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A Dull Discomfort

Last year I found out I had high blood pressure.  Typically people don’t get symptoms from this, which is why having it checked regularly is important, but I did.   337 more words

The Medicinal Power of Nature

We all need a little more humor in our lives and we benefit even more when it comes wrapped in a sophisticated new form of packaging: wisdom and common sense. 9 more words

Social Commentary

This Is a Very Strange Cure for Cyanide Poisoning

Cyanide poisoning is not a nice way to go. Essentially it’s open-air suffocation. Cyanide ions in the body interact with an enzyme called cytochrome oxidase. This enzyme works with hemoglobin in the blood.

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Tips And Tricks

238/365 - Upping my prescription

In my experience, a day that starts with a doctors visit is rarely great. But the outcome of my trip on Friday set me up for a cracking last day at work before the Bank Holiday weekend. 164 more words


100 Days on Prozac

I have been taking fluoxetine for my panic disorder every morning, for 100 days. And man, has it helped me. 100 days ago I was terrified of the adverse effects or potential uselessness. 285 more words


Way deeper than I meant to go

It’s 6:30 pm.  My pdoc, Dr. M, told me to take my Seroquel at 6:00pm every night. That would theoretically give it enough time to kick in so I can sleep.   1,230 more words