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Medication Today: Taking Account

So I took my medicine like a good girl this morning.

I have not been terribly productive.

I did have some distractions. Also got thrown a curveball. 74 more words


No holes in the walls...

J went back for a follow-up visit with the psych on Friday.  This was the new psych.  His previous doctor (who had been treating him for nearly six years) has shifted his practice to serve an underserved population in a remote part of the state, and we were reassigned to a psych who has a specialized practice more geared towards J’s needs. 1,115 more words

Autism, Parent Commentary

Massive Update of Updates

Sorry it’s been a while, folks.  Chalk it up to holidays, job being busy, me being tired, and also probably my general laziness.

My morning sickness went away long enough for me to have that awful cold.   953 more words

Baby Making

It's happened

It has finally happened.

The referral, that we’ve all been waiting for, to a psychiatrist.

I guess it proves that perseverance really does pay off; I was told that my moods seem to be more even and not as erratic, but I know myself and I know that I’m not right. 419 more words


Catch 22

In December 2015 my referral to what is known as the Community Rehabilitation Team was finalised, I had been through an assessment and was accepted. At that point in time being referred into this team was an alternative to inpatient treatment and was my lifeline to the real world. 461 more words

Mental Health

Less mad more fit please

This journal is also about health and fitness – not just depression.

When 2017 rolled around, I decided to try everything I could to get better, because I know my declining physical health has affected my mental health. 211 more words

Controlling birth control-Cerelle Vs Anxiety.

Birth control is a must for every couple, or singleton, out there wanting to protect themselves from the risk of having a mini-me running around. 363 more words