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King Arthur

“The Death of King Arthur” by James Archer. King Arthur has a vision of the Holy Grail, implied by the image of an angel holding the Holy Grail in the top left corner.

An Open Letter to the Red Knight - Medieval Times Ticket Giveaway

Greetings Red Knight,

it’s me.

You know me as Red Zone, First Row Overlooking the King’s Balcony, Best Seats in the House, Looks Tired, Cheering. 862 more words

Taking matters (or her) in his own hands

Today, I’d like you to meet Ralph Stafford. I will come clean right from the start and say that I am in two minds about this gentleman, but I’m guessing my opinion is pretty irrelevant to a man who has been dead 600 years and counting. 1,203 more words


Common Enemies by Adam Francis Smith

Jarkal cracked his whip and the slaves moved forward. Ten miles more and he’d collect his pay.

A massive Jenda stepped out from behind a tree. 81 more words

Flash Fiction

Lifestyles of the Rich (and Poor) & Feudal - pt. 1 (Medieval Mondays #4c)

The medieval times, we’re well aware, hardly boasted an equal society.

Rather, the feudal system saw a single, all-powerful monarch as ruler of everyone and everything; a couple handfuls of earls or other magnates – direct liegemen of the king – below that; many more subinfeudated lords of lesser nobility below the magnates, sometimes two or three levels down; and finally, at the lowest levels of society, the non-noble peasants who held land in exchange for their labour upon it in producing their lord’s food. 1,273 more words


Last Will and Testament of King Louis XVI

Today marks the Anniversary of the execution of the great and holy, King Louis XVI.  The words of a man completely devoted to the Catholic Church, who died for God and Country, only because he was King: 1,422 more words

The Bombardment of Bristol Castle and City

Readers will have to forgive me for not having mentioned this previously but it bears taking careful note because I understand that many of you navigate my county-by-county England tours more often by auto rather than by train or bus. 3,409 more words