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We bowed down on our hands and knees, placing our hands on the rocks marking the inner circle of the medicine wheel. As we closed our eyes, breathing in the sage wafting through the circle, the following words were spoken by the elder leading the ceremony: 558 more words


The New Moon and What it Means to Me

In listening to the weekly Illuminations message via www.healthmasteryinstitute.com, this week I was excited to know that all the things I have been learning and changing to transform me has now reached a point where I can reap the benefits. 829 more words

Could this also be called a Crop Circle? Medicine Wheel No-dig Garden

Try this out in your own garden. You don’t need masses of space and you’d be amazed at how much one could plant in a circle like this. 53 more words


How Does Your Wellness Wheel Roll, Beautiful?

How’s your beautiful life today?  What does your Wellness Wheel look like?  What’s that, you don’t have one?  Let’s do one up for you now. 938 more words


Lions and Buffalos

mankind, I shall see you again
standing at the entrance to the
Rainbow Bridge
waiting for direction
feet traversing stepping stones
on a new horizon… 57 more words

Falling Word Fragments

Solo, like Han without Chewbacca

I arrived at my hostel in Cancun mid-afternoon. The trip from the airport to el centro was wildly complicated, yet I felt more confident than ever as my Spanish appeared shiny and well-lubricated (being the opposite of rusty), i was not the only one leaving a veritable monsoon of sweat everywhere I went, and I didn’t get lost even once! 1,000 more words


The Four Directions

I first met Nadine Skye at Zia Traders Flea Market, just outside Santa Fe. She was selling handmade jewelry and stuffed plushy goddesses off of an old folding card table. 1,073 more words