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Food and Drink in the Past: Hunter-Gatherers

In the last session we listened to a short podcast called ‘Chasing Down Dinner’ produced by PBS Nova.  This interviewed Dan Lieberman, an evolutionary biologist at Harvard University, to discover why evolving an ability to run long distances might have been key to survival for early humans. 80 more words



I came upon an unexpected discovery while furthering my medieval research! It turns out that Edinburgh Castle in Scotland was built on top of an extinct volcano! 37 more words

56. To Unknown Ends

They do not stop in another town.

At night they always camp in wild country now, pitching their tents in groves if possible, and set guards at all time. 591 more words


Gemma Animae (9): Quid ministri designant

Ch. 9

What the ministers represent

The deacons who precede the bishop and kiss the altar stand for the just men who suffered for the truth before the coming of Christ. 656 more words


Next open auditions for medieval drama. If you want to join us, here is your chance to apply!

Open auditions for our coming project 1307.

This drama, centering on theories and legends surrounding the inquisition against the medieval Knights Templar.

We are working from the same script; to perform a full length theatre show, as well as recording a radio drama, and dramatising part of the script into a 10 min film. 710 more words

Emmanuel Macron agrees to loan Bayeux tapestry to Britain

President to allow Battle of Hastings embroidery to leave France for first time in 950 years

The Bayeux tapestry will be loaned to Britain after… 615 more words


Last week it was such nice weather.. today it’s rainy, stormy and ugly. :(