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A glioblastoma is type of cancerous brain tumour.

Despite securing a medical school place the I do still want to continue volunteering at my local hospice which I have been doing for over 2 years now. 527 more words



Hello to anyone still there. I know I’ve been pretty AWOL on this blog recently and the main reasons are the exams, followed by a holiday to Turkey and then the anxiety leading up to results day. 339 more words


The Senior Citizens' Guide to maintaining Good Health - Part I

My homeland, the Republic of India, turned 70 today. If you too have already, or are about to in a few years, or care for someone who is, this is article is just for you! 931 more words


A Tale of Two Diseases

According to the graphic above, the diseases phenylketonuria (PKU) and scurvy (vitamin C deficiency) couldn’t be more different.  One, PKU, has a “highly genetic” etiology, whereas the other, scurvy, has an entirely behavioral/environmental cause.  2,419 more words


New developments in cancer nanomedicine & sense of déjà vu from Swarna bhasma, a medieval Ayurvedic medicine.

A recent research study published in the journal Nanoscale has highlighted how nanoparticles, particles having size in the range of 1 to 100 nanometres (for reference, your average paper sheet is 75,000 nanometres thick) coated with cancer meds can prove a potent drug delivery vehicle for selectively killing only the cancerous cells and sparing normal cells in the body. 1,494 more words


Math drives Biology

Does it ring a bell to biologists that viruses are mathematically structured objects ? such as the deadly SARS virus with a beautiful icosahedral symmetry. 59 more words

God's Work

The light from my heart guides my hands on their way

I wake up every morning so thankful for the day

Because each step I take is blessed from above… 179 more words