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We Three Things

We (CATs) are being pulled more and more into meditation and little missions, so we’re going to pack three posts into one to save time. Like we care about hit counts and site maximization. 818 more words



Every human heart longs for the flow of both peace and strength


so we can fill our wings

refusing our own rubble

completely overwhelming… 35 more words


Hedonistic treadmill

Melanie finds it funny that the richer you get, the more expensive happiness becomes.


Meditation Through Skin Care

The first time I felt insecure about my skin was in elementary school after my arm grazed that of another girl while waiting to play handball. 539 more words


full woo-woo

so my throat feels like it is closing up on me.  naturally i went to see dr. google and he got me scared so before my weight had a chance to get below the century mark, i knew it was time to go see an actual doctor.   1,720 more words

Eastern Perspectives and Mindfulness Classes

I have been attending weekly classes for managing emotions. These are seminar-like group sessions with homework, influenced by Eastern habits for a healthy mind. You can read some of the books on mindfulness that I reviewed on my other blog post… 1,093 more words

' every male' ..... mentioned in the Holy Bible (KJV)

In the most holy place shalt thou eat it;
every male shall eat it:
it shall be holy unto thee. – Num 18:10

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