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Worldwide Statistics for Research and Development 🤓🤔🔬

🌍 UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS), has a website which provides an in-depth information on how much countries worldwide spend on Research and D… 141 more words


The Traveller's​ Scurge: Traveller's Diarrhea

In this post I want to expand on what I wrote in prior blog concerning being prepared for an upcoming adventure. While Traveller’s Diarrhea was mentioned there briefly, there is so much more that the truly prepared adventurer needs to know. 983 more words


The Most Popular ADHD Medications Broken Down

What’s the difference between Adderall and Concerta? Ritalin and Vyvanse? Strattera and Intuniv? All of these ADHD medications can be used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children and adults, but they vary widely in dosage, method of delivery, and duration of effects. 1,132 more words

Mental Health

More parents give dietary supplements to kids. But experts warn about their potential danger.

Amy Martin’s 3-year-old twins were sick yet again, and the Anacortes, Washington, mom was fed up. “We were just getting cold after cold,” she says. 1,413 more words


Afraid? Ok. Do it afraid.

Jessie Williams


Mother detects hypoglycaemia!

My mind is driven by science over spirituality in many ways and customary rationality isn’t something I live by. I give rest to my stomach once in a while considering the benefits of intermittent fasting that have been acknowledged by scientists all over the world. 237 more words


5 tips for when a needed medical specialist does not live in your area

I’ve long admired parents who put their child’s health first and would travel miles upon miles to get the healthcare that their child needed. As a medical coder living in a large metro area for many years, our city saw a fair amount of people from all over the country, coming in hope of improving their child’s health or quality of life. 1,251 more words