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Edward II: The Unconventional King by Kathryn Warner - A Review

Published 13th October 2014

In other reading, I’ve read a couple of biographies this year. This is unusual for me, but I’m back on familiar territory with this one. 869 more words

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I couldn't make up my mind where to post my review of Edward II: An Unconventional King. In the end, I decided that it should go on my book blog, but I also wanted to make it available here.

King Richard's Palace - Portchester Castle

Portchester Castle stands on the edge of the water of Portsmouth Harbour across from Portsmouth. For those of you not from these parts and worried by that conglomeration of consonants in the middle, the first ‘t’ is silent, as it is in ‘castle’. 520 more words

Fourteenth Century

Paying Homage in the Middle Ages

My current work in progress is a novella in which the hero has to pay homage to Edward III. Although I had a basic idea of what this meant, I didn’t know the details and a reader would want details. 783 more words

Fourteenth Century

Tournaments in the Fourteenth Century

Last week we had a brief look at tournaments in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. Today we’re moving on to the fourteenth century and the particular use Edward III made of them. 1,438 more words

Fourteenth Century