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How to Write a Good CV for Professional School or Residency

Everyone hates writing their Curriculum Vitae but who can blame us? It’s difficult to talk about yourself, especially when your whole life you’ve been told to embrace humility- a characteristic particularly sought after in the healthcare professions. 501 more words


The American Healthcare System

This piece is to cover what healthcare is and the columnist’s opinions on the current American healthcare system. The columnist is a current student in High School and lives in the U.S. 3,568 more words


My life in beds

Eighteen seems to be a significant number for everyone. Whether it be because you become a ‘legal eagle’ at the age of eighteen, or perhaps some like to spend their days playing eighteen holes on a golf course . 2,856 more words


The Effects of COVID-19 Reveal a Much Longer-Lasting Pandemic: Racism

On the 25th May 2020, George Floyd’s death sparked a resurgence in the Black Lives Matter revolt against racism and police brutality, shining a damning light on systemic complacency in the fight against racial inequality. 1,024 more words


Bipolar Disorder: Medication Alone Is Not Enough

I have an appointment with my psychiatrist soon. I think I haven’t seen him for a year now, which is really reckless on my side. Now it is an emergency. 499 more words

Bipolar Disorder

I don't wanna think about babies

I have been thinking of something. It has been haunting my mind for quite a while. Cute little eyes looking at you and chit-chat that doesn’t make any sense. 131 more words