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What Does Chiron Retrograde Mean?

Our society as a whole seems to have learned just enough about Astrology at this point to fear retrograde periods…which might actually be worse than not being aware of them at all. 1,260 more words


A Walking Declaration of Everything I Couldn't Get Right

Am I going to be in therapy my entire life?  I have been going on and off for 17 years, and although there are things about me I have a much better understanding of, I don’t feel any better, anymore confident, any less anxious, any more mature.   457 more words


The Well Of Emotion...065


A time to release, a time to let go.

Are you ready to bring a child like anticipation into your life?

Today we journey into a symbol, on the way to a well and release the past. 312 more words

The Hole Inside

Sometimes this feeling sneaks up on me and just knocks me down. It is also a feeling that has been my gauge for improving my life and finding value in it. 70 more words


Life Song

May your words and actions be rooted in Love.

(Listen to my song “Sing a New Song” by clicking HERE)


Psalm 105:2

Sing praise, play music; proclaim all his wondrous deeds! 256 more words

Today's Contemplation

From being a celebrity fitness trainer to owning an acclaimed Pilates studio

“The most satisfying part about teaching is being able to change people’s lives – seeing pleasure in people’s faces when they can do something special. I had someone come in with a debilitating spinal injury.

723 more words

How To Live in Your Real World, Essentially.

“The things that make you happy are the things that always make you happy.  Everything else is an overlay”- Sharon Salzberg on Rich Roll podcast this week. 900 more words