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There are days when we want to do is sleep and not face the world…

On such days, we wake up,

Dress up,

Wipe our tears… 6 more words


How to Deal with Obstacles to Loving Awareness and Presence

In addition to comments like “I can’t meditate, my mind is too active”, I also get many questions about how to deal with mental and lifestyle obstacles to practicing presence or mindfulness during daily life, as well as during meditation sessions. 1,117 more words

Qi Gong

This incredible video explains how powerful Qi Gong and Tai Chi is.

I have spoken to many women who had a breast cancer diagnosis and most of them find that they are unable to sit still and meditate at the very time when it would be most beneficial to them and their healing. 10 more words

You Are Reincarnated Daily

I do not agree with some interpretations of reincarnation. I do not think that when I die I will become an avocado tree or that a Bengal tiger died and became me. 423 more words

20 Jul. Ignorance strikes back.

Every time I start to reap the fruits of my meditation practice my ignorance tries to reclaim my mind. Unskillful thoughts exhaust me. When I wake up in the morning I feel pure, empty and full of energy. 118 more words

Meditation Diary

Present Moment

Whatever the specifics of a man’s purpose, he must always refresh the transcendental element of his life through regular meditation and retreat. A man should never get lost in the details of his life and forget that, ultimately and in truth, life amounts to nothing other than what is the deepest truth of this present moment.

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Manage Stress With Meditation

We all are aware of the dreadful effects of stress in our life. It can make us feel anxious, worried and tensed, putting us at an unnecessary risk of developing some serious health ailments. 307 more words