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Love at first sight

Movies, TV, and books have all tackled the magical moment that is “love at first sight”. Boy sees girl, girl sees boy and the rest is history. 199 more words


Medical Education's Role in Teaching Our Own Subjectivity

I just completed a written exam for my Physical Diagnosis class. This class, often known as “Doctoring” in many other medical schools, teaches the basic knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors of clinical assessment in medicine. 695 more words



Quillacollo, Bolivia

Meet Angelica.
She pretends to be shy.

But don’t let that look fool you.
She is the queen of cuddles, princess of silliness… 8 more words

Medical School

MD vs. DO: DO your research

“An osteopath must know the shape and positions of every bone in the body, as well as that part to which every ligament and muscle is attached.

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Pilonidal Cyst

“You saw bed 1 right? Tell me about him, briefly”

“Sure. Bobby is a 16 year old boy who is here complaining of a large pimple on his lower back. 236 more words

Medical School

My Road to Financial Literacy: Debt Management

I have had several OMG moments thus far related to my finances and they were not all “big O” moments, if you catch my drift. The first soft OMG was after I graduated from medical school and saw the $100000+ that I owed. 509 more words

Life In Medicine

A Clean Catch

Suboxone patients have their urine tested often – it is part of the deal with being in opioid addiction treatment. The urine is screened for all substances: suboxone, methadone, heroin, benzos, various opioid painkillers, amphetamines, cocaine, marijuana. 543 more words