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On Love and Filling the Empty

“Hello Mary.” She welcomed me as I entered a small building that smelled of fresh paint and carpet.  It was a Monday.  Big life events rarely happen on Mondays, but I had the distinct feeling that this could be very important. 935 more words

The Roots of Yoga

“Those in whose hearts OM reverberates, unceasingly are indeed blessed and deeply loved as one who is the Self. The all-knowing Self was never born, nor will it die. 859 more words


Life is a Zero-Sum Game: The Dharma of Balance

Within maya, the realm of physical manifestation, for every gain there is a loss. Each new day brings a sunrise and a sunset. For every in-breath, there must be an out-breath. 977 more words


Holy Saturday: Stillness

Our scripture today is Matthew 27:57-66

How do you feel in stillness? How do you respond to being alone, intentionally silent? No phone or tablet, no newspaper or radio? 217 more words


Meditation and Good Works

More on meditation: Thomas Manton, in a sermon on Ephesians 2:10, explains that one means to help us abound in good works is to meditate on the fact that God has created us and redeemed us. 410 more words



Some of you may have noticed, I’ve taken up Tangling.  Zentangle is a fabulous, relaxing, confidence building pass time.  I was just reading a post by my amiga, Lisa, at… 72 more words

A Day In The Life...

Extremely Powerful Morning Mantra to Start the Day | 432Hz | Om Shri Anantaha

Om Shri Anantaha | Narayana | Is very powerful mantra to Start your mornings with. Make it a habit to Chant this every morning, Add this small thing in your routine. 69 more words