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Your Disability Case is Just a Money Grab Bag for some Disability Firms! SSD in a Nutshell Series Blog #5

Most people seeking help with filing a disability claim turn to the internet for information.  A quick Google search will offer up loads of links for “Disability Advocates” that will provide a “Free” review of a person’s case to see winning benefits is possible. 1,187 more words

Basics Of Social Security Disability

Retirement statistics

  • 65 – The age at which the average American expects to retire, up from 63 in 2002.
  • 26 – Percentage of baby boomers who expect to retire at age 70 or later.
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Financial Planning

Having Appropriate Treatment for Your Medical Conditions is Crucial for Your Case! SSD in a Nutshell Series Blog 4

Seems like an obvious statement, right?  Well surprisingly there are many Social Security Disability claimants who are not receiving sufficient treatment for their conditions.  Not only does a person benefit by having sufficient health treatment for his medical conditions but his disability case will also benefit. 730 more words

Basics Of Social Security Disability

Social Security Disability in a Nutshell Series Blog 1

What is Social Security Disability? I can tell you that it is not a welfare program  and is certainly NOT handed out to just anyone.  If this were true I would be driving a Rolls and not a Jeep Patriot. 1,307 more words

Basics Of Social Security Disability

"How A President Negotiates With Congress": Cross-Party Negotiations In Congress Are More About Leverage

The Democratic presidential primary has sparked a discussion on the left about the value of bold proposals vs incrementalism. In arguing for the latter, Scott Lemieux… 774 more words