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Nimesulide efficacy

The abilities of NSAID’s drug nimesulide to inhibit COX-2 preferentially and to exert other novel anti-inflammatory actions are consistent with good efficacy and safety with highly effective in reducing pain, inflammation and also helps in better penetration of the antibiotics. 94 more words

Nimesulide Gel

Nimesulide dosage to reduce pain

The maximum duration recommended to be used is 15 days and dose required for the treatment 100 mg twice a day, to minimize the risk of hepatotoxicity. 138 more words


Nimesulide synthesis

Nimesulide is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) with analgesic and antipyretic properties which, preferentially inhibits the enzyme cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) and has better gastro-intestinal tolerability among other NSAIDs in its class. 117 more words


Celyad advances first NKG2D CAR T-Cell Phase I study

Celyad, a specialist in the discovery and development of engineered cell therapies, with clinical programs in cardiovascular disease and immuno-oncology, has announced the infusion of the first patient of the second cohort of its Phase I clinical trial evaluating its NKG2D CAR T-Cell therapy in acute myeloid leukemia (AML) and multiple myeloma (MM) indications. 245 more words


Frances Neovacs engaging in immuno-oncology

Neovacs, a France-based specialist in active immunotherapies for the treatment of autoimmune diseases, has decided to engage in the field of immuno-oncology after a recommendations by its Scientific Adivsory Board, which met on November 17, 2015 in New York. 83 more words


Nimesulide dosage

The most prescribed Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory pain killer drug- Nimesulide is available with the dosage of 100mg

Nimesulide is indicated for the treatment of acute pain, Painful osteoarthritis (Swelling in the joints) and primary dysmenorrhoea. 110 more words

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Nimesulide for the treatment of degenerative joint disease

The most prescribed NSAID drug Nimesulide is used for the treatment of Painful degenerative arthritis (Swelling within the joints).

Nimesulide is also gives the best treatment in acute pain and Primary dysmennorhea. 128 more words

Nimesulide Gel