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Importance of sleep for mental well-being 

It’s funny how we take a good night’s sleep for granted. Following a long day with many obstacles to navigate, climbing into bed, closing your eyes and switching your mind off is a welcome relief. 1,074 more words

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Over-the-Counter Sleep Aids Aren't Harmless

Americans love over-the-counter (OTC) sleep aids. In 2015 we spent $427 million on products like ZzzQuil, Unisom, and Sominex.

These drugs are advertised “for relief of occasional sleeplessness.” Yet many Americans—particularly older adults—use OTC sleep aids several nights a week and may want to consider scaling back because of the side effects. 702 more words


Tests and meds

So! This morning I had to go for blood tests and an ECG. So uncomfortable getting your kit off for some old lady to put jelly stickers and wires on your chest. 408 more words


"my lungs will fill and then deflate..."

i’ve been in a dark place for awhile now and i’m trying to climb out of it. i really am. well truth be told some days i don’t try as hard as others. 664 more words

Time Away

I’ve been absent from this blog for a while now because I’ve had to spend a week back on the psych ward. My anxiety had been getting bad over the previous weeks and the days leading up to me going into hospital it had become almost constant and I wasn’t dealing with it very well. 335 more words


Sweet Dreams - Vacations, Dinner, and Shopping

Because I am posted in a country where I might contract malaria, I have been given an antimalarial medication called, “Mefloquine”. One of the side effects of this medication is lucid dreaming. 328 more words

Peace Corps

Emotional Upheaval

Feels like it all happened in slow motion. He was in the kitchen asking me a question about the day ahead. He says it was a simple question. 755 more words

Bipolar Disorder