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5 minutes of Love!

Give yourself five minutes every morning that is just for you.

Five minutes to sit down, with your eyes closed before your day begins, where no one can disturb you and where you can relax in complete silence. 77 more words


Why We Don’t Meditate and How to Get Over It 

The international Mindful in May campaign has inspired me to dedicate May to meditation and to sharing with you the useful tips and information I’ve learned over the years that have helped me develop a meditation practice. 1,100 more words

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Few moments that stop Time!

Often I think, feel and know that time waits for no one or nothing.  But some times there are moments that make time stand still.  Here are some of those moments:- The utter joy on my child’s face after conquering a fear. 172 more words


Don't be Surprised

I sometimes say that if you make a mistake, you should remember: “Don’t be surprised, you are still not enlightened”. And when you see someone else make a mistake: “Don’t be surprised, they are not enlightened either”. 22 more words


Jata...overcoming vanity...

The journey began on Buddha Purnima, this full moon, by His grace (or will..same thing), to once and for all rid the ego of all traces of vanity…hair brushing no more…it was either this or shave the head…so friends this hair may look wild…but it is how it naturally is meant to be…also thrown out is all ‘make-up’…what is already perfect does not need ‘making-up’…and i don’t mean this  body… 140 more words