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no flight, don’t fight. just relax, and it’s over

don’t feel it, don’t hear it. he’s not even sober

go limp, go loose, let your mind disappear… 159 more words


What Exactly Are Generic Drugs, their Pros and Cons: A Short Primer

With the PM’s recent hinting about making generic drugs prescription compulsory for all doctors in near future, I thought of doing a small primer for our Indian readers today, to shed some light on what exactly generic drugs are, and what are the pros / cons of using them. 595 more words


My fundraising challenge - The Ullswater Way 'Hike for Hospices'.

On the 22nd and 23rd of May 2017, I am undertaking what is a significant challenge – for me anyway. I will be attempting to walk the 20 mile ‘ 1,024 more words


Improving Influenza Vaccine Efficacy Sans Adjuvants

By: Richard Liang 18’

Vaccination is one of the best methods to guard against influenza, as it allows human dendritic cells (DCs) to promote long-term adaptive immunity. 376 more words


Using SIRT1 Activators to Treat Tuberculosis

By: Richard Liang 18’

Tuberculosis (TB) is a highly infectious disease that can remain dormant for many years. Currently, treatment options are limited by Mycobacterium tuberculosis… 317 more words


Peptide Microarrays Can Identify Tuberculosis Antibody Responses

By Caleb Sooknanan ’20

Tuberculosis (TB) is the world’s most prominent cause of death by infection. Scientists have become increasingly interested in the humoral immune responses associated with TB, but it is difficult to find the antigenic targets that correspond to specific stages of TB infection and disease. 317 more words