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Why I don’t think you’re strong if you went off medication and you’re not weak because you stayed on medication - Day 2

I have been told by many a friend and family member that they are so proud of me for going off my medication. They are so impressed by how strong I am. 116 more words


So, let’s get Deep.

I suffer from chronic depression and anxiety. It’s a fun time, let me tell you. Nothing I love more than hating myself and wanting to die, only being so afraid of death that I get panic attacks at the thought of my own demise. 1,210 more words



“Vitamins”- skinny pills or most commonly known as dietary supplements. I take about 5 different pills, 4 are dietary supplements 1 is my sleeping medication hydroxyzine . 22 more words


Straight-Up Good

Reason #1383509 why Xyrem is worth all the hassle: 

Pre-Xyrem, I was taking 150mg of Nuvigil (armodofinil) and 40-60mg of Adderall a day, plus coffee, and I was still a zombie, sleeping all the time and low, low functioning. 160 more words



So, a couple of months ago I quit on my medication. I was on the highest dose and quit cold turkey.. The effects of me doing that was vile and I don’t recommend it, at all! 54 more words


Doctor of Causes (D.C.) vs (M.D.) Medical Dispenser

Doctor of Causes…. Is this what DC or Doctor of Chiropractic really means?

One of the great blessings of being a chiropractor is that I do not have the ability to prescribe heavy-duty medications nor do I have the ability to perform surgeries.  1,255 more words

Chiropractic Care

Wean me off gently.

Aspie issue 101 – medication!

I’ve decided that I can’t cope with the constant hot flushes/sweating, weight gain & leg pain so I’ve decided that I need to come off my 2nd medication Mirtazapine. 122 more words