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My Medication Story

You may be wondering why you would care to learn about my medication story. And I have one answer for you: it is a damn good story. 659 more words


Medication Change

Sorry about the long time between my last post and this one , I was having some real problems with my last medication and so in November went to my doctors and he put in an urgent referral to our local Adult ADHD service (It is in Norfolk luckily as I Know they are quite rare) I got my appointment letter soon after and in February I had my first appointment explained my issues and filled out a questionnaire on how I felt and how my ADHD affected my life and was suggested a new medication to try so we tried it out and it worked really well for me (Although I had lost quite a bit of weight , but we put this down to me having a dip in my appetite and so we aimed to eat more from now on) so we went up to the next level up and it worked even better for me and I made sure that I was eating lunch and dinner as I have never been a breakfast person. 110 more words


Doctor and the medication

In the voice of Roy Castle and the theme tune to Record Breakers, ‘Medication, Medication, that’s what you need!’ Went to my GP yesterday and had a good conversation with him. 416 more words

Mental Health


cracks vein the water’s surface
as winter’s binds dissolve

the recluse,
released from suspension

towards the spokes
of a mid-morning sun

of false security… 26 more words



Here is a picture of Dan and I’s happy holidays faces.

Finally home after our short holiday down south to see Daniels family. It was such a nice few days away, to be honest it didn’t last long enough, I wanted more time away to relax and sort out my head a bit. 299 more words

The Questions

How long does this process take?

When will I be all better?

Will I ever be okay again?

What could I have done differently?

Am I still me? 195 more words


One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975)

Norms are social constructs which have been defined over quite a long period of time which shape a society’s view on how one ought to behave. 612 more words