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Database of Side Effects Caused by Combining Prescription Drugs

I was going through my RSS feeds and I found a reference to a database that catalogs incidents of adverse reactions caused by combinations of drugs. 95 more words

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Struggling to hope

Oh, this is hard. I’ve always been a pretty hopeful person, stubborn in pushing forward, fighting for a life worth having.

But this has been my most difficult episode to get through. 100 more words


Poisoning among older people with dementia

The November International Psychogeriatrics Article of the Month is entitled “Dementia and intentional and unintentional poisoning in older people: a 10 year review of hospitalization records in New South Wales, Australia…

539 more words
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This Day

(WARNING: topic of suicide)

She takes each pill with careful grace,
A strange smile plastered on her face,
She swallows them one by one,
Until they all are completely gone. 143 more words


You Help Me See

I do not lie down on your couch,
Yet in your chair I do not slouch,
I sit straight and look you in the eye, 107 more words


early wednesday

It is a little early today.  I’m glad I woke up at a good time to get started on things.  I’m already stressed out.  I’m not sure why this happens sometimes, but I have a lot on my mind, things I have to take care of or things I have to do a better job of, and they stress me out. 674 more words

Addicted to Sleeping Pills?

I cannot remember the last time I found it easy to fall asleep at night.

Most nights I lie awake for hours at a time, my body exhausted but my mind resolutely refusing to shut down and rest. 1,257 more words

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