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CompĂ©titeur, prĂȘt!

We have now lived through pretty much a whole week of having to medicate Louis Catorze three times a day. (Well, when I say “We”, I actually mean just me; somehow Cat Daddy has declared himself exempt from the task, just by being catastrophically bad at it.) 188 more words

Day Four - The Bathroom Floor

Last night my mother approached me and asked how many of my pills for pain I was taking per day. I told her that it varies, but that on my bad days I end up taking the maximum that I am allowed per day. 513 more words

Chronic Illness

Epilepsy Group Called..

So yesterday I had the pleasure of speaking with the top authorities on epilepsy and seizure disorders in my state. Unfortunately I dropped a call at work while I was on the phone with them, so my boss took it and that was not considerate of me. 282 more words

How Long Should You Take a Statin Drug?

Statins Should be Used for a Limited Time

Statins have become an overwhelmingly popular medication for treating high cholesterol, and for good reason. They do a great job of lowering LDL cholesterol in your blood, which is the bad form that can contribute to heart disease. 550 more words



After a long time on a plateau with my medications, I am making some tweeks to it because of some side effects that are effecting me physically. 238 more words

Drug Seekers?

This is copied from my personal blog, but I feel like it applies here because it happens a lot in our world.

Well, it finally happened. 497 more words

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