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GE Retirees health insurance

GE is one of the companies that are working hard to reduce the amount it must spend on retiree health care. As people live longer, the cost of lifetime health care coverage for retired employees becomes a larger part of a company’s bottom line. 575 more words

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Bank Robberies, home invasions, and a crappy hospital - OH MY! WAKE UP CRUCIANS! WAKE UP!

In the last couple of months, St. Croix has experienced a rash bank robberies, car jackings, armed robberies, home invasions, burglary, etc…  On top of this, the only hospital on the island (Governor Juan F Luis Hospital( is in danger of decertification, meaning it doesn’t even meet the most minimum of standards.   563 more words

Medicare: A Major Expense in Retirement

In educating myself and keeping up to date with what’s going on with Medicare and Medicaid and how it relates to retirees and their financial futures, I came across an interesting article.  1,590 more words

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Accessibility and Health Insurers: What Section 508 and ADA Legislation Mean For Health, Medicaid and Medicare Insurance Organizations

First published on G3ict.org. 

More than ever, health insurance organizations – including Medicare and Medicaid programs – are tackling the issue of online accessibility, including accessible online PDFs. 706 more words

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