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Turning Point

My understanding of the events that shook my world last night is that they began before Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.   Although I am not certain of this, it seems that an investigation into Abide Home Health began prior to the storms but the evidence was washed out to sea.   1,186 more words

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Your tax dollars at work

This is what happens when you have a weak claim sysyem and weak utilization control. Isn’t it incredible that this could go on for years undetected. 60 more words


Insulating your healthcare practice from fraud takedowns

Takedowns are a practice used by federal prosecutors to send a deterrent message to certain industries where the incidence of fraud and criminal activity may be widespread. 623 more words

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In case you didn't understand the first time: Social Security is not an “entitlement” program

Marti Oakley

Reposted from 2011….and here we are again with another administration that will refuse to deal with the real issues with medicare and social security….the absolute fraud that is perpetrated by the medical, pharmaceuticals and elder services industries costing medicare 20-60 billion annually.

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Medicare fraud bust in Illinois leads to 6 and ½ year sentence

The biggest problem facing Medicare fraud might be the arrogance of people who get away with bad acts for too long. Meanwhile, with the cooperation of law enforcement agencies using technology and skill, fraud schemes are frequently shut down and bad actors are prosecuted. 641 more words

Healthcare The The Law

Seven Years to Prepare and the GOP Still Has No Obamacare Replacement

The chickens have come home to roost for the Obamacare-hating Republicans.  Since 2010 they have run on repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA). They voted scores of times to do so always comfortable in the knowledge that Obama himself would veto any such bill and they would not have to come up with a replacement. 838 more words


Victims Seek Payments As ‘Dr. Death’ Declares Innocence

Victims Seek Payments As ‘Dr. Death’ Declares Innocence

Victims of “Dr. Death” had until this week to submit receipts for unnecessary chemotherapy, medical bills for liver damage and funeral expenses for their loved ones. 249 more words