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Plyometric training for children

Resistance training in youths (defined as prepubescent children) is a classic debate. The development of strength for all ages falls in two stages:

1) Neuromuscular adaptations- This is responsible for strength gains visible in the first 4 weeks of training. 756 more words


Squat Series: Medicine Ball Squats


At this point you feel comfortable doing a body weight squat (aka air squat) and able to do 3 sets of 15 reps without much fatigue or muscle tightness. 301 more words


Review: Leather Medicine Balls

After some comparison shopping, I decided on a brand and type of leather medicine ball for all-around training purposes. I have not been paid for this short review. 321 more words


Functional Fitness - Workout #1

1. Warm-Up (2 – 3 minutes)

Things you could do for a warm-up: jog, use a jump rope, do some lunges or many other exercises in order to warm/heat/stimulate your muscles. 448 more words


Monday (Travel Day) Workout

Like I said last week, I added “Travel Day” in parentheses to my Monday workout since it is a quick weight workout that can be done on the road or when you are pressed for time.   903 more words

My Circuit of Circuits

Sounds like a circus! Today’s blog is going to be one of my favorite at-home circuit workouts using 4 pieces of equipment (yes, I get bored easily…) This workout can be done using one circuit alone repeating 3-5 times, 2 circuits, or all 4. 218 more words