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The ingredients for addiction are:

  • Superstimulants
  • Paradox of wanting damaging rewards
  • Craving
  • Tolerance
  • Withdrawal
  • Coping with stress and emptiness
  • Genetics

The balance between immediate rewards and delayed rewards are governed by dopamin. 900 more words

Why everyone wants to help the sick -- but not the unemployed

New research explains why healthcare costs are running out of control, while costs to unemployment protection are kept in line. The answer is found deep in our psychology, where powerful intuitions lead us to view illness as the result of bad luck and worthy of help. 511 more words


Inulin for Fibre - As seen on BBC - Angela Rippon

Fibre is any kind of kind of carb the body cannot absorb. It relocates with the intestinal tracts undamaged as well as proceeds right into the colon to function as a food for the microorganisms there. 20 more words


Code Black

Harrowing sirens ring raucous
“Code Black”, pings his pager
Stretcher pulled by medics, meagre
God, let this one be a life saver!

Bared with bloody laceration… 108 more words


Introducing: Me.

Hello! It’s probably strikingly obvious that this is my first blog post so lets just get cracking!

So where has this all come from? Well picture the scene… I’m sat alone in my shared student house, contemplating what to do with my time now that exams are over (and thankfully passed!). 242 more words

First Blog Post

Breaded Cauliflower Bites

I adapted this recipe from this one by JoCooks. While I was preparing the ingredients, I decided to add turmeric to the egg mixture. It was a natural decision for me; the box of turmeric was sitting next to the other ingredients I was pulling from the cabinet and I thought, “Hey, why not?” Turmeric is something I’ve grown up with my entire life. 742 more words