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A healthy lifestyle (or lack thereof) in medical school!

Ahhhh…. medicine. A magical place that turns 24 hours into 1-3 hours of usable time. Studying is the name of the game, but sadly I’ve seen too many neglect their mental/physical health. 592 more words


Antibiotic Alternatives Rev Up Bacterial Arms Race - Scientific American

Finding good bacteria to combat bad bacteria may be lots smarter then antibiotics.……does this reminds you of probiotiçs? You can teach science new tricks!


We really are doomed, but I can fix the problem.

I’ve been away a while. Life takes over. It happens. But I’m back and I’m about to start a rant….

I’ve been listening to many talking heads talking about healthcare, healthcare failure, healthcare reform, obama-care, affordable care act, patient accessibility, and although admittedly a big fan of his, I think Howard Stern has this one right. 1,121 more words

Emergency Medicine

The Old Ringtone

Anyone who’s a doctor would know the dread of the ringtone.Sometimes you just need that one ringtone to differentiate the hospital from everyone else. And, in my case, a different vibration pattern too. 270 more words


The Latest Update on Florida's Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana has been one of the most contentious topics in the news these past couple of years.

State legislators can pass laws regarding “legalizing” this plant… 415 more words


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Medical Marijuana- finally legalized in Florida after tons of red tape (Republican red). But when will it be available? And for whom? One may never know. More on this by Sunshinebright!

From SUNY Buffalo: "Engineers turn E. coli into tiny factories for producing new forms of popular antibiotic"

SUNY Buffalo

May 29, 2015
Charlotte Hsu

White filter disks holding antibiotics sit on petri dishes housing erythromycin-resistant Bacillus subtilis. The filter disks circled in red hold new forms of erythromycin created by University at Buffalo researchers, and the dark halo around them indicates that the drug has seeped out of the disk to kill the surrounding bacteria. 751 more words

Applied Research & Technology

Next Session Of The Ladder June 13th: Ears, Sound, Balance!

At prior sessions of the Ladder (like this one and this one too) we’ve learned a number of things about ears and medical practice that focuses on the ears. 215 more words

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