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an ode to my meds

As I mentioned in my last post (one of those months) it’s been a rough few months. I’ve come very close to hurting myself and I’ve been irritable to the point of being overly curt with my friends. 775 more words

Day To Day

Sweet-Talking the Cat

Saturday, June 23, 2018 at 12:31 PM

I talk to my animals all the time. While I’m sure they’re not understanding the details, I believe they understand, through my voice tone and inflection, the message that I am trying to impart. 1,165 more words

The Hidden Side of Mental Illness: Physiological Symptoms

So this is the second instalment in my series of posts headed ‘The Hidden Side of Mental Illness’. Where the previous post was about sensory difficulties, this one covers the physiological side of what are otherwise considered psychological/mental/emotional illnesses. 907 more words

Health & Fitness

Lithium Shakes

Shortly after I began taking lithium, I noticed that my hands started shaking, not a lot — you’d have to look at my hand up close or something in order to see it. 188 more words

How tight are your lips?

No. I am not questioning your integrity or how well you can keep a secret, I am asking a question with far more importance!

Inhaler technique.  353 more words


Doing what you have to do.

I’m not a breakfast person. Coffee and maybe a yogurt every now and I am ok. I discovered that to reduce the side effect of some meds I have to eat three healthy meals, get enough sleep and exercise. 254 more words