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Americans Are in for a Rough Ride for a Long Time To Come

With the House and Senate boasting of their only legislative achievement in Donald Trump’s first year — tax reform — and Trump’s expected signature, it looks like for the majority of Americans their financial future, and their ability to acquire adequate health care, is going to be a rough ride for a long time to come. 14 more words


Politico -- Behind Trump’s Plan to Target the Federal Safety Net

Under the banner of welfare reform, the administration is eyeing changes to health care, food stamps, housing and veterans programs.

Politico — Behind Trump’s Plan to Target the Federal Safety Net


Reuters -- U.S. tax revamp still incomplete as Republicans eye social program cuts

Donald Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan have indicated they will be considering cuts next year in entitlement programs in order to tackle the problem of federal spending. 14 more words


Perspectives: CNBC -- Here's the real impact of Bernie Sanders’ unlikely 'Medicare for all' plan (VIDEO)

Bernie Sanders introduced the ‘Medicare for All’ act, meant to phase in a single-payer health plan. Of course, it has no chance of passage – at least not yet. 42 more words


Perspectives: Think Progress -- Trump seeks to strip protections for nursing home patients

The Trump administration will stop at nothing to protect the powerful at the expense of the poor and vulnerable. Now, they want to scrap a rule that would allow nursing home patients to take facilities to court for abuse. 14 more words