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Blue Balls

The workout you do alone

I travel a lot for work and sometimes I can’t get to a gym. Since I drive out of town, I am not as limited with the equipment I can bring as someone who flies. 59 more words



We know we all want a flat belly…No pain, No gain! Therefore, here are some core exercises to help you get that ab you’ve always desired. 614 more words


Cross Fit - it's a load of balls ( no, literally!) 

No really, it is….hard weighty ones, large, slightly flaccid ones, huge brightly coloured comedy ones, ones with handles to get a good grip, totally deflated ones like bean bags. 872 more words

Ladies Of A Certain Age

5 Ways to Get Toned With a Medicine Ball

Bored of those dumbbells? Try swapping out your free weights for a medicine ball instead. Medicine ball training is one of the oldest and most effective forms of strength conditioning ever since the Greeks discovered the physical fitness benefits of exercising with weighted balls. 589 more words

Get Movin' Monday: Progressive Workouts

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Getting in shape doesn’t mean dumping all your money on a gym membership and equipment.

Ire Collins from 9-Round joins us to show WCCO This Morning some simple, and effective, workouts using just two items – a medicine ball and a jump rope. 57 more words



1. There are three planes of motion, with most of our weight training exercises we only train one. However, we move in three in everyday life and in sport. 248 more words


The Motivation of Results, no matter how small

So, I’ve been doing a core workout before my aerobics at the gym for the last couple of months. But really it’s only been a couple of times a week that I manage it because the mats are usually taken when I get there and I can’t do the routine without a nice thick mat. 188 more words