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Yoga Playlist

Hey everyone! This is my yoga playlist, and you can find it here on YouTube! Feel free to make this into a spotify playlist etc. Have fun! 116 more words


You are what you "eat"

“We digest and assimilate all of our thoughts and our mental states, and they become part of our conditioning. There are mental states and impulses that are terribly detrimental, and in meditation we can learn to recognize them as they arise. 214 more words


I, Once Again, Left You Without A Dope Beat To Step To

I know, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted here, BUT if its any consolation I was still writing just not on the blog! But I’m back! 455 more words



You get stressed out – from work or family or politics or money or poverty or countless other things. So you eat or drink or shop or flop in front of the TV or countless other things. 436 more words

Psychic Development

Psychic awareness can become heightened through meditation, and I can lead you on a guided meditation to explore this with you.

Tarot cards and crystals and interpretation of dreams can be a useful tool for learning to trust your intuition and to learn more about yourself.


Hello Adversity

Adversity is not an elective

We do not get to choose
The how, what, when or why
And to think otherwise
Only makes us lose sleep at night… 317 more words

Lyrical Poetry