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Bad day

Today has not been a good day, wether I was tired, time of year or forgetting to take my medication or all those factors combined I have felt awful. 536 more words

Mental Health

Your thoughts and feelings are just a side effect

Feeling suicidal is just a side effect of the pills.

Is it? Is it? Is it, though?

Yes. I think you should stop taking them before you end up in the hospital.


Anxiety, Depression + CI

      Anxiety, Depression and Chemical Imbalance are all different to one another  


I have had anxiety all of my life.  From as far back as I can remember, I was afraid of everything.  1,302 more words

My happy pills

These are my ‘happy pills’ as they are so widely know, after being off of them for around two years I am back on them. I have tried my hardest to stay off of them which has led to admissions into hospitals, police being called on me, family members not talking to me and threats and actions of sections. 259 more words


Narcotic Non-Bliss

I went to the dentist yesterday and he prescribed me Vicodin. I am unable to pick them up till Friday so instead I took one of the Oxycontin I got when I was pregnant two years ago. 401 more words


Finding the Right One

The day before I started my medication, I met my fiancé.

It was my 21st birthday and I was at a bar with some friends and since we had known each other from previous classes, I invited him to come along. 445 more words

Bipolar Depression

I didn’t always know that what I had was mental illness. I kept fighting with myself because I didn’t know why I wanted to think one way and my brain would think another. 975 more words