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The Mourning of Autumn

The Mourning of Autumn

Each morning when I rise it is normally just around sunrise.  I go upstairs, feed our fur-babies, make the coffee then head out to my deck into what has become an oasis of a backyard. 689 more words

MEDICINE WHEEL: The “Maharishi Effect” And The Science of Spontaneous Healing

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– In 1978, what is known as the “Maharishi Effect” took place when a group of 7000 individuals over the course of 3 weeks were meditating in hopes of positively effecting the surrounding city. 531 more words

SOURCE ENERGY: Vibrational Healing & Earth Medicines


I was invited to create a stand at the Groeneweide Nursery as part of the Funky Fynbos Festival.  After many hours of deliberation and research, I came across the medicine wheel, part of the Native American culture. 378 more words


BRAVE NEW WORLD: World’s First Head Transplant Scheduled for 2017

Source – naturalsociety.com

– The world’s first head transplant is schedule to take place in December 2017. The procedure is expected to take 36 hours and will require that the head of the patient, Valery Spiridonov be cooled, as well as the donor’s body, to extend the period in which cells can survive without oxygen. 654 more words


MEDICINE WHEEL: Research Shows Meditation Restructures Your Brain in Less Than 8 Weeks

Source – sciencedirect.com

– Researcher and neuroscientist at Harvard, Sara Lazar, have found that your brain structure changes noticeably after less than 8 weeks of meditation. 198 more words

SACRED GEOMETRY: Unlocking The Powers Of The Multi-Verse

Circle of Life

The entire Creation still follows Instructions of Life. The Tree, the fruits,
they never fail. They never make a mistake to bring their fruits in their season. 39 more words


MEDICINE WHEEL: 10 Things That Happen To Your Body If You Have Sex Daily

Source – healthy-holistic-living.com

– (Editors Note: …Be advised, you may want to stock-up on old Barry White & Sinatra albums….or better still, Turkish love songs, before trying this) 677 more words

Medicine Wheel