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HIGH SOCIETY: A Cannabis Marketing Company is Bringing Pot Parties to the Elderly

Source – qz.com

“…The weed needs of the elderly are unique, Tice said. “There are some old rockers at a senior center in Mill Valley who like to get high and buy pre-rolled joints. 641 more words

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MEDICINE WHEEL: Marijuana Treats True Addiction From Pharmaceuticals, Depression and Social Anxiety

Source – preventdisease.com

“… Cannabis has no known lethal dose…Thousands of people who use opioids for pain control die from overdose each year–and the number is increasing. 1,257 more words

BIG PHARMA: The Drugging Of America

Residential School Simulation Pt. 1

Today, an elder presented our class with a demonstration, a simulation, of how the Residential School Program tore Aboriginal families apart. Needless to say, the air was heavy. 289 more words


MEDICINE WHEEL: Curing Cancer Naturally, Four Inspiring Stories of Healing Disease with Diet - By Carolanne Wright

Source – thrive-living.net

“…Though each method may differ in approach, all tend to have one element in common, namely, a nutrient dense, cleansing diet. For some, raw juices are the key. 640 more words

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Seven Fires Prophecy - Part 1

Long ago, when the Anishinabe were living peacefully along the northeastern shore of North America, seven prophets came among the people and gave predictions about the future. 2,370 more words


And so...

We get the government we deserve…

It is decades of greed, arrogance, fear mongering, laziness, stubbornness, bigotry, Jingoism,unbridled Nationalism, and our refusal to play a larger role in our own governance that have led us to this place. 223 more words

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MEDICINE WHEEL: Foods & Supplements For Chemtrail Protection - By Lance Schuttler

Source – themindunleashed.com

“….The shadow government wants to block out the Sun’s rays as much as possible. The first is that they know sunlight is actually healthy for a person and the second is so that our DNA does not continue to receive upgrades from the light that comes forth from the Sun. 1,103 more words

GEO-ENGINEERING: Chemtrails, H.A.R.R.P & Weather Warfare