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Ok so I’ve touched on this subject a little before, and I’m still obsessed with it. Just a quick background the idea behind it, bootcamp is basically small group training that incorporates a variety of workouts, kettle bell, tabata, running, free weights, medicine ball, circuit training, TRX, basically whatever the trainer sees fit. 163 more words

June 2nd, 2015- Leading My First Circuit

Today I designed and led my first circuit with our evening large group of adult women. I took them through their dynamic warm-up, then came up exercises to target full body, lower body, upper body, and core. 257 more words

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How To Build Wrist & Hand Strength For Setters

Along with getting reps and reps of sets in the gym, it is also extremely important for setters to build stronger wrist and hand strength on a daily basis. 140 more words


Blue Balls

The workout you do alone

I travel a lot for work and sometimes I can’t get to a gym. Since I drive out of town, I am not as limited with the equipment I can bring as someone who flies. 59 more words



We know we all want a flat belly…No pain, No gain! Therefore, here are some core exercises to help you get that ab you’ve always desired. 614 more words


Cross Fit - it's a load of balls ( no, literally!) 

No really, it is….hard weighty ones, large, slightly flaccid ones, huge brightly coloured comedy ones, ones with handles to get a good grip, totally deflated ones like bean bags. 872 more words

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