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Exact Moment a Tau Protein Starts to Become Toxic

Alzheimer’s Disease is characterized by Amyloid plaques and tangles, which are basically a bunch of proteins that are folded into a shape allowing multiple copies of the protein to stick together. 496 more words

New Research

Medicine Rotation Objectives

  1. Continue to effectively collect information from the chart, MAR, nursing notes, Pharma Net, Care Connect, and the patient. To be able to do this accurately in <45 minutes and be able to present it.
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Rotation Objectives

Mechanics and Dentists: Navigating the Systems of the World

First off, I really like my mechanics and my dentists.

That hasn’t always been true. I got really taken in Austin, TX with an old Mazda that had, I believe, an electrical short. 553 more words

George Eliot

Did You Know? Some Medicine Can Kill

A medicine is a substance you take to treat an illness.Medicine saves life and reduces pain an individual experiences

But, do you know some can kill? 100 more words


Effective Home Remedies for Typhiod

Typhoid fever is caused due to a bacterial infection that not only spreads internally but also from one person to another. Once diagnosed, a properly guided treatment can ease out the symptoms. 64 more words


Benefits of Harad

Ayurveda is a blessing for everyone of us to maintain a balanced and healthy life. It cures diseases naturally and helps in achieving stability in the  138 more words