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New: Ultra-Pristine Fish Oil

I Know This Sounds Crazy…

This sounds crazy, but 1 out of 5 fish are “misrepresented” in the marketplace. So it is impossible to know what you are really getting! 98 more words




(1980’s | doctorese? therapese? | “be your own doctor”)

From new expression to casus belli. Armies of people self-medicate (actually, we all do at least some of the time), and such practices are generally discouraged, particularly in the case of mental or emotional distress. 536 more words


Here it is

I am currently in a second degree nursing program in my Med Surg semester. It’s been a huge wake up call to say the least.  I figured I would give this a go, and see if I could be of help to anyone who needs it! 9 more words

Sorry not Sorry.

I am soooo sorry that I caused an inconvenience to your day. I am soooo sorry that your trip to Walmart took longer as expected because of me. 309 more words

Round 'em Up

When the military trains its fighting men and women, I’ve heard it is impressed on them they need to take care of the person to their left and their right. 1,070 more words

ADS: Electrolytes

My top 4 (or more) take-home messages:

  • Potassium: Transcellular shift is an important cause of potassium imbalance. Alkalosis, insulin, beta-agonists, levothyroxine, caffeine/theophylline can all shift potassium intracellularly (hypokalemia); Hemolysis, insulin deficiency, hyperglycemia, hypernatremia, and acidosis can all shift potassium extracellularly (hyperkalemia).
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