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The 'M' Word

After 12 years of struggling I’ve decided that I can’t fight this fight alone.

Consecutive years in a row where my anxiety would fill my lungs with sand, silencing my voice… 231 more words


medications, prescription and natural

My younger son is going to start taking anti-anxiety medications in addition to his ADHD medications. I knew this was coming but I am still somehow not prepared. 212 more words


October 19, 2017

Living with bipolar requires patience and a lot of acceptance.

I hate antipsychotic and mood stabilizing medication. I hate the empty, zombie-like feeling. I hate the way it hurts my head. 447 more words


Stress is so inevitable

I am really trying to have better stress management. But in the mist of being diagnosed, and starting a business, I cannot avoid the emotional stress that comes with both. 469 more words

Mental Health or Mental Illness??? What's The Difference?

picture credit: CMHA Ontario

There is a big difference between Mental Health and Mental Illness, and most do not know the difference.

Mental Illness: 294 more words

Medication issue

Has anyone taken Haldol and gone restless leg syndrome when you took it, we seem to be having pains in her legs after taking it, I’ve talked to Doctor Barry and the last time I talk to her about it she said it was because I took my antihistamine along with it and they interacted with each other. 53 more words


ADHD OF THE MIND- I write this for me but also for you out there who can relate and not feel so alone

I never realised how much my mental health Illnesses effected me

As a child I was afraid of everything, I couldn’t sleep and I had nightmares. 1,084 more words