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SB233, 0bamacare benefits -- NO

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by peter5427

SB233 is a deeply flawed bill because it commits serious legal and ethical errors.

1. SB233 contains unfunded mandates.

This is nonsense. 655 more words

SB325, children of illegals on Medicaid -- no


by truejoy927

I oppose SB325 which allows children of illegal aliens access to Medicaid.  Nevada’s Medicaid program is underfunded.  Further burdening Nevada taxpayers by adding illegal aliens to Medicaid is wrong.  74 more words


AB249 -- NO


by mybridgy

AB249 would force taxpayers to pay for abortions through Medicaid which violates my religious rights.

by simi4relo

NO on AB249, which calls for tax-funded contraceptives and abortions through Medicaid. 249 more words

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SB233 -- NO


by peter5427

This bill is a 52 page monster. It practically rewrites the State’s Medicaid and insurance laws – again. On THAT basis alone the only proper vote on it is NO. 617 more words

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