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Circuit Training Revisited

Workout for 7-13-2015.
Music: Rob Zombie
T-Shirt: Dear Burpees…


More Circuit Training!

First and Second: Circuit Training

Did the circuit twice to get both arms in on the DB Rows… 151 more words


Chest Pass


If the weight of the rebounder is too heavy to adjust the height on your own then seek assistance from a member of staff of a training buddy. 78 more words


September 2, 2015 - My Newfound Secret Little Weapons

I think if there’s one thing that truly amazes me sometimes since my new life begin, it’s the absolute and all-consuming feeling of weakness that plagues me during all four stages of a migraine.   1,070 more words


Back to the gym (take 2)

I really tried to make the gym I joined in  April work.  But it just never  right and I never developed a steady routine.  It was always difficult getting to it after work and it was always a problem getting stuck in rush hour work traffic if I went in the morning. 569 more words


Cross-Training and Medicine Balls • W1/D3

Some days of training are more exciting than others. As much as I enjoy running, I really get my kicks from cross-training. Today is that day! 673 more words

Detroit Half Marathon

Happy Fun Ball: legal in sixteen states

This morning’s Fit to Run class met at the outdoor basketball court of a nearby middle school. Humidity was eleventy-billion percent with no discernible breeze. It was so humid, our mats quickly became covered in dew. 233 more words


All ABs!

Workout for 4-26-2015
T-Shirt: Coors Light
Music: Kid Rock

We did several body weight workouts in a row.
Then jumped on the weights.
Today it’s back to mainly body weight again along with some medicine balls and wheels. 153 more words