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First real placement

So last week, I got to go to an actual hospital, and do actual medical student stuff! Unlike my previous work experiences where I’d just have to stand in the corner and listen and watch, I actually got to go off to the wards with a friend unsupervised and asked to practise taking a history and clinical examination. 198 more words

Medical School

My First Two Patients

This past week I had my first real opportunity to be part of two patients’ care. Now I was a very small part of these patients’ care, just taking vitals and histories, but it was the first time that I felt the responsibility that came with having authority and an impact on another person’s medical care since coming here. 730 more words

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Entries from real life

Oct 8,2015

Okay. So I had been pretty serious about my entries from real life. And in this while life did get to me. It’s a funny thing, what life does to you when you’re busy being serious about other stuff. 322 more words


Facing Your Big Mistake

Everything was going according to plan. I was putting the final touches on the latest revision of my clinical research paper when I caught something. It couldn’t be?! 718 more words

Medical School

A wandering heart and mind...on the first day back to class ;)

I’m a person of simple pleasures.  I like daydreaming, plans and travel, to name a few.

Whee, planning!

Admittedly, doing these three things in my first two classes of Phase 3 is probably unwise. 879 more words

Med Student

In a Tiny House of Doctors.

We shuffle around in our white coats, pointing at others’ scribbled notes and explaining our reasoning. Our fingers try to learn the unfamiliar bumps of the sternum beneath the skin. 214 more words

Medical School

Sweaters and Beet Smoothies.

My life at the moment:

Starbucks, sweaters, and blonde roasts.

Early morning gym sessions before the sun, a flurry of clothes, and marching with my bouncing, overstuffed backpack into the school of medicine. 70 more words