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Pondering this moment

I often wonder How did I get here?

I am talking about various situations, ranging from workshop participants who ask the same questions over and over because they were so busy taking notes on the subject I was presenting that they didn’t get the core information to the person who clearly stated the objective that she wanted to “stretch her creative muscle” by being pushed into new directions only to end up knocking on my dorm room door around midnight accusing me that I expect too much of her. 126 more words


24 Aug. Not my fault.

Last night I sat for 20 minutes. My batteries were already drained. So what? I had to meditate. What else is there for me? I started off with metta. 207 more words

Meditation Diary

I have something to say...

But currently I’m working through it. I don’t have understanding right now. This is why I journal…both privately and publically on ninasusan.com…For the most part, my private journaling is paragraph after paragraph of thoughts that either would not make sense to anyone else or would, quite frankly, piss them off….it may be a book someday. 300 more words

Whose Opinion is Significant?

One of the most amazing things about life is that everyone is different.
While most of the time we don’t slow down to consciously contemplate it, difference is what allows us to have a variety of experiences. 1,082 more words


The Guru

“Who or what is your guru?”

This question from my ayurveda course professor led to an inspiring discussion today.

I’ve lived my life with a set of given truth defined by ‘guru’ – saints and holy scriptures. 168 more words


Pose Breakdown: Badha Konasana (Cobbler Pose)

Towards the end of a yoga sequence, relaxation poses are incorporated to help the body start to cool down, allowing the muscles to begin to let go of any tension caused by some of the more active poses. 223 more words