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Folding Laundry ~ Time for Reflection

Laundry ~ it’s the never-ending chore that is always staring us in the face as parents. The dirty clothes pile up, we tackle the mountain waiting to be attended to in the laundry room, get every article of clothing folded nicely and put away in its proper place. 663 more words

My Vipassana Silent Retreat Experience

Quite a life experience I had during this 10 day silent meditation retreat Vipassana.  I learned a wonderful meditation technique which I think is really great. 583 more words

Personal Development

Git Up

A constant series of stumbles followed by a continuous number of rises. At some indeterminate point an average taken shows that one is mostly standing and not laying splayed out on the ground. 743 more words


The Ancient To Heal

Music, sound can calm us or agitate us, just like voices can, so I wanted to share this video with you. Even if you are feeling a bit down, or anything is going on that you just feel “yuk” I hope this helps you. 14 more words


Micro Moments of Mindfulness

The “meat and potatoes” of the Headspace meditation app is the multi-day series programs that it offers (I’m in the middle of a 30-day focus on creativity right now and I’m really enjoying it), but there is more to mindfullness than that. 567 more words

the Air of a Liar

The water is pooling.

Sacrificing more than mere breath.

And, this is a scenario dysfunction has kept.

Odd how my hands have grown accustomed to carrying your secrets. 113 more words

Gracing Photography