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4 Move Medicine Ball Workout!!!💪🏾💜👌🏽

✨Medicine ball Workout:
You only need one medicine ball to get a great workout that combines both strength and cardio. If you’re short on time, try this five move medicine ball circuit training workout to get your heart rate up, work most of your major muscles and have some fun while doing it! 277 more words

Exercise of the month: overhead tricep extension.

Yes this months exercise is another tricep one! There are just so many exercises I love doing that isolate the triceps so why not share them with you? 118 more words


Goodness gracious great balls of FRIDAY!

It’s Friday which means it’s officially time to have boo coo’s of fun! Friday almost never stinks!

I double dog dare you to read this post without cracking a smile. 436 more words

Bringing Sweaty Back