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My Mindfulness journey

Part one: Body Scan nightmare

I’m pretty new to the idea of mindfulness. Until the last few months, my only experience was when I was in an acute day treatment unit, and we were forced to take part in what I now know as a body scan. 1,203 more words


Anatomy of a Relapse

It began about a month ago, the last time I saw my psychiatrist at the end of September.  We decided at that time to make a change to my medication ( 894 more words

Personal Essay

Giving Myself Permission to Not to Write

Since I started transitioning medications about two weeks ago, I haven’t felt like writing.  I’ve made a couple small posts, but I haven’t written at the frequency and in the quantity that I was previously.  192 more words

Personal Essay

Medication Change, Day 14: Being Gentle with Myself

The past couple days have been rough.  A piercing migraine came to visit on Thursday and overstayed its welcome. I was trapped in bed Thursday through Sunday afternoon, unable to handle even the basic family chores, much less attend events.  443 more words

Personal Essay

Medication Change, Day 7

My doctor left me a message this morning.  I’ll be starting on Depakote tonight, on top of my seroquel.  We decided on Depakote because it is commonly used as a migraine preventative, and migraines are already a problem for me.  327 more words

Personal Essay

Summer Inertia?

Am I caught in a web

like a fly in a drainpipe?

Or is it summer inertia,

The lazy, hazy daze?

Could it be

I have lost it totally… 80 more words


It's Official...

Mom took grandma to see a geriatrician and it was determined that she is entering the final stage (7) of the disease… duh, I could have told them that!  442 more words