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Less Is More

Message, meeting, stress. Planning, chaos, stress. Pictures, desire, stress. Consumption, competition, stress.

Our lives are run by the technological gods, manipulating us to crave the approval of our digital pocket idols before taking any decisions (and I say… 889 more words


Meditation lesson 2

The Body Scan (30 minutes)

This is another awareness meditation, but since it‘s a little bit longer and special than the daily one, I would recommend to do it 2 to 3 times a week. 130 more words


Blogmas #13: New Year’s Resolution Blah Blah

Every year on Facebook I get some moaners posting about how boring it is to read “New Year, NEW ME!” posts. Why are people so hellbent on spoiling other people’s fun?! 247 more words

5 Step Colour Meditation

Please use this as a guide to Connecting with Colour. Remember that the more you practice the better you will get.

With Love & Gratitude… 22 more words


Meditation lesson 1

Easy awareness meditation (10 minutes)

As I already mentioned in the first post about meditation,the most desirable practice should be the so-called awareness meditation. It helps to strenghten awareness, focus and concentration and supports the „being in the moment”-feeling. 466 more words



Meditation is probably one of the most fascinating activities you can do. You are barely doing anything else but sitting and breathing and even that can change a lot, as many studies could prove. 479 more words


What are Chakras? 

At the beginning of my spiritual and self healing journey I encountered chakras. I’d heard of them loosely but I was intrigued as to what part they played in my spiritual development and experiences on this beautiful planet. 1,445 more words