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The Rise of Polyphony : Magister Leoninus and Magister Perotinus

I think we tend to take polyphony for granted.

We inherited a form of music which has been with us for centuries and, in fact, we have even seen major-minor harmonic polyphony peak in the 18th century and then gradually give way and break down completely.   2,949 more words


Digging a Little Deeper into Online Resources

This week’s ‘Things’ include Wikipedia, online images, podcasts, online presentations, and online courses.

While I do not often use Wikipedia in my research (being told in the first year of my BA degree that it was an unreliable source and should NEVER be used definitely spooked me), it is frequently used in my house to end debates between my partner and I – his better memory means he usually wins. 519 more words

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Beaumaris Castle

Rachel Phillips and I are busy making five stained glass windows for Beaumaris Castle on Anglesey. The windows are commissioned by Cadw and are based on the floorplan of the castle and contain references to manuscripts, heraldry and other elements which tell the story of the castle. 22 more words


Book hospitals closing

He Fixes Cracked Spines, Without an Understudy,” Kirk Johnson, The New York Times (Jan. 6, 2017): “[T]he humble word ‘to mend,’ which derives from a French term for atonement, or ‘to put right,’ is dropping out of circulation…” 37 more words

The New York Times

The Voynich Manuscript: the world's most fascinating useless artefact

(Sorry for not sticking to my regular blogging schedule: I’ve been ill.)

Chatting about the Voynich manuscript is something I do at parties when I run out of things to say. 1,035 more words

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Word Clouds & Illuminated Manuscripts

A few years back, my father and I went to see the exhibition “Royal Manuscripts: The Genius of Illumination” at the British Library. The books on display were those collected by English monarchs during the Middle Ages and the idea was that they were of both historical and artistic value. 582 more words