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Interesting two days

So, yesterday I had an acute care placement where I shadowed an anaesthetist for a few hours. I got to watch some surgeries and put some patient under sedation. 53 more words


Sometimes you need a night off

Tomorrow it will be three weeks until final exams. While my entire class is under the impression I am a mastermind who is on top of everything, I am actually quite scared. 130 more words


Memory and the Stages of a Women's Menstrual Cycle

by Rideeta Raquib

Previous psychological studies have suggested that women have a good memory, but a new study implies that this may be due to the impact of hormones. 345 more words


Why medicine is good training for writing fiction

What a conspicuous omission by not mentioning Percy in this article. Here is an extract from my forthcoming paper.

With Percy’s medical training echoing in the deep background, he took the view that the novelist is a diagnostician, “a literary clinician” so to speak, identifying “the particular lesion of the age.” Percy extends the analogy by going on to say that “the artist’s work in such times is surely not that of the pathologist whose subject matter is a corpse and whose question is not ‘What is wrong?’ but ‘What did the patient die of?’” (Percy 1991, 206). 197 more words

Philosophical Literature

Stem Cells Successfully Generate a Fully Functional Liver

by Rideeta Raquib

Approximately 30 million people are affected by liver disease globally, and the quest to find donors for liver transplants is difficult. There is a lack of functional livers available compared to the liver disease patient population. 331 more words


Visualizing Microbial Evolution on Antibiotic Landscape

By Jalwa Afroz

Bacteria survive by evolving and reproducing in order to overcome environmental challenges. However, there is very little information available on how bacteria physically move in order to attain an environment that is suitable for their needs. 345 more words


Momnesia and an announcement

I would like to think of an explanation, and momnesia is the best I can come up with. Although I am long past the first year mark, so I don’t know how much longer I can keep blaming mommy brain for my forgetfulness. 243 more words