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New house, new car, rugby, netball & more!

Wowzaaa after a stupidly hectic couple of months I finally have time to sit down write a new blog post! I haven’t been away on any fun weekend trips, and haven’t done much exploring so no exciting adventure stories to tell, but we have moved house and bought a new car! 608 more words


Things That Aren't

Finn’s so smart. I know, I know…your kid is smart too. But Finn is really smart. ;) His brain is most impressive because we were told in the NICU that he may not ever be able to communicate with us. 390 more words


I am still behind on my A to Z Challenge.  It is a challenge getting these up on time.  Well, here it is, ‘M’.  Today the discussion is about Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus, usually referred to as ( 582 more words


When conviction and desire override evidence: Beriberi in the Japanese Navy of the 19th century

I was just reading (or, more accurately, re-reading) a passage in Timothy Wilson’s Strangers to Ourselves, that gives some insight into the Japanese military bureaucracy’s resistance to accepting a proven solution to a serious problem. 1,815 more words

Daily Life

Why are vitamin extracts added to processed food? Because they add sugar extracts

The minimum way that food companies can make healthy and addictive food is to add vitamins to it. They will spike the food with as much as they get away with to make it addictive, then go further with adding vitamins to give us the illusion of it being healthy. 341 more words

Update: Still recovering, but making changes

Still not cleared to start working out — and until I kick the surgery-related infection, I won’t be. Most likely more than another week (I have nine days left on my medication), so really, I’m looking at starting the physical part of my journey at the beginning of May. 653 more words


The Garden City, Kansas School District, CPS, and Police Department are More Stupid Than a Box of Hair

I guess all violent and property crimes have been solved In Garden City.  Taxpayers there can rejoice.

This boy was defending his mother’s use of a drug that helps her deal with an awful condition. 

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Good Grief