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Doodle 28.94.17

Good morning, my chums!

Today’s doodle is a little bit horrifying. If you have been following my posts for a while, you’ll know that I am a little bit fascinated by monsters, and also by unusually monstrous creatures in medieval manuscripts, the most terrifying of which are snails, or rabbits riding snails. 74 more words


NaPoWriMo Day 24: Ekphrasis

From Breviary, Use of Verdun c. 1302-1305

I only draw what I see,

Think it’s strange? So is reality.

I only draw what is there, 76 more words


Manuscript Road Trip: Flagellants, Thieves, a War Refugee, and a Very Unscrupulous Bookdealer

This is the story of the manuscript that was, until 12:30 PM this afternoon, known as Boston Public Library MS f Med. 203. It is a late fourteenth-century collection of statutes governing a Venetian confraternity, a type of manuscript known as a “mariegola.” Today, it was formally returned to the Republic of Italy by the United States Government. 3,325 more words

Medieval Manuscripts

Zodiac signs

LEOPOLD OF AUSTRIA (13th century)

Compilatio … de astrorum scientia decem continentis tractatus

Venice: Melchior Sessa and Petrus de Ravanis, 15 July 1520

Source: Christies

Zodiac Signs

New Series: Ancient & Medieval Manuscripts

Interested in ancient and medieval manuscripts? I am currently working on a series that will (briefly) introduce codicology & paleography.

Codicology (from Latin cōdex, genitivecōdicis, “notebook, book”; and Greek -λογία, -logia): The study of books as physical objects, especially manuscripts written on parchment (or paper) in codex form. 34 more words

Ancient Texts

#review Manuscript Cataloguing and Book History. The Library. Transactions of the Bibliographical Society. Vol 18, 1. March 2017 p. 45-61

This article on manuscript cataloguing and book history is written by Ralph Hanna, Emeritus Professor of Paleography, University of Oxford. He is editor of Speculum Vitae: A Reading Edition and The Knightly Tale of Golagros and Gawane: A Critical Edition. 772 more words


Manuscript Road Trip: Back to Lima

I’ve written about Ohio dealer/biblioclast Otto F. Ege in several blogposts (here and here in particular), but there is one chapter of his story that I haven’t written about in detail: his decades-long relationship with the Lima Public Library. 952 more words

Medieval Manuscripts