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How living ethically can free you from anxiety

Ethics is a fairly big subject area and what is ethical or unethical isn’t necessarily something we will all agree on. Within a Buddhist practice though there is a fairly fundamental guide to living ethically and this is set out in 5 precepts. 2,144 more words


One size does not fit all

Have you ever tried on something that says it’s “one size fits all” you try it on and woaaaaahhh it doesn’t fit at all…

I’ve always been a fan of using diet and exercise to heal me. 121 more words

Back to the Basics

You need what you have
And you have what you need.
Build trust in that;
Water that seed.


Are You Focused on the Wrong Things?🧐

I hope your week was filled with progress and self-reflection and that you took some time to prioritize you. This week, I shared with you the power of meditation and how it helps us give our brains a much-needed break. 764 more words


How To: Use Affirmations to Lift Your Life

Lately, I’ve been reading and researching a lot about the power of mantra, meditation, and affirmations. All of the information I found intrigued me so much that I wanted to put it into practice even more than I have in the past. 593 more words

Spirituality & Wellness Diploma

This is the first Spirituality and Health qualification to be on the Ofqual Register.

Explore and deepen your spirituality and get a nationally recognised qualification at the same time – two courses for the price of one!! 440 more words