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Waste Disposal In Cells

Waste Disposal In Cells

I just put my garbage out, the useless stuff I didn’t need anymore. Right after that I thought, Wait.. how do cells get rid of all the things they make? 2,113 more words


Cellular Adaptation To Stress

Cellular Adaption To Stress

Cellular adaptation refer to (usually) reversible changes in size, number, phenotype or appearance, metabolic activity or functions of cells in response to adverse environmental conditions or internal bodily stresses. 2,713 more words


Typical Cervical Vertebrae and C7

Cervical Vertebrae

There are a total of 7 cervical vertebrae, and with the hyoid bone, they form the skeleton of the neck extending from the base of the skull superiorly, inferiorly till the 1st thoracic vertebra. 1,164 more words


In With the New

I first met Maggie when she was just a kid.

I can’t remember exactly how old she was, but I was working on my undergraduate degree at U of T, so this was before college, before grad school, and before medical school. 541 more words

Medical School


On the 21st of May, 4 years ago, I found out in the morning that my 7th Aunt had passed away after a long battle with cancer. 312 more words


I am lip-singing to Taylor Swift’s music videos with a moth on my shoulder which won’t go away so I’m currently pretending it’s a parrot. I believe I’m good company alone. 281 more words


The Semester is (too) Quickly Coming to an End

Can you believe that I have almost completed 1/8 of my medical degree?! I can’t! Next week is the last week of classes for the semester with a 2 week placement the following weeks where I have been placed back home. 273 more words

Medical School