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I recently read the book Living with Intent, by Mallika Chopra, in which she asked readers to make a web of things that made them feel happy. 200 more words



Heavily sedated

By love’s warmth

Far under

By source’s song

Waiting patiently

To explore realms

Beyond this space

Where I occupy

Rings of color

In the dark… 136 more words


Zen kitty

“The cat sits, until it’s done sitting…” Allan Marks

Such simple line got stuck in my head.

I used to think that sitting just because, was stupid, there is so much to be done, always, sitting down is a waste of time. 213 more words


Heal Your Chakras

Personally I am a big believer in chakras and anything that is spiritual. I am open to all different phylisophies and I don’t really turn anything down until I read further into it. 164 more words


How to be happy

To be honest, it took me quite some years to being able to say “I am happy” and at the same time knowing I am telling the truth. 818 more words


Scaling Mount Improbable

This week marks the 100th week since I bought my Manduka mat. They call it the Soul Mat.

I want to say something inspiring about my yoga practice, but honestly for the unacquainted, I am not sure how to convey it in a way that no one else has done before. 453 more words

Making peace with quiet......

When I first started teaching Yoga, I would drown my classes in detail.  I had learned so much 

and I wanted to share it. I was also using mountains of words to hide my insecurities about being  326 more words