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Magna Carta at 800

On 15th June 1215, Magna Carta agreed at Runnymede in Surrey. A contract between the barons and King John, it was designed to place limitations on the power of the latter. 395 more words

Medieval Manuscripts

Happy Magna Carta Day

Finally, after what seems like years of barely restrained anticipation, Magna Carta has officially turned 800. Like most 800th birthday parties, we’re celebrating it by looking at pictures from the subject’s wild youth, and exclaiming over how young it looks. 342 more words

Medieval Manuscripts

Progressive Past, Conservative Present: Surpassing Art Historical Genres in a Late Medieval Book of Hours

by guest contributor Matthias Pfaller

The Bedford Book of Hours, illustrated by the most capable artists of Paris of the fifteenth century, is one of the most splendid of late-medieval illuminated manuscripts, and one of the most famous pieces in the British Library’s present collection. 886 more words

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Memento Mori: Death and Hell in Medieval Art

Death is a complicated, confusing, deeply personal and sometimes taboo topic – I only hope that you will forgive me for bringing it up. My own response to it is to try to forget all about it – cast it to the back of my mind – and only deal with it when I have to. 809 more words

Medieval Manuscripts

History by the Month: June and the Crowning of Henry VIII

This is a late thirteenth-century French manuscript of the Chronique de Reims, an adventurous history of the third crusade. It belonged to the poet John Skelton (c1460-1529), who used it for instructing the young Prince Henry, whose tutor he was from c1495 until about 1502. 59 more words

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Manuscript Road Trip: A DH Detour

I apologize for my prolonged absence. It has been a very busy time for me for the last few months, but things at the Medieval Academy are slowing down a bit as we enter the summer months. 1,227 more words

Medieval Manuscripts

The Tremulous Hand of Worcester and the Transformation of the English Language

We know about the famous people of the medieval Worcester Priory and Cathedral, the abbots and the bishops, the royal and noble visitors, the saints and the sinners. 938 more words

Medieval Manuscripts