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Day Twenty-five Across the Channel: Eponyms

26th August 2015

French medicine uses a lot more eponyms than English medicine. Or maybe it’s the same and I’m being biased by having to spend more time researching all these names I don’t recognise. 269 more words


The Sanders Effect

The race for the presidency has been something out of daytime television. Candidates run the gamut from honest to absurd, all vying to sit behind the most coveted desk, in the most famous office in the country. 290 more words


Do antipsychotic medications affect cortical thinning?

People diagnosed with schizophrenia critically rely upon treatment with antipsychotic medications to manage their symptoms and help them function at home and in the workplace. But despite their benefits, antipsychotic medications might also have some negative effects on brain structure or function when taken for long periods of time. 470 more words



Just as I am drifting
off into sleep
I hear the voices
of the doctor’s,
and others
who insist
I take a pill
for this, 35 more words


Don't Be a "Heart"breaker.

If we just take a moment, and put that weight off our chests..
Only a moment, and appreciate the knowledge we’re gasping without worrying about evaluations and grades. 153 more words


Google Planning to Provide a Lot More Health Content

Google is planning to provide a lot more health content in its search results. “Google announced they are more than doubling their health conditions database, so that when you search for health or medical topics in Google, you are more likely to find factual medical data on that condition. 24 more words