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April 29, 2016    For 32 years, I’ve shared a 1370 illuminated manuscript with students 1370 monks singing illuminationbut just last week learned a wonderful, useful word for describing flourished initials: Verschnörkelte.   27 more words

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Manuscript Road Trip, Canadian Edition: Newfoundland

Heading northeast from Nova Scotia, we’ll make our way across the Gulf of St. Lawrence to the island of Newfoundland, whose Atlantic coast is the continent’s most easterly point, granted the daily gift of North America’s first sunrise. 921 more words

Medieval Manuscripts

More Norman French Laws: The Parliament of Acton Burnell

It seems to us a curious feature of an old law that people who owed money could be locked up in prison until they paid. Dickens wrote about it, and he knew because his family had suffered it. 825 more words

Dead Guy in a Condom Hat ^_^

I so want this on a t shirt. It’s the best medieval manuscript illustration ever. :) 

Medieval Manuscripts

Nowadays we tend to think of a story as existing separately from the physical book. Yes, a different edition means footnotes or illustrations can be added, but whether I read… 1,109 more words


Manuscript Road Trip: O, Canada!

At long last, it’s time to get back on the virtual road, embarking on a tour of medieval and Renaissance manuscripts in collections north of the 45th parallel. 1,056 more words

Medieval Manuscripts

More from the Utrecht Psalter: Psalm 23

You may want to read my first post for more background on the Utrecht Psalter, or you can read about the Psalter here.

After hearing Psalm 23 at mass on the fourth Sunday of Lent [1], I decided to see how this beloved psalm was interpreted in the Utrecht Psalter (there numbered 22 as part of the Vulgate). 1,199 more words

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