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Happy Fun Ball: legal in sixteen states

This morning’s Fit to Run class met at the outdoor basketball court of a nearby middle school. Humidity was eleventy-billion percent with no discernible breeze. It was so humid, our mats quickly became covered in dew. 233 more words


All ABs!

Workout for 4-26-2015
T-Shirt: Coors Light
Music: Kid Rock

We did several body weight workouts in a row.
Then jumped on the weights.
Today it’s back to mainly body weight again along with some medicine balls and wheels. 153 more words


Balls to the Walls!


Yep. Let’s talk balls!
Now stay with me, we are talking about balls to use in our fitness routines.

All kinds of balls. Large, small, hard, soft, weighted, and inflated. 271 more words



The cut in the
vinyl was running and
bleeding out, until he stopped
it and there was a barrage
of softly coloured notes,
cut from paper that fell… 29 more words

Sekolah Victory Plus to trial the use of balance balls (or Yoga balls) in the classroom

We have recently been researching a number of articles that discuss the use of Yoga balls in the classroom to replace chairs. Ms. Bardwell’s class at Forest City Elementary School sit on Yoga Balls during lessons and she reports that she is noticing a difference in the students behaviour and concentration. 306 more words

Sekolah Victory Plus

Nothing But Abs!

Workout for 12-27-2014
T-Shirt: Merry Christmas and A Happy New Beer!
Music: Funk Stuff

Nothing but abs today.

Why? Well…that’s what I wanted to do today. 165 more words


Even More Squats and Push Ups!!

Workout for 11-24-2014
Music: NIN, Heart
T-Shirt: Of Course I’m Right I’m Bill

And this is the current last of the Squats and Pushups Circuit. 125 more words