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Anxiety, Stress And The Highly Sensitive Person - Too Much Of Something Always Becomes A Bad Thing That Damages One In The End

I am one of those people that worries all the time. If there is an issue at work or at home that is of concern, I will up at 2.00 am in the morning wondering how best to solve it and worrying about it until I am sure it is solved. 2,945 more words


Antidepressants Are Placebos with Side Effects, Says Meta-Analysis Covering 29 Years

Pharmaceutical companies have made a fortune selling snake oil to tens of millions of people, including children.

The low-serotonin theory of depression is pseudoscience. There’s no evidence to support it, and what evidence there is contradicts it. 186 more words


Chronicles of a Student-Doctor #4


Welcome to the Accident and Emergency Department, also called the Casualty unit.

It’s a good place to observe all kinds of drama. 898 more words


Revision week - Exam

With revision week coming to an end, I would like to quote this saying by Dr Ivan Damjanov which I found in his Pathology Secrets… 92 more words


Motivation and Medicine 

Why medicine? Why do you want to be a doctor? What motivated you to want to be a doctor? This question has many avatars. I get asked this question by friends and relatives a lot and my answer can vary day-to-day depending on my recent experiences of studying medicine or even my mood. 1,599 more words



Hey ya’ll…I finally met Mr. Nutritionist…in the most unlikely way possible.

I’m on call for my service this weekend and back up call for trauma, so obviously my social life is on a stalemate.   317 more words


Topics in Mobile Redirect Issues Part 1: Definition & Problem

Glenn E. Fleming, MD, MPH, Contributor, MarketHive
(Reposted from Patrick Sexton, https://varvy.com)

A redirect is a method of forwarding a user from one web address to another web address. 15 more words