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Using Graphic Language: A Short History of Figure Poems

I miss Milwaukee sometimes. On warmer nights, I used to run along Lake Michigan and wait for the sunset, before jogging home to work on the book. 1,556 more words

Chartres: winter break edition

Chartres cathedral – one of the greatest medieval churches to survive into the modern era.

The large Gothic cathedral, about an hour outside of Paris, once held one of the greatest sites of learning during the Middle Ages. 276 more words

An English Lawyer's Handbook ... in Latin and French

Worcester Cathedral Library manuscript Q. 36 is a kind of lawyer’s handbook, probably compiled sometime in the first half of the fourteenth century. It contains most of the important Statutes that had been passed to govern the English people at that time … and yet not one word of it is written in English. 830 more words

antechapel display - medieval manuscripts

The second in the new series of small displays in Balliol antechapel of images from the archives: illuminated details from the western medieval manuscript books. 182 more words


Monsters at the end of the world

It’s nearly Halloween, and accompanying days of All Saints and All Souls, so in many parts of the world people have been gearing up for the night by watching horror films, procuring masks and makeup, and generally revelling in the monstrous and terrifying. 261 more words

Illuminated Manuscripts

Clever sluggards? How fast did medieval scribes work?

‘HOW MANY folios per day??’ – BL Additional 18720 f. 2

As those who read my blog regularly will know, my research focuses on the effects of ageing and neurological disorders on medieval handwriting. 1,252 more words

Buried Treasure III: Early Fragments in Later Books

Now the third and final instalment in this series of blogs on fragments discovered within the bindings of Worcester books:

  1. Fragment of a medieval calendar of religious festivals , c.1350 – 1500.
  2. 271 more words
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