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Day One-Hundred: Rise

Why begin something if only to finish it?  If I had started this blog only to get to the end, well here I am.  I have made nothing with completing this if not the rewards of going through the process.   715 more words

Dad's ice cream

I have had some significant challenges presented to me courtesy of Mr. X in the last week or so, and have had to spend some time figuring out how to deal with them. 470 more words


Therapy While Walking on the Trails

Want to take a walk? Contact Meg to get started with Walk and Talk Therapy. 706-372-1772 or email therapy@meghanharbin.com
Even though it’s nearly May in Georgia, the air was cool and damp, thick with mossy scents of forest and mud. 89 more words

Emotional life of the brain: Thinking, and thinking alone

But the brain can also change in response to messages generated internally—in other words, to our thoughts and intentions.
These changes include altering the function of brain regions, expanding or contracting the amount of neural territory devoted to particular tasks, 215 more words