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A weekend offline and missed work! Moment by Now, day 37

This weekend I’ve spend offline, celebrating my mothers birthday in another city. I highly recommend giving it a try, it was very relaxing. No instagram, no facebook, no unnecessary googling. 246 more words

The Beginning

A few years ago I went through an awakening period, where I rose from a death-like state of the mundane life, and started questioning all I was conditioned to believe was the truth. 79 more words


The Soul's Tapestry: Look Inward, thou art Buddha

DISCERNING the how and why of human uniqueness, from the likes of Mozart to the fearless passion of Julia Butterfly Hill, is always perplexing.

Lacking the seer’s knowingness, we’d be forced to trudge for clues into the intricate threads of reincarnations, and sift the karmic sands of countless past lives. 3,718 more words

Psychology & Human Nature

The Plan

I see it every day. I ask myself: why are we to deal with this crap in our lives? I ask philosophical questions every day now. 855 more words


What is an artist?

In December 2014 and early January 2015, I had a few friends ask me if I wanted to rent studio space at the Hive Artists’ Hub… 584 more words


Sunday Stuff | Chakras

This week I took a yoga class with a different instructor. Maybe it was her voice, her style, or just my custom to my usual instructor, but I couldn’t relax or get into the right mindset during her class. 307 more words

Sunday Stuff