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A Certain Rhythm, Interrupted

Sometimes all you needed to was keep your legs moving and your head up and breathe deep, and if you did it right, everything else fell away, the anger, the resentment, the embarrassment, any negative feeling that might have been clinging to your soul like burdocks. 55 more words

Flash Fiction


On a quick side note, I can’t remember if I said this or not, but I’m going to try to draw something every day, and so some of the things I draw I’ll post here for your viewing pleasure. 561 more words


Take that sadhana break

Only one who knows how to be intense and relaxed at once will know the true joy of activity.  Right now the bane of humanity is that people have forgotten how to relax without turning lax, how to be intense without turning tense. 492 more words


It's a lot. Be here.

“It’s a lot. Be here.”

This is a message I have needed to repeat to myself so much lately. When life is really busy, I find myself caught up in hurried thinking, planning, rehashing, judging, or dwelling instead of being rooted in the right now. 1,560 more words


How to Extend Time

I’m reading this complicated New Yorker article on how people’s perception of time elongates when you’re in life threatening situations. Like all those stories about time standing still as you fall to your near-death off a cliff, only to be saved by an accidental tree standing in the way. 828 more words

St. Rita of Cascia

St. Rita of Cascia, whose feast is celebrated on May 22, was born at Rocca Porena in the diocese of Spoleto and the province of Umbria, Italy, about the year 1386, and died at Cascia in the year 1456. 291 more words



Sounds a bit cheesy doesn’t it? “Self-love”. Perhaps. But it’s so important.

I sometimes feel down, anxious, low, and just lonely. What I realise it all comes down to, are two things. 719 more words