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Costain,Thomas THE SILVER CHALICE (Medieval times)

Undset, Sigrid KRISTIN LAVENRSDATTER TRILOGY: Bridal Wreath, Mistress of Husaby, the Cross (Set in medieval Norway, deals with the three stages of Kristin Laversdatter who married Erlend Nikaulausson by whom she had seven sons, ending withthe days of the Black Plague.) 48 more words

08 Book Corner

The Divine War: Chapter 1 Creation

Long ago the great god Uhjun created the life in the vast sphere.  In the sphere he designed stars and around it planets. Once he was satisfied he would move on to another and another. 1,228 more words



Daggers have always been a common weapon in both medieval history and fantasy. Sometimes daggers are used in combat and sometimes for ceremonial purposes. In my fantasy series, I am thinking of featuring daggers that are used for both purposes. 20 more words

The Castles of Romeo and Juliet

Let’s discover the two Castles of Montecchio Maggiore that, according to the word-of-mouth, inspired the most famous love story of all the times.

I must confess, I’ve never been the romantic type, at least if you’re referring to that kind of sappy romanticism made of rainbow kisses and unicorn stickers. 636 more words


Local Breast Cancer Survivor Honored By Medieval Times, Surprised By Knights

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Breast cancer survivor Mary Capano, who beat the disease and then spent her life helping others who are battling it, was surprised and honored by Medieval Times knights at her Johns Hopkins office Wednesday. 266 more words


Unmourned and unloved - poor Johnny boy

It’s not easy to be misunderstood. Or the youngest – and possibly unwanted – child. Ask John, a.k.a. John Lackland. He would know all about growing up in a dysfunctional family with an anything but warm and fuzzy relationship to his parents and siblings. 2,780 more words