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History taking (video recording)

Hahaha. I saved this post as a draft 80 days ago and right now, I’ve no idea on what to write as I can’t remember 95% of what happened. 681 more words

5 Year Journey

Wearable sleeve could improve stroke rehab

Engadget highlights an innovation that aims to improve recovery from a stroke, being developed by researchers in the UK: a “wireless sleeve that gathers information of how a patient’s muscles react during home therapy.” … 61 more words


The Weapon

This is a poem about humanity and its ingenuity. From stone wielding apes to knee hammer wielding apes, we have come a long way. I wish to highlight the similarity between the hand motion of an ape killing his prey with a stone weapon and a doctor testing reflexes as part of neurological examination on a patient. 369 more words


I’ve thought about using this venue as a sort of medicine for a bit now, taking the plunge. I need a space where I can sort out the things I feel but can’t say because of nicety. 74 more words


British researcher approved to edit human embryos

Kathy Niakan, a researcher at the Francis Crick Institute in London has received permission to use Crispr, a powerful gene editing tool, to edit human embryos. 280 more words


Partners in Health Engage at Berkeley

On today’s episode we’re talking with Diane Hu and Justine Po from the Berkeley chapter of Partners in Health. PIH Engage at Berkeley is a grassroots organization dedicated to improving the health of people around the world through education, fundraising, and advocacy. 74 more words

Uc Berkeley

If we want medicine to be evidence-based, what should we think when the evidence doesn’t agree?

To understand if a new treatment for an illness is really better than older treatments, doctors and researchers look to the best available evidence. Health professionals want a “last word” in evidence to settle questions about what the best modes of treatment are. 1,047 more words

One Health