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Medieval Meals Made Not-So-Easy (Medieval Mondays #2b)

In the medieval times, our modern emphasis on easy, speedy meals would’ve been an inconceivably foreign concept to a noble family.

In my previous post on medieval food… 1,055 more words


Very important research

I need to thoroughly understand Medieval times in order to write about it. What they wore, what they did, what kids were like, how the social hierarchy worked and who was in charge in Scotland in 1245. 38 more words

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Photo Diary: Engaged!

I’ve been meaning to post this for a couple days now…

I’m engaged! On Saturday, James had a little surprise date planned for me! We went to Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament since we’ve never been there before. 187 more words

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Featherweight (now in stereo)

I am only bones. I tell you how I got that way. It was fault of bird. And girl. And knight.

But mostly bird.

I made… 59 more words


Sing It, Alice Cooper!

In the inimitable words of Alice Cooper, “School’s out for summer!” The end of the school year is a glorious thing for students. The countdown begins somewhere mid-4th quarter. 1,380 more words


Medieval Times, Good Times

“Go for his spleen!” Jack shouted the knights battling in the middle of the area.

I laughed.  Most people just cheer or yell, “Yellow Knight!” 1,110 more words

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