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7-seconds of science humor

It is proven that cells communicate.  If only we could read their lip-ids.

(Lipid can be part of a basic cell structure.)

poor georgie’s  almanack:  March 22, 2019


Royal College of Physicians adopts neutral position on assisted suicide despite widespread opposition among members


The Royal College of Physicians has abandoned its historic opposition to assisted suicide despite over half of its members saying they would refuse to participate in the practice if it was made legal. 211 more words

Europe And Australia

A Tribute to Dr. Asif Farooqui


Last year, We ended our rotation at the Family Medicine Health Center in the most tragic way.

For the brief time that I knew Dr. 320 more words


Of drought, starvation and diseases of the marginalized.

Hello fam! It’s been a minute (or 21 days to be specific) since my last post but pardon me for I have been so busy with my clinical rotation and preparing for my end of rotation exam which I did today. 954 more words

The 5G

Auto driving, telemedicine, cloud gaming, more and more artificial intelligence and remote-controlled robots: the amazing promises of 5G.

Imagine playing Fortnite Battle Royale wearing a… 818 more words


News: Cocolitzli – Scientists solve the mystery of a plague that nearly wiped out the Aztecs

A deadly medieval epidemic wiped out 80% of the population of
New Spain (modern-day Mexico and northern Guatemala). After 500 years of debate
scientists have finally discovered what the disease really was. 624 more words


God’s Miraculous Creation: The Peach Leaf Is Cure Medicine

As the saying goes, “Peach is more beneficial to man than apricot.” None of us are strangers to peaches. Not only are they juicy, but they are pleasing, and in the hot summer, if we eat a crisp and juicy peach, we will instantly feel much cooler. 1,171 more words

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