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Fair Compensation

This blog is about fair compensation for medical transcriptionists.  The point of this blog is to take the first step of connecting MTs who feel that they are being paid unfairly – create an anonymous list – and then do something about it. 443 more words


Important facts about medical transcription outsourcing

The method of  medical transcription outsourcing is something which is carried out by several health care facilities. The reason behind this is that several health care facilities believe that it ends up saving about 60 % of their expenses which otherwise they would have had to incur on onsite transcriptionists. 359 more words

Medical Transcription

Facts about Online medical transcription services

Medical translation facilities are truly critical for each therapeutic or health care office. These administrations fundamentally manage record techniques and along with that additionally transmogrify voice spread noise as depicted by doctors, specialists or other health care personages. 397 more words

Medical Transcription

Medical Transcription - A Dying Profession - Rather Sad...

It has been a while since I have posted on this blog. I know I am rather hit and miss when it comes to keeping up with this blog, but here lately I have had a lot more off days than on, which makes it very hard to get focused to get anything done. 1,340 more words

The concept of medical records transcription:

Medical record transcription also referred to as MT is mainly an allied health professional. They mainly deal with the procedures of transcription, or for that matter transforming voice-broadcasting reports as depicted by physicians or health care individuals in text formats. 404 more words

Medical Transcription

Medical Transcription Providers And Their Online Medical Transcription Services

Medical transcription means conversion of a doctor’s observations and notings to a written or electronic format. The details obviously pertain to patients under the doctor’s care. 507 more words

Medical Transcription

What One Needs To Know About Medical Transcription Companies?

With the advent of many medical transcription companies the scenario of health care documentation has witnessed a major change in the recent times. This article is to educate the readers how these companies function in the health care industry. 428 more words

Medical Transcription