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Pilonidal Cyst

“You saw bed 1 right? Tell me about him, briefly”

“Sure. Bobby is a 16 year old boy who is here complaining of a large pimple on his lower back. 236 more words

Medical School

Dear Mr Hunt

I am seriously sorry because this one is going to be a huge rant. I literally cannot even that is how annoyed I am right now. 634 more words

*rolls Eyes*

Human Medical Biostasis has Potential.

A team from 21st Century Medicine has developed a technology that has been independently verified to enable near-perfect, long-term structural preservation of a whole intact mammalian brain. 39 more words


Wasatch Weather Weenies: Can Mother Nature Crack This Terrible Inversion?

SLC is a beautiful city in a beautiful state: for most of the year. However firing the winter, since we sit in a valley we are prone to weather inversions. 67 more words


My two cents on the contracts

Today, after months of negotiations and strikes, Jeremy Hunt, the health secretary in the UK, announced that he will impose a new contract on Junior Doctors in England on 1st August this year. 439 more words


Extrinsic Risk Factors are the Major Contributors to Cancer

By Cerise Carey

A team of researchers from Stony Brook University has identified that extrinsic risk factors, such as environment and behavior, may contribute to the development of approximately seventy- to ninety-percent of cancers. 238 more words

Stony Brook University