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These are some of the project tiles I created in the month of Dec 2017. These photos really got hidden somewhere, and I am glad that I could find it today so that I can show you some of my previous works. 128 more words

My Artworks

Creative Impulse

Others can guide us to awaken

Our inner gifts and abilities

But inherently

They cannot give you

What isn’t already inside you

Listen to yourself… 14 more words

Google PTSD symptoms and therapies

In my experience, on my healing journey, the amount of complex information was overwhelming! A plethora of therapies, a multitude of symptoms and an abundance of potential causes, brought a feeling of helplessness, a feeling of imminent danger. 125 more words


What kind of meditation are you into?

I was very lucky growing up in a family that was open to their spirituality, my parents and my siblings always had a firm grasp on karma and the law’s of the universe (does anyone have a firm grasp of the law’s of the universe though.) 633 more words


St. Peter Damian

St. Peter Damian was born in 988, and lost both parents at an early age. His eldest brother, in whose hands he was left, treated him so cruelly that a younger brother, a priest, moved by his piteous state, sent him to the university of Parma, where he acquired great distinction. 198 more words


The 5 Principles of Reiki: Releasing Anger

A few weeks ago, I briefly introduced you to the Five Principles of Reiki, and this week we are back with an in-depth discussion of the first principle. 692 more words


Stop and Smell the Stillness

We all have felt overwhelmed. Sometimes it’s low-grade, other times it’s intensive. Regardless, we need self-care when it hits. Lucky for us, there is a remedy that works in response to stress and overwhelm. 410 more words