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I am begging for forgiveness

As I lie here

My head pounding

Gut churning

I take my meds

Lie as still as possible

Wishing I could levitate… 47 more words


Do babies born with dwarfism need to stay in hospital longer?

Do babies born with dwarfism need to stay in hospital longer?

Yes. The length of stay in the NICU depends on the complications that can go along with dwarfism. 667 more words


There are two kinds of people in this world.

Back when I was a thirty-something and still possessed that singular wisdom and moral authority that goes hand in hand with one’s ability to naturally manufacture collagen, I would often denounced the use of cosmetic surgery by women to simulate perpetual youth. 730 more words


TV Shows That Never Were: Err (Better Than ER & More Accessible)

Do you remember ER? It starred George Clooney. There were other actors in it, but who cares!? ER had George Clooney. The show was all about super smart doctors doing doctor stuff (CLEAR!!!!), such as hacking up people on surgery tables (CLEAR!!!), trying not to puke at the sight of cysts (WE NEED 77 CCS OF ADRENALINE, STAT!!!), and working 37 hour shifts a day (CLEAR!!). 608 more words


What the heck is an Internist anyways?

In short, I take care of adults who do not need surgery (though if you should need surgery, I have several on speed dial and can get you in quickly). 814 more words


What Relieves Bloating?

What relieves bloating? –¬†Exercise

If you are feeling discomfort already and want to know what relieves bloating, what can you do? There are various things you can try. 508 more words

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