm (not) on a BOAT

I can’t honestly say why I love sailing, or even where I first thought about learning to sail. I mean, I grew up in Southern California and we went to the beach often. 385 more words


We started medical school together, but they intercalated (took a year out for other things), meaning that we didn’t finish at the same time.

Anyway, they got their finals results yesterday, and they all passed! 69 more words

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Doctor Who?

That would be us, we’re doctors now!

A while ago, our compulsory rotation ended, and life has been nothing short of a tumult of mingled emotions. 577 more words


Reasons Why You Should Not Apply To St. Luke's College of Medicine

Choosing the right medical school is just one of the decisions you have to make as an aspiring medical doctor. Here in this post, I have listed some of the reasons why I think you should NOT apply to St. 69 more words

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