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First Thing

First, please, I ask you

Find your heart

Fill it with love

Love is a skill and an art….

Now, look here, look at me. 139 more words


When Your Ready The Teacher Arrives.

So true, I have had this happen! When you are aligned with the Universe all will be available to you! ūüėá

Everything I Need to Know, I Learned from a Forest

Would you like to take ¬†a walk with me? ¬†To a magical place. ¬†A place of peace‚Ķ..and light‚Ķ‚Ķ..and deep wisdom. ¬†Take my arm, and we’ll skip lightly along my secret trail‚Ķ..to a place where knowledge abounds…in the truth that comes before words. 97 more words


Thank You Pain!

This year I started feeling sick. I am extremely grateful that it is nothing serious. I know how precious that is. I also know that I am so grateful that I got sick. 624 more words



This past week I spent fighting off what I thought was just a minor little cold and sore throat.  I went to work on Monday thinking I’ll just feel better as the day progresses, boy was I wrong.  1,405 more words

Life Lessons

Zen and the art of treadmill maintenance

I’ve been meditating lately (yep,¬†hot yoga last week, meditating this week: I’m that girl).¬†Specifically, I’ve been working through Oprah and Deepak Chopra’s 21-Day Meditation Experience: … 806 more words


Mindful Meetings

Are you feeling frustrated because the meetings you attend are long and end with no clear outcomes?  Research suggests a meeting with mindfulness creates a more efficient and successful meeting. 476 more words

Being Present