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Nothing else 

There is nothing else to search than what lies beneath this moment.

At its core, what holds everything together is an invisible force from where all movement arises and all movement returns to. 138 more words


New Meditative Colouring Mandala!

For some time, I have been wanting to create my own Mandalas to colour in.  And now, I have created my very first one and am happy to share it with you!   161 more words


Why this blog?

I have been a person who has been flitting. Interested in everything and nothing. I see the duality of this extreme in everything- from episodes in my life, to political ideals. 532 more words


Guru Ram Das Birthday Blessings

Guru Ram Das became known for giving his miraculous healing blessings to all people regardless of origin or spiritual beliefs and Yogi Bhajan called him “the guardian of the Aquarian Age.” … 339 more words


Memorize and Meditate

Sadly, both memorization and meditation have become lost arts in today’s world.

Stephanie Weisman, author of the book, The Secrets of Top Students, and founder of the… 463 more words


Meta Selfie: A Celebration of Solitude

The title in full is actually “Metaphysical Selfie”, and it portrays me enjoying my own company in my own Universe. (Meta + physical = ‘beyond the physical’) This highlights my consideration of Art as an elevated, lofty and even noble pursuit. 254 more words


Parallel Realities


Do you think
You have become royalty?

Being decisive
about the ever-changing,
Nature of life?

We create
Parallel Realities
Through the state of our mind… 50 more words