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Modifying A Court Order

We are in a position where due to changes in health insurance, we have to modify an order that was entered less than a year ago. 345 more words


Multi-State Insurance for Minors?

With all the changes in health insurance lately, I know I am not the only one looking to find new coverage and having issues, even if our situation is more complicated than most.  463 more words


IBD Awareness Week

It’s Day 4 of IBD Awareness Week, and I feel somewhat guilty.   As if all that I do,  in terms of raising awareness and fundraising isn’t enough if I forget to post something smart each day!   136 more words


Delicious "Anytime" Smoothie

A while back, I mentioned getting back on my clean eating regimen.  This is one of my go to favorites for a quick, energizing, and flavorful meal replacement.   125 more words

Just Like Me IBD

I am so proud of what CCFA is doing and the AMAZING  and DEDICATED people we have on board to help!  From staffers to volunteers and sponsors, it is because of you that the organization is able to provide support to thousands of people! 101 more words


Chronicles of the Heart – The Angina Dilemma and other stuff…

Angina is often described as a severe, crushing, chest pain. And it can be, as I know all too well. It can also radiate from the chest to the shoulder, jaw, and down the left arm – useful for eliminating severe heartburn which can be just as painful, but doesn’t radiate. 647 more words

A Chronicle Of Life With Heart Failure

Nutrition When Flared

This is tough to write and keep short, so bare with me.

We have all gone through a flare of symptoms so severe that you do NOT want to eat.   911 more words