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Chapter 4

Social media is a funny thing. Before I died, I must have posted so much for people to guess. I posted being unwell, I posted being depressed, I posted about betrayal, I posted about going away and giving messages via songs to my son and my husband. 536 more words


Chapter 3: One year before

I’m sitting. In a wheelchair. The rheumatologist is consulting with the cardiologist and pulmonologist. My husband is texting someone. The nurse is preparing the steroid injections to be jabbed into my joints. 681 more words


Chapter 2: HIM

We weren’t always like this. There was a time, just a few months ago, when her laughter used to fill up the room, making even those who didn’t know her, smile indulgently at her. 684 more words


Now online: Your daily medical thriller!

I work so seriously and hard all day, and my day begins and ends with healing chronically ill people or those who are battling lifestyle health issues. 198 more words


Chapter 1

As I’m falling down the hotel building, my thoughts seem to be in slow motion. I know I don’t have to jump and die. I could have been sitting in the comfort of my five star hotel room in this hypocritical city, filing my brittle nails, awaiting the convulsions. 485 more words


An interview with author Brian Kirk

 A few years back, I had the pleasure of meeting Brian Kirk during pitches at World Horror. I was helping out a small press at the time. 1,169 more words


Doc Hunt: A Review of Chris Stookey's "Where Death is a Hunter"

In keeping with my predilection of reading books of varying styles and genres, I welcomed Chris Stookey’s medical thriller “Where Death Is a Hunter” with open eyes. 473 more words

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