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Dear Doctor.


I write this piece, I must take the opportunity to state that I am not against
doctors or medicine in any way. My General Physician in Mumbai is very good and… 1,342 more words


When Your Death is Not Your Own

Code /ˈkōd/ (noun): (1) a system for representing information with signs or symbols that are not ordinary language, or the signs or symbols themselves; (2) rules for the way people should behave, or a set of written rules or laws that tell people what to do; (3) medical slang short for “code blue” referring to a patient in cardiopulmonary arrest requiring an immediate attempt at resuscitation…

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Counting Blessings, Pondering Life

Hanging out in candle and fire light while my elderberry syrup simmers. The soft glow of this type of light soothes my senses. The crackle of the fire 🔥 is like music to my ears. 254 more words


Comprehending ADHD in Children

· ADHD kids are extremely sensitive to the emotions around them. Typically they pick up emotional hints from their moms and dads without recognizing. Many moms and dads get home frustrated or irritated from work, the child with ADHD senses this up and begins to ’cause trouble’ by becoming uneasy. 258 more words

Don't Believe in Guilty Pleasures (Playlist #02)

Happy Tuesday you lovely lot! Okay, it’s not quite Friday, but we’re getting there. In the mean time, let’s have a little midweek singalong to keep us going. 21 more words