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feeling good

Once we are relaxed and become stress free, we start to feel good about ourselves. We then, can produce better emotions.

Per se Nota video presentation (Directing, Capturing & Editing)

Per se Nota is a method of relaxation & personal development based on physical and mental letting go.


Q94. I can't pay all my attention to Zen practice even though I'd like to because my family wants me to share as much time as possible with them. What shall I do?

A. You should not allow your practice to a make mess of your normal life. If your practice makes your family unhappy in any way, I’d say, you’d better give up your practice. 203 more words


Tuesday Intent: Hunting and Courage

Last night in a dream I had to face one of the most stressful fears in my life (at the moment). It’s something that’s inevitable in my life and something that causes me a lot of fear. 381 more words

Weightloss Clothing? Sign Me Up... But Not For That.

Sometimes I have to laugh- I saw an email headline that said “the world’s very first weight loss clothing line!”

Let that sink in for a moment if it needs to. 453 more words

Think about It for Awhile...

No need for anxiety. Sit and think about it for a while.

Take some time to consider the options. We have the advantage of “choice”. … 15 more words

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