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Fart proof pyjamas

The company’s motto is “fart with confidence”.

First came underwear that claimed to eliminate flatulence, now a Loughborough-based store has released pyjamas it says will hold in natural smells. 101 more words


A Notable Safety Concern with Magnetic Resonance Imaging

A visiting professor with the University Hospital Zurich, Dr. Val Runge has pioneered diagnostic MRI techniques and served as editor-in-chief of Investigative Radiology for more than two decades. 130 more words

Val Runge

Info To Understand On Plastic Surgery Anchorage

A lot of people take great pride in how they look. They strive to look as good as possible because they recognize how physical appearance can impact first impressions. 513 more words

Anchorage Plastic Surgeons

Ugly Man "Wings" Wants Surgery To Look Like Kevin Hart @therealwings

Wings, of the comedy duo Mike & Wings if tired of his face and wants your help. Not sure if he is serious, but he says he cries himself to sleep at night knowing that he makes . 40 more words


A novel manganese-porphyrin superoxide dismutase-mimetic widens the therapeutic margin in a pre-clinical head and neck cancer model

We demonstrate that a novel Mn-porphyrin oxidative stress modifier, MnBuOE, widens the therapeutic margin in a pre-clinical head and neck cancer model. MnBuOE sensitizes tumors to fractionated radiation, with a dose modifying factor of 1.3, while significantly reducing mucositis, xerostomia and salivary gland fibrosis. 19 more words

Michael Chin Worcester