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When this note fades
will it join you in that place
above the sky
or below the waves
of the earth’s plump
body? Or will it… 38 more words



She doesn’t want a man

She wants a replication of her comfort zone

Something that won’t challenge her

Your past is full of that

Why don’t you go get it girl?

My cup of water

Not everything in life is as clear as I want it to be, especially these days, especially in the professional realm. The only barometer I have to go by is how my sit goes after I make a decision. 229 more words


We never really arrive

We seem to presume that others have their lives together and that this would be good for us also, that we will finally, one day, arrive… 107 more words



“There was a thing called Heaven; but all the same they used to drink enormous quantities of alcohol.”—Aldous Huxly, Brave New World

I said I would start writing more personal.

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Peace Corps Guatemala

3 stories of awakening: no path vs sudden path vs gradual paths to enlightenment

Here are 3 stories for you:

Story 1

One morning God wakes up. She realises, non-verbally, intuitively, that she is whole-complete and lives happily ever after. 400 more words


Inflammation & Depression

Depression is a hot topic in the world today and so is inflammation. If you suffer from either of these or both, you are not alone. 479 more words