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Section 5: Meditation as a Lifestyle

Section 5: Meditation as a Lifestyle

Awakening to The Moment

Meditation calls us to be present with the moment. Bring your
practice of staying in the moment into your meditation time as well as your… 1,129 more words


Imposter Syndrome, Nightmares, Eagles, and Maps

When I retired, I finally could say good bye to imposter syndrome. an intense, irrational feeling of inadequacy.  To some extent it served as motivation. Six months after riding solo across the country, I am doubting my ability to do a long tour. 410 more words


Trying Too Hard

Here’s the thing. I’ve been trying, for over two years now, to “improve” my relationship with a living, breathing, sentient being who couldn’t care less about my desire to be a better “horsewoman”. 1,691 more words


A Celebration Mandala.


“won’t you celebrate with me

what i have shaped into

a kind of life? i had no model.

born in babylon

both nonwhite and woman… 498 more words

Mandala Sketchbook

Trig Bagging - Mt Arawang

Tuesday 7.30 am and the temperature was 10 decrees celsius, with a cool north-westerly wind blowing. A perfect morning for a walk/run on the ridge, work can wait for an hour or so. 63 more words


How to Meditate

Can a Christian meditate? Can we do the hand mudras? Can we do the chanting and do the yoga poses? Can mindfulness practice help us spiritually? 685 more words


'Your peace' from the Holy Bible (KJV)

And if the house be worthy,
let your peace come upon it:
but if it be not worthy,
let your peace return to you. – … 595 more words