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Anderson drinks the Kool-Aid

Meet CNN’s Anderson Cooper in this twelve minute clip from the 60 minutes TV show.

You almost feel embarrassed for him as he joins a weekend Mindfulness retreat to experience sitting, eating, and walking, in mindful silence. 162 more words

What Goes On in the Mind during Shavasana?

Shavasana (or Savasana) is the last pose of the practice, where you come to an end and relax- making it one of the hardest poses to do in yoga. 326 more words


Meditations with Mom: Feeling Mother Earth

Sink your toes and hands into her Earth
Rooting, and Grounding Give Thanks
Feel her Support, her Love
Feel her love like a blanket all around you… 24 more words



MEDITATION IS A WORD, and words are used in different ways by different speakers. This may seem like a trivial point, but it is not. It is quite important to distinguish exactly what a particular speaker means by the words he or she uses.

325 more words

Maintaining Your Yoga Practice (& Sanity) While Sick or Injured

I must first start this article by saying that 2015 has not been so kind to my body. Currently, I am working through two injuries and the flu. 710 more words


How I Silenced That Voice in My Head--Today, on Elle.com!


I’ve got an essay on Elle.com today! It’s called “How I Silenced that Voice in My Head,” and it’s about my decision to start meditating and stop being so damn anxious. 12 more words


Mug shots


Do I see you
Behind the eyes of a look I recognise?
No, not you, a reminder though
As when I stare at faces on the screen… 170 more words