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Rubber Ball

Most days of the week around 1:30 PM, you will find me at the gym.

For starters, I walk on a treadmill for one hour. I can usually reach three miles at a 4 degree tilt. 309 more words

Staying healthy & fit on a budget

As the winter semester of school finally comes to a close, I can’t help but feel as though the strain of money or lack there of has crept into my mind. 437 more words

If You Were Stuck in a Room with Just a Dynamax Ball.... What Would You Do?

Here’s my answer:

5 rounds with as little rest as possible:

20 Ball Slams|20 Walking Lunges|10 Weighted Crunches|20 Mountain Climbers|20 Twists|10 Hip Lifts each side

Give it a shot!!


Wednesday Workout- Partner Edit

It’s Wednesday workout day! Today’s theme was a partner workout- which I will share below. Normally we bang out our workouts first thing in the AM but today’s circumstances had me push it back.. 113 more words


#WorkoutWednesday MORE for Your Core 20 Minute Wind Sucking Routine!

Crunch, crunch, crunch…*bangs head against wall*…

Note: if this has been your method of core work lately you are going about this all wrong and more than likely not seeing results. 535 more words


Motivation Monday!

I’m pretty sure Monday’s suck for everyone but let’s make today count!