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Weeks 41, 42, & 43: Medically Separated!

After a few weeks of doctor’s appointments, Peace Corps Washington has decided that “your medical condition has a high risk of being aggravated by or recurring during Peace Corps service, which would jeopardize your health”. 1,427 more words

Peace Corps

Readjustment after Medical Separation

I’ve been putting off writing this post for a while, because it’s difficult to put into words. But I guess I can give a short story and a long story. 656 more words

South Africa

Readjustment and Medical Separation

Time seems to fly while I’m at home, and I haven’t posted in a while.

The good news is: I’m finally gaining mobility and a wee bit of strength with my arm, and I’ve been fitted with leg braces, which help a lot with my walking issues. 405 more words

South Africa

a blog from July 22nd

Med-Evac, The States, and Separation

I sit here…after finishing my first full week of work…doing math to come to the conclusion that I just made a stupid amount of money for each of the 30 hours I worked this week. 1,936 more words

Adventuring forward through Windows and Doors

The cliché proverb “When one door closes, somewhere a window opens” has never felt truer than it does at this point in my life. I used to look on it as a way to comfort those who have suffered some grave misfortune, who have lost control of their circumstances and are steered in a completely new direction, who have lost some optimism and hope. 458 more words

Enough is Enough

This is definitely the hardest entry that I have attempted to write. Beginning to explain all that has happened, all that I have learned, and the reasoning behind it all, would require a psychologist, sociologist, priest, atheist, and comedian. 896 more words

International Day in the Philippines, making my debut speaking Kinaray-a Publicly

Telling My family I was medically Separated from Peace Corps:

After a night of not sleeping and staring at the clock waiting for a reasonable time to call my parents, the 6 o’clock hour of California the US finally came. 1,417 more words