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Privacy in Health Care

Some things to consider for the budding medical transcriptionist

It was nearly two months ago when I heard it on the news, so close to home, so very disappointing. 1,573 more words

Medical Transcription

Be up to date with Transcription services

Maintaining the records of the company is difficult. But with the effective assistance offered by companies like Scribe4You, it is not a difficult task. They have the expert professionals who can handle the work with ease who can offer the best assistance to the clients. 62 more words


How Medical Billing Services Improve Practice Revenues

Medical practitioners and health care service providers rely as well as depend upon professional medical billing and coding services. The reason behind this dependence is the improved revenues generated with the help of experts. 285 more words

Medical Transcription

Benefits of Outsourcing Health Claim Services to India

Medical Transcription is the process of transcription where the reports or diagnoses dictated by physicians or other healthcare professionals are converted to a text format. As an allied health profession, medical transcription has gained much importance in the recent years. 276 more words

Medical Billing Services

Software Plans For Medical Billing Companies

If you work in medical billing and coding, you will need to have some kind of software to help your company to get well established.  464 more words

Medical Transcription

10 Medical Documentation Errors That You Aren't Noticing!

The quantity of wrong restorative records and lethal passings because of documentation mistakes are on the ascent. The tricky quiet executioner; off base medical documentation, is the third real explanation behind patient passings, positioning after coronary illness and disease. 508 more words

Medical Transcription

Spare Your Medical Practice From Documentation Costs!

Better clinical documentation has dependably been a testing issue for medical practices. With CMS activities underscoring on better clinical documentation, doctors are being supported against the divider to go along or pay overwhelming fines. 208 more words

Medical Transcription