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Crystal Medicine

“Sweetheart, I want you to be happy.”

“This is hardly the way to go about it.”

Dan lay on the bed, his mouth pried open, while Jenna straddled his chest holding crystal over his forehead. 234 more words

Short Story

Volunteering at the Solvay Hospice Center in Duluth Minnesota: 02/27/15

I had a fun day volunteering at the Solvay Hospice House. It was pretty slow when I first got there at 6:30pm. I just socialized with the nurses and hung out. 333 more words


Jimmy Kimmel gets the remarkably-uncoveted “Media Gets It Right” award for his take on vaccination.


First human head transplant could happen in two years

IT’S heady stuff. The world’s first attempt to transplant a human head will be launched this year at a surgical conference in the US. The move is a call to arms to get interested parties together to work towards the surgery. 1,439 more words



Heart rate: 0.

Blood pressure: 0.


One, one thousand one. One thousand two. One thousand three. Fast and deep.

It is one of those moments in our lives as doctors when we are caught in that exact point in between life and death. 594 more words

Getting ready for my first research conference - ENDO 2015

This year has brought a lot of positive changes and opportunities into my life, including the chance to spend a few days in sunny San Diego, California, attending my first research conference, ENDO 2015. 133 more words


Routine in the unknown

It’s been almost a month of introducing myself as the doctor-on-call. A month of struggling to recall facts and place them in a meaningful place in my head. 331 more words