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Meditation & Prayer & Daniel

Meditation is the best beginning of prayer, and prayer is the best conclusion of meditation. When the Christian, like Daniel, hath first opened the windows of his soul by contemplation, then he may kneel down to prayer.—George Swinnock.


a meditation

lips grip the slim wooden pipe
I close my eyes
my intake knows no bounds
I breathe in for hours
a meditation
Above birds call… 72 more words

Right now, breathing

I have no other way of describing myself right now other than, “damn I feel good.”  It comes in waves, my up and downs and right now I am so up, that the potential crash from this high may leave brain matter when I splat to the ground.   347 more words


Just the way it is

Something we need to hold in mind at all times...

If you are invested in security and certainty

you are on the wrong planet

Pema Chodron


Insight Meditation 6

As it always seems to be at the beginning, meditation was a bit ropey at first. Fears & anxieties overwhelming me, I felt that familiar panic attack sensation, a tight chest closing in on it’s self, a feeling of sinking & freezing up at the same time. 591 more words



Having all of the ingredients is no guarantee that the cake that we bake will be any good.

Following a recipe can help, we should remember that this is someone else’s idea of how the cake should be and may not necessarily be to our taste. 367 more words