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Stepping into Maria

I haven’t published any writing in weeks. Over a month, I think. And I’m sorry. There have been a few developments and my reasons are sound. 2,631 more words

Big Nose Essays

How to be present in the great outdoors

Put down your phone.

Step outside.

Look up at the sky. Notice the colors. Notice the clouds, or lack thereof.

Feel the air with your skin. 126 more words

My Normal Life


Sometimes I wake up and I ask myself why do I feel the way I do, Do I feel happy? Do I feel sad? Yet the answer is I’m simply waking up content I’m inside all emotions, I am learning to simply embrace the moments. 218 more words


bird sense

No one cares about birds on days when there are stories about harassment and assaults going back to age three (#metoo). But I did, and… 490 more words

Out And About

The Pebble

author’s note:

This poem seems appropriate for our times.


As stallions of bruised-black clouds
rushed toward my shore from the ocean horizon…

I thanked my stars I’d found… 254 more words

New Age

Transitioning to a better you: mental

Ready for Part three in transitioning to a better you? Let’s get started.

Mental strength, what do those words mean to you? What kind of thoughts follow after reading those two words? 553 more words

Learning Life

What is meditation? Stupid religious rituals

Meditation is very important thing. At least it should be. In everyone’s life. But what it is actually a meditation?

For me it is when I reflect about my life, when I think about my life, when I choose new directions and new goals for my life, when I analyze things, when I rest, when I am passive, when I go in coffee shop alone, when I drink coffee or tea alone, when I go in nature, when I stop a momentum of bad thoughts, it is preparation, inner functioning of myself, reading, writing… All that is meditation for me. 189 more words