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Being a Caregiver for a Partner with Parkinson’s (part 4)

Contributed by William Hicks

The following discussion may help to ease some of the challenges of PD care-giving:

  • Monitor care receiver tasks. Be cognizant of those duties the care receiver performs and watch for signs of inadequacy.
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What a fucking shit week.

Why do I get the feeling that someone is trying to fuck with me?

I wonder if shutting down the chat was the best thing to do. 440 more words


Elemental, my dear Louise

I had put off contacting my IBD nurse for weeks and weeks. Things were steadily going down hill, pretty much since the beginning of May. 751 more words


You seem ok why take the tablets?

Well my daily routine is done and dusted, pills taken and ready for the day, if only.

Many people I have met believe that if your on antidepressants your fit to function as they do or believe you should, well that’s not the case. 166 more words


I Don't Need My Meds.......

My bipolar daughter has always been a model for the bipolar teenager.  Though she can be very difficult to parent, she has always willingly taken her medication except when she would forget.   663 more words

2-weeks medication-free

62 days post-surgery…

Two weeks (prescription) medication-free…

Just a quick note to check-in on my two-week anniversary of being off prescription pain medication.

Last week… 164 more words


I'm Angry - And I'll Tell You Why

After reading Marisa’s post on Mad Girl’s Lament, and relating to it so intensely, I made my own list of things that make me mad/angry when it comes to my mental health. 1,551 more words