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Morning review and JOHESU Strike

The morning review

A place where all doctors in the department meet, even medical students, to discuss about patients that were seen over the call hours…. 363 more words


Tactical Situation Dysmorphia

Several high profile incidents and official studies (Eranin Daily News 3301-05-28, Schuller, Burbank and Washton 3301) into an apparent upswing in combat related injury and deaths have highlighted the need for a comprehensive analysis into the effects of situational awareness in starship pilots. 404 more words


Do we need to be educated on the true cost of the NHS?

Our healthcare- something that we do far better than America. But as the NHS slowly diminishes have we only got ourselves to blame?

Some days we find ourselves struggling at work or hung-over and are thankful that we can pop into our nearest supermarket to pick up a packet of paracetamol for only 14p all is resolved. 234 more words


Ranger SF aka "Crockett's Haze" (12)

SR-Flower: Ranger SF aka “Crockett’s Haze”

I smoked this one awhile ago, again while doing yard work. It made short work of a long Saturday. 101 more words

High In Phoenix

For Those With Diverticulitis

A Possible Diet Plan … A Possible Diet Plan Those with Diverticulitis typically develop pain when the pouches in your large intestine become swollen. Nutritional changes can help the colon recover, but Diverticulosis is a problem by which little protruding pockets known as diverticula form

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Keep Fighting

Sometimes the poverty can be overwhelming, and you truly do not know what to do. There really is nothing one person can do to change a community. 390 more words


Eighteenth Century Update!

Edward Jenner was a very clever man. He was quick to realise that if he wanted to win over those who were skeptical about vaccination, he would have to stop using syringes the size of an average person’s head. 56 more words

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