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How Do You Improve Medical Literacy?

When my grandfather was diagnosed with the prostate cancer which would ultimately claim his life, he decided to fight.  He’d beat cancer before, and he’d simply do it again.   1,435 more words


Peru. No sé al cierto donde ~ July, 2008

Are you feeling good after the weekend? To guarantee you´re starting your week well, we can recommend some stuff! Today’s picture was taken somewhere between Lima and the north of Peru, during a backpack trip in 2008. 192 more words

South America


Each gram contains :
Desonide……………..0.5 mg
Neomycin sulphate……..5 mg

Apolar-N is the drug of choice for the treatment of allergic and inflammatory skin disease and pruritus when complicated by infection. 288 more words


Friends facing challenges

Since returning from the Netherlands, I’ve been spending time with two friends who are experiencing significant physical challenges.

Suzanne, who at one time was a student of mine and who has since become a colleague in the writing world–and who, God bless her, jumped onboard to help transport The Alabama Project photos to Philly and back last month–suffered a brain aneurysm a little more than a week ago. 183 more words


Modern Medicine

We need to heal, and I’m not referring to physiological illnesses such as colds and diabetes (though those are manifestations of our energetic illnesses). Many of us have lost our life force, our excitement, our joy, because of the hardships of our world. 569 more words

Alternative Medicine


Whenever pharmaceuticals become a topic in a conversation I’m in, there’s always an awkward moment where I have to explain my family’s herbal remedies. See, my family is full of homeopaths, which basically means that my mom is obsessed with eastern medicine and I’ve had acupuncture and believe it or not, some needles that people with medical licenses stick into you actually work! 37 more words


Non-Infectious Outbreaks: Bizarre Epidemics of Stuff That Shouldn't Be Contagious

An outbreak is usually caused by something infectious; some germ that likes to spread itself around. But sometimes things that shouldn’t be contagious spread themselves around. 394 more words