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Chakra 3 Intention 

Chakra 3 is a burst of energy and fire to will what we desire and manifest our purest potential. It’s all connecting to one’s sense of self: who am I? 186 more words


Beastly Beings

One of the things that I love most about my work as a therapist, a life coach, and a yoga instructor is the undeniable interconnection between psychology and biology. 510 more words

Soul Whispers - Feb 6

Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings as you read this.. For they might have important messages for you..!


Today the Angles want you to bring back your attention on to the power of Meditation..!! 285 more words

Self Transformation

Genuine confession

I’m really fucking happy.

My life isn’t close to perfect, but mindfulness makes the distance seem shorter. Highlight the positive; use the negative. Exercise your body and your mind — the more fine tuned your instrument, the clearer your sound. 92 more words


Mandallion No.7

One in a series of digitally designed stylized mandalas.
I call them Mandallions, a combination of mandala and medallion.
Reproductions of this image can be purchased in a variety formats. CLICK HERE

Digital Art

12 Good Practices for Life

Today I will share information from an article that a friend gave me last evening. It talked about the things we must do to get healthy and remain that way. 838 more words

Isn't That A Co-inky-dink?

This year began on pretty rough ground. First, Quato from Total Recall was growing in my left ass cheek and trying really hard to bust out. 448 more words